How to Import DBX Files to Windows 10 Mail App?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Ready to get a solution to import Outlook Express to Windows 10 mail app. My Windows edition had been upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 10. To update, I made a DBX backup of my email client under Windows XP. Following the upgrade, I looked for an import/export option in the Microsoft Windows 10 Mail App to store DBX emails. But there was no way for me to get in. Because it only allows you to add an Office 365,, Exchange, Google Gmail, or other POP or IMAP account. I had an account. As a result, I planned to use to import my DBX files. The primary issue for me was “How?”

I started looking for a tool to convert data and found BitRecover DBX Converter Wizard. I was concerned about how to purchase an application without first learning how to use it.

Then, to learn more about the technology and answer my fears, I contacted [email protected]. That support person was quite helpful and answered all of my questions concerning the software. She also informed me that the tool comes with a free demo that may be used before purchasing it. She walked me through the process to import Outlook Express DBX files to Windows 10 Mail App.

In the next segment, I’ll explain how to transfer DBX to Windows 10 Webmail App.

Import Outlook Express DBX to Windows 10 Mail App

To import DBX to Windows 10 Webmail App, follow the steps outlined in the instructions.

  • On your computer, download and launch the DBX to Windows 10 Mail App Converter Wizard.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • Choose an option – Select Folder – to transfer many DBX files at once. Choose Select File if you don’t want to use the other options.


  • On the tool’s panel, you’ll notice the path of the loaded DBX files; click Next to continue.


  • Select the DBX file that you want to move from DBX to Windows 10 Mail App >> Next should be selected.


  • Choose from the list of saving options.

saving options

  • Click the Next button after entering your email application’s credentials.


  • When the process is finished, you will see a notice on your screen indicating that it has been done.

I thought I should double-check my data after migrating to Is it in its original state or has it lost all data integrity? My mailbox was in perfect condition when I opened it. It improved my trustworthiness with the instrument.

my mailbox

Now it’s time for yet another difficult task: importing data into the MS Windows 10 Mail App in order to use DBX files in the default Mail App in Windows 10.

  • On your computer, open the Windows 10 Mail App.
  • Choose from the list of account options to add.

add account

  • To complete the process, enter your credentials.

Enter credentials

  • After configuration, all data is now displayed in the MS Windows 10 Mail App.

Windows 10 Mail App

In this way, I was able to easily transfer my DBX files to Windows 10’s default Mail. Before we wrap up, let’s have a peek at the tool.

DBX to Windows 10 Mail App Converter – Overview

BitRecover DBX to Windows 10 Mail App Converter is one of the best available applications for the job because it enables customers to import Outlook Express to Windows 10 Mail App. The solution is designed with the best set of talents to render a complete way of DBX data without any email changes. The security of DBX data and Metadata is completely guaranteed because the software was built on an algorithmic foundation geared towards high-tech technicalities. Because the software is designed for both novice and technically minded users, you will find the tool to be simple to use.

Support for Bulk Migration

This utility facilitates bulk conversion of whole DBX data into MS Windows 10 Web Mail App, as well as viewing of folders and subfolders given by the software.

Data is kept in its original format

You’ll obtain migrated data with the same Metadata throughout the switchover procedure, such as the complete Cc, Bcc, and attachments; and so on. Due to the tool’s strong security measures, your email details are preserved even after migration.

Easy-to-use software for demonstrations

You are given a freeware version of the software for demonstration purposes, which allows you to migrate 25 data items into the format of your choice.

A price that is user-friendly

You will receive the entire edition of this tool solution at a reasonable price, giving you the power to migrate data without constraints and in a secure manner.

To sum up, open DBX to Windows 10 Web Mail App is no longer a mystery to me. As a result, I purchased the BitRecover software, which makes data moving a breeze.