How to Migrate BTinternet to Gmail Platform ? Come Let’s See

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Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read email address not working, BT mail servers not working, Can’t send or receive emails in BTinternet account – These are some of the queries that create trouble for BT email clients while working with it. They just get fed up with all this and make the decision to migrate BTinternet to Gmail account.

There is a feature provided in BT email account to import BTinternet to Gmail tenant. But, there is a major limitation with this option i.e., it only migrates BT emails’ Inbox folder in the target account. In addition to this, the manual approach does not give any guarantee of maintaining the data integrity and transferring of emails with attachments.

To overcome the limitations of manual trick and render a standard solution for the same, here comes the BitRecover Email Migration Wizard. This solution migrate BTinternet to Gmail in just a few steps. It collectively imports all email folders from BT mail account to Gmail tenant. This approach assures data integrity and the ability to convert BTinternet  emails to Gmail along with attachment(s).

How to Migrate BTinternet to Gmail?

Follow these steps to migrate BTinternet emails to Gmail:

  1. Launch the software and choose BTinternet email source.
  2. Specify credentials of BTinternet account to transfer into Gmail.
  3. Enable required mails from BTinternet and select the Gmail saving option.
  4. Enter login details of Gmail account to transfer BTinternet to Gmail.
  5. Start the process to migrate BTinternet emails to Gmail account.

How to Transfer BTinternet Email Folders to Gmail?

Following are the steps to import BTinternet to Gmail with the help of the BTinternet to Gmail migration product :

1. Download the application on your PC and install its setup file. Once done, launch the product to convert BTinternet mail folders to Gmail.


2. Select ‘BT Mail (btinternet)’ option from the list that displays in the ‘Email Source’ field.


3. Enter your BTinternet account credentials to fetch email folders from the source tenant.


Note:- Ensure that your source account is enabled with IMAP settings and allow access to the less secure app.

4. Click on the Login button to proceed with the procedure to transfer BTinternet email folders to Gmail.


5. Once the login procedure successfully takes place, check the checkbox of all those folders that are to be transferred in the Gmail tenant.


6. Explore the menu of ‘Select Saving Options’ and select Gmail from the displayed list to export BTinternet to Gmail account.


7. Enter the credentials of the target Gmail account and then, hit on the Backup button.


Note – This Gmail tenant should be having IMAP settings and the ‘less secure app’ feature should be activated in it.

8. Finally, the execution of the process takes place, which will help you to migrate Btinternet to the Gmail account in a couple of seconds.


9. Once the migration procedure completes, a dialog box displays. Click on the OK button and check for the BT emails that are transferred in the Gmail account.


Import BTinternet Email to Gmail for Free

It is possible to import BTinternet to Gmail without spending any money. Yes, you are reading correctly! The BTinternet to Gmail migration tool is available for free to enable end-users with a simple solution to migrate BTinternet to Gmail. This edition of the solution transfers 25 emails (with or without attachments) from BTinternet email account to Gmail. One can consider this as a lucky opportunity to test the features and working of the software without any charges. Once the app meets your satisfaction level, purchase it to eliminate the restriction of the free version.


What Attracts About This Solution?

Following are some aspects that make this approach suitable for migrating BT mails to Gmail :

  • It is an independent method to quickly move mail from BTinternet to Gmail.
  • The solution does not show any error while working and gives a hassle-free experience.
  • The app comprises of an easy-to-use interface, enabling customers to use it easily.
  • No chances of a data breach are there while using this product to migrate BTinternet mail folders to Gmail.
  • It provides accurate results without causing any data alteration or manipulation.

Did you know?

BT mail (British Telecom) group is a telecommunication provider in the UK. It is widely recognized in more than 180 countries and offers various services such as BT webmail, BTinternet, etc. Though the service is quite reliable it charges 1.60 Euro for a premium mail service. On the other hand, Gmail is a much more cost-effective and easy-to-use email application for any user.

Technical Questions

Following listed are some commonly raised questions by customers of BTinternet to Gmail migration tool.

Ques1: Does your software migrates emails that have video as attachment?

Ans: Yes, no matter whether the attachment(s) is video, image, document, PDF, etc., the solution supports the migration of all emails with attachments of any type.

Ques2: At a time, how much amount of data can I import from BTinternet to Gmail?

Ans: There is no data limit to migrate BTinternet to Gmail. You can use this application with any amount of data to switch from BTinternet to Gmail tenant.

Ques3: What all supportive applications are needed to work with your migration tool?

Ans: None of the supportive applications are required to use our migration product. It is a standalone utility with no requirement of any supportive apps.

Ques4: Can I access your product on the Mac operating system?

Ans: As of now, we are having MS Windows version of this solution. But, our software development team is working to quickly come up with the same for Mac platform.

Readers can have a look at them if they have any doubt in their mind; Also, they can feel free to contact on the support team to fix their issue, if not solved by the above-listed ones.

It’s Time to Bind Up

‘How to transfer BTinternet mailbox to Gmail’ is a query raised by lots of large business users worldwide. They are in search of an approach that can migrate BTinternet to Gmail without causing any data loss and wasting time in useless scenarios. Therefore, the solution that we suggested today to import BTinternet to Gmail can be used by enterprises to attempt their work. And then, use Gmail tenant for their purpose.