Import PST to Zoho Mail Account Directly in Easy Steps – Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Are you having a bad time with your PST files? Would you now like to transfer his data to another platform that can fix your problem? Well, you can certainly do that, and we have the proposal for that too. Zoho, this platform will be the best for you for many reasons. So if you want to continue with the suggestion, we are going to tell you how to import PST to Zoho Mail.

Zoho, the cloud based account known as the email service that brings the great benefits to its users. So let us tell you how it will benefit you when you choose to save PST file data.

The Benefits of Choosing Zoho

  • It gives better accessibility to the data because whenever you want to access your data you can do so by logging into the account from any device.
  • You don’t have to stick to a specific device to check your data. Like saving PST files on a local drive; you have to stick to that device. So, importing PST to Zoho will solve this problem.
  • You have better security for the data. Since all data is stored on a cloud server and if you accidentally lose your data you can still get it back; only if you import PST to Zoho Mail in advance.

These are some of the benefits in focus that you get when you choose Zoho Mail to store your PST file data. So that you can take advantage of these benefits, we are now offering you the best method to import PST to Zoho Mail. So we ask that you go through it and process your PST files in the most amazing way possible.

Check out the Best and the Amazing Solution to Import PST to Zoho Mail

BitRecover PST Converter Software is the software that allows you to import PST to Zoho Mail in the most amazing, easiest, and fastest way. This app can do your job as it is designed solely to convert PST files to your preferred platform, just like Zoho.

It’s a completely self-sufficient app that doesn’t force you to go to great lengths to get the job done. Its sole aim is to bring the great benefits and the easiest travel to its users so that you can easily reach your goal even with the tricky nature of the task.

To tell you more about the PST to Zoho Migrator, we would first like to explain how it works. What you need to do to import PST to Zoho Mail using this tool. For this purpose, we offer you the entire associated process and ask you to go through it.

Step-by-Step Process to Import PST Files to Zoho Mail

Important Note: Before using the software, please enable the IMAP access and generate the app password in your Zoho Mail account using the given steps:

  • Turn on IMAP Access: Open Zoho mail >> Settings (Gear) >> IMAP Access >> IMAP and enable it.
  • Create App Password: In the Zoho account,>> “Security” >> “App Password” >> “Generate New Password” >> “Generate” and copy the password and use it for set up.
  1. Download, install and run the PST to Zoho importer from the link below.


  1. Click Select File or Select Folder, depending on the size of your data.
  2. Start by selecting all of the required PST files that you want to import and uploading them to the tool. Then click on the Next button, which is visible at the bottom right of the tool.
  3. Once all the files are shown in the left pane of the PST to Zoho importer, select them for conversion by clicking the check box. Click the Next button again.
  4. Now browse the storage options; Select Zoho from the options available.
  5. Enter Zoho’s email address and generate app password and finally click the Convert

Your selected PST files will now be imported directly into Zoho Mail in minutes. You will be notified when the import is complete. Your task is now complete.

See how effective the process is; you just need to follow a few simple steps to import PST to Zoho Mail. Now let’s tell you a little more about this amazing tool. We would now like to explain some of the features to you so that you know what makes this tool even more powerful.

Discover Some Functions of the PST Files to Zoho Importer Tool

  • It allows you to select the Outlook account (if you’re configured with) to choose PST files.
  • You can manually select the PST files if you’re not configured with the Outlook account.
  • It has the simplest user interface so you won’t find difficulties accomplish the task on it.
  • Also, it can easily import PST to Zoho Mail in bulk without restricting you to select large data.
  • This app has the ability to import the PST with complete properties such as attachments.
  • It includes the email headers of all the messages associated with your PST files.
  • Also, it maintains the properties of all the PST files and takes care of their integrity during import.
  • You can run this PST to Zoho importer on any edition of the Windows be it newer or older.

So these are some of the key features that will make your data import more convenient, faster, and more reliable. Now you can assume if these are just a few, how many more you need to know.

In Conclusion

If you have any problems with your PST files, you can import them into Zoho account. For this purpose we have offered you the powerful PST to Zoho Importer. It is the software that gives you so many advantages; it has many features that will help you import PST to Zoho Mail faster and conveniently. So if you find this tool valuable and best for you needs; must try it.