How to Migrate Emails from 123 Reg to Office 365 ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Are you fed up with the email delivery of the 123 Reg service and have finally decided to leave it? If your answer is yes then you certainly can’t leave the old emails. A much reliable and professional mail service is what you will need so that you can centralize all emails in one place is what you will need. In this post, we will talk about the solution to migrate email from 123 Reg to Office 365.

I am helping one of my friends who has light IT support for his business. Let me tell you first she set up with Microsoft 365 home as it was enough for the needs. However, over a couple of months, as her business is expanding, she intends to switch to Office 365 Business Premium. Now, the problem is she has a domain with 123 Reg and now would like to move all data from 123 Reg email to Microsoft 365 account. Is there any method that can help 123 Reg users to import emails into Office 365?

When the phrase email migration comes to mind, people think that it will be a completely technical process. But, no even if you lack technical proficiency the migration of emails from 123 Reg to Office 365 is not a difficult one.

Key Note- Once you migrate email from 123 Reg email to Office 365, you can have the benefit of Microsoft 365 cloud-connected functionalities like Word, PowerPoint online, Excel, data security, etc.

Want to Move 123 Reg Email to Microsoft 365 ?

If you have seen our posts earlier, we have always helped out clients regarding their current email migration needs. So, this time also we have come up with the latest and most trustworthy solution to migrate email from 123 Reg to Office 365 account.

The BitRecover company is globally known for its uniqueness and reliability. The simplest thing which you can do to get over the above query is by using our product named as IMAP Mail Backup tool. It gives the facility to transfer 123 Reg mailboxes to Office 365 along with embedded attachments. Unlike, other online software available on the World Wide Web, you will not be affected by the constant fear of data loss. Because the software promises to retain the integrity of data. It has the bulk of amazing features which you can try for enhancing your work productivity.

There are two versions of this software:-

How to Migrate Emails from 123 Reg Email to Office 365 Account ?

Note to remember- There are certain system requirements that you need to fulfill in order to move 123 Reg data to Microsoft 365. You should have 48.7 MB free hard disk space and a minimum of 512 MB RAM is needed.

Now, follow the guidelines to migrate emails from 123 Reg to Office 365 account:-

To start with, download and install the software on any edition of Windows OS. Also, the tool supports Mac machines.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Now, in the starting screen of the software, fill these details:-

Email address- Enter the email ID ([email protected]) 123 Reg account

Password- Enter the password of 123 Reg account

IMAP incoming mail server-

Port number- 993

Then, hit on the login button. You will see that the utility will start to fetch emails from your account into the interface.

Now, enable desired mailboxes which you will need to move from 123 Reg webmail to Office 365 account.

Thereafter, choose Office 365 as the saving option from the tool. Enter the email address and password in the respective fields.

Important Remark- If you are an admin then, check the option I am Admin. It helps to perform multiple account mapping. For using the user accounts be to ensure that Application Impersonation, as well as mailbox delegation, is allowed.

You can also avail the various data filter options by pressing the ‘Advanced settings’ option. Lastly, click on the backup button.

The process to migrate email from 123 Reg webmail to Office 365 is running on your screen.

Effective Features of Software

Smart Filters-

The 123 Reg to Office 365 conversion tool is the most adjustable and adaptable app. By using a bunch of custom alternatives, you can change the default behavior of the complete conversion task. You can transfer your data in many ways-

  • Transfer all 123 Reg email folders or individual folders.
  • Move 123 Reg to Microsoft 365 with a particular subset of emails that comes in a date interval.
  • Apply filters like From, To, Subject to migrate data as per a specific need.

Zero Error and Full Data Security-

While you migrate email from 123 Reg to Office 365, there will be no change to the data integrity. The source emails are not compromised in any way. You will get the outcome with 100% accuracy. Moreover, you the tool is proficient enough to transfer all data like-

  • Move embedded email attachments from 123 Reg email to Office 365.
  • The email components like images, hyperlinks, text formatting, email signature, meta headers (From, To, Subject, CC, BCC), etc are also kept intact.
  • The internal folder structure is also maintained.

Transfer Multiple 123 Reg Account Data

There are many people who have more than one account. So, if also running multiple 123 Reg accounts and you wish to transfer data from all of them to Microsoft 365. Then, this is easily possible with our software. The tool gives the ‘batch mode’ option. By using this feature, you need to enter all account login details in a CSV file and upload it into the software panel.


A simple and most effective way to migrate email from 123 Reg to Office 365 is described above. You can easily move all emails without leaving any details. It is assured that after the conversion ends, you will be satisfied with the results.