Know About Google Cloud and Their Advantages

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Before providing the knowledge about Google cloud I just need to give some information about Cloud and Cloud Storage:

About Cloud: It is a significant development and is being adopted by large organization or small business. It is adoption makes a lot of sense since it simplifies things and also makes them more safe and secure at reasonable costs. Google clouds is one of the major options available and among the most well-known.

About Cloud Storage: It is a service where data is remotely maintained, backed up and managed. The service allows the users to saves files online, so that they can access data them from any location via the internet explorer. According to a recent survey conducted with more than 700 business decision makers & users all over the world. The number of organization gaining advantage through high cloud adoption has increased in the last few years.

Google Cloud

It is simply a cloud computing platform by Google that provides hosting on the same supporting structure that Google uses internally for end user products such as: Google Search as well as YouTube. It offers developer products to construct a range of programs from simple websites to complex apps.

Google Cloud Platform basically an important part of enterprise solution from Google for Work & provides a set of modular cloud based services with a host of development software’s. Just like: hosting and computing, data storage, cloud storage, prediction APIs and translation APIs.

Now let’s look into some Key Features of Google Cloud: The following given benefits can be long via a private connection to generate hybrid solutions.

  • Compute: A complete managed (PaaS) platform as a service, Google application engine uses built-in services that make customers more creative. It also provides (IaaS) Infrastructure as a service, where customers can run virtual machine hosted and large-scale workloads on virtual machine on Google’s infrastructure.
  • Storage: Google cloud storage is a highly available object storage service. And Edge-caching delivers fast access to user’s app data from any location.  Google cloud SQL is a cloud-deployed MySQL database that lets customers runs a fully managed service to maintain their databases.
  • Big Data/Analysis: With scalable, easy to use Big query, users can run fast, SQL-like analyze and queries in the cloud against multi-terabyte database in seconds and get real time insights about their data.
  • Google Apps for Work: A full package built for the cloud. A suite of collaboration and productivity software including file storage and sharing with Google Drive, real time collaboration with Google Docs, video with hangouts & professional email with Gmail. You can enjoy the same experience across different devices, browsers and operating systems (OS).

Advantages of Google Clouds:

Less Disruption is caused when users adopt new functionality: Rather than large disruption batches of change, it delivers manageable improvements in a continuous stream.

  • Higher productivity: Google’s systems can distribute updates effectively and deliver functionality on a weekly basis or even faster.
  • Employees can work from anywhere over the world: They can obtain full access to information across devices from anywhere all over the world through web based apps.
  • Quick Collaboration: Most of the users can contribute and access projects at the same time as data is store on the cloud instead of their computers.
  • Higher Uptime and Reliability: If a data centre is not present for some reason, the system falls back on the secondary centre without any service break being visible to users.
  • Less data has to be stored on Vulnerable Devices: Less data is saved on computer system that may get compromised, after a user stops using web based app on the cloud.