How to Import TalkTalk Mail to Gmail ?

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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 6 Min Read


Summary: We understand that if your TalkTalk mail is not running fluently, it seems really frustrating. Especially is you want to access your emails urgently and the TalkTalk Webmail is running with the problem. But, don’t worry! You can transfer TalkTalk email to other Webmail services like Gmail. Read this blog to know how to import TalkTalk mail to Gmail.

TalkTalk mail has made online life easier by providing an advantage of new email service with up to 5 mailboxes free of charge. It has been started in 2003 and from the past 17 years, it has been providing useful features to its customers. Recently. We got this query from USA to import TalkTalk mail to Gmail account:

I can’t stress enough how important it’s for me now to take the backup of emails from the TalkTalk webmail account. Since the TalkTalk mail service doesn’t provide any backup option to save emails, contacts, calendars. So, I’m really worried to protect my information by backing it up to another webmail account. I already have one Gmail account that I use on a daily basis. Now, I want to import TalkTalk mail to Gmail so that I can ensure that my TalkTalk emails have got it safe. Please suggest me a good workable solution to transfer TalkTalk email to Gmail. Thanks in Advance!

– James, USA

Such common problems associated with TalkTalk mail are posted on various forums. If you are also dealing with such issues, then go through this blog post. It describes a complete solution to import emails from TalkTalk mail to Gmail account. The recommended solution is BitRecover TalkTalk mail to Gmail import tool that enables the user to migrate TalkTalk email to Gmail. Not only emails, but the software is also capable to transfer contacts from TalkTalk to Gmail.

How to Import TalkTalk Mail to Gmail Account ?

Follow these steps to import emails from Talktalk to Gmail account:

  1. Launch BitRecover Email Backup Wizard
  2. Choose IMAP Server as an email source.
  3. Fill email credentials, IMAP Host, IMAP Port No. And login.
  4. Select Gmail as saving option and enter Gmail login details.
  5. Press Backup tab to start to import TalkTalk to Gmail.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

Transfer TalkTalk Mail To Gmail – Simple Solution

If you are trying to figure out how to import TalkTalk mail to Gmail, just read these guidelines. This automated solution is free from any bugs or errors.

Firstly, download the software and launch in on your Windows compatible machine. Then, a window showing email sources will be shown on the screen. Choose IMAP Server as the email source to migrate TalkTalk email to Gmail.


Then, enter the credentials of your email account such as Email ID and password.

Fill the IMAP Host as and
             IMAP Port No. to 993 as shown in this screenshot.

Press the Login button to start the process.


Now, check the email preview and select only desired emails that you want to import into the Gmail account. You can choose emails and contacts too as this software allows to transfer contacts from TalkTalk to Gmail also.


Now navigate towards the Select Saving Option and scroll down the mouse to Gmail option.


Then, fill all credentials of your Gmail account such as Email ID and password.


Note: If you want to do the selective backup, enable the checkbox of “Use Advance settings for selective backup”.

If software fails to authenticate your Gmail account, then please cross check your email account details and also check if below settings are enabled for your Gmail account or not. To import emails from TalkTalk into Gmail, you need to enable 2 things.

1. Enable IMAP Settings

2. Enable IMAP Setting & Generate App password in Gmail

Lastly, hit on the Backup tab to start the process to import TalkTalk mail to Gmail.


Open your Gmail account to view the imported emails from TalkTalk Webmail.


Why To Use TalkTalk Email to Gmail Migration Tool ?

Whenever you want to switch from one Webmail to another, you start looking for manual solutions. But, those standard methods are time-taking and require a lot of human efforts. In such situations, using a reliable and trustworthy software should be your topmost priority. The BitRecover company has been far excelled from other backup utilities that are in the online market. This section of blog describes why users can rely on this software to import TalkTalk mail to Gmail.

1. The software provides 80+ email sources, so whatever be your need you can opt it and import your emails to desired formats.

2. The product believes in providing complete user’s satisfaction. It will never save your email credentials and maintains the privacy of your data.

3. The user can utilize the Advance mode option too for doing the selective backup. In this way, you can transfer TalkTalk email to Gmail as per your need.

4. There are no data limitations that are associated with this application to migrate TalkTalk email to Gmail.

5. With this utility, the user can import TalkTalk mail to Gmail in batch so as to do the backup process in single processing.

6. It offers you an option to save your backup of TalktTalk mail to Gmail data at a user-friendly location.

7. You can use the batch mode option of the tool to enable a multiple email account backup in one step.

8. If the users feels any hassle while importing emails from TalkTalk mail to Gmail, the free technical support is available for 24*7.

9. Also, the tool permits to transfer contacts from TalkTalk to Gmail irrespective of the number of contacts you have.

10. It preserves the integrity of data throughout the complete process to import TalkTalk mail to Gmail.

Frequently Asked Queries

Ques1: Can I use this software to migrate TalkTalk email to Gmail on all Windows OS?

Ans: Yes, this tool can be used on all versions of Windows OS.

Ques2: Does the tool provides a facility to batch import TalkTalk mail to Gmail account?

Ans: Yes, you can easily transfer TalkTalk email to Gmail in batch mode.

Ques3: Can I test this software before investing my money on it?

Ans: Yes, you can download the free demo version of the software which allows importing the first 25 emails from each TalkTalk mail folder to the Gmail account.

Concluding Words

In the above blog, we have described an efficient solution to import TalkTalk mail to Gmail account. The software has a simple and user-friendly interface. Along with professional users, even non-technical users can run it without any assistance. Hopefully, now after reading this blog, you will be able to transfer TalkTalk email to Gmail. If you still have any queries regarding this, feel free to contact our technical support team. We will be happy to assist you!

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