Import OLM to Exchange Server Directly – Know How?

Mark Regan | November 22nd, 2018 | Move Data

Data management is the most important factor in achieving success said by Miss. Alisha, Manager of Technology.

While having a discussion with her about data management she told us her complete story to perform OLM to Live Exchange Server Migration.

She told us that once I was stuck in a situation where it was important for her to import OLM files into MS Exchange Server to manage her data items.  The point that was creating a hurdle was how to migrate Outlook for Mac files to Live Exchange Server. I explored the various solution that can help me to resolve this migration issue.

After exploring more solutions, I got one solution from BitRecover. I read about the application and found it a complete solution to export OLM files to Exchange Server.

Even one of my friend also told me that OLM Migrator Wizard is a precise solution. It increased my one more vote for the software. He also told me that I can use the free demo of the tool to know about its working.

I utilized its free demo and purchased its full version after that. The tool is safe and secure to be used to perform Outlook for Mac to Exchange Server migration.

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When did you feel like to need to import OLM to Exchange Server?

I got an issue that I had a user deleted then, recreating from MS Exchange Server. However, all was exported to OLM format before deletion.

Even I recreated the user and tried to import OLM files again. However, while importing I got an error message – “Could not synchronise record Outbox to Exchange Server. Error code- 19987.”

I tried twice and thrice but all the time I got the same error message. I know that the folder still exists as it was not an empty mailbox in terms of folders. However, it is by content. Even I tried on the latest MS Exchange Server 2016 but still getting an error message.

Therefore, I decided to use the direct solution to perform Outlook for Mac OLM to Live Exchange Server migration.

How to import a .olm file into Exchange Server?

When my friend told me that OLM to Exchange Server Wizard comes with a free demo. Then, I used the demo version and after using the demo I found it suitable application. After understanding the complete functionality and working of the tool, I invested in it and got its full version to import OLM files to Exchange Server.

Let us check out the steps involved on performing the data migration from OLM to Microsoft Exchange Server.

  • Download and install OLM to Exchange Wizard on your Windows machine.


  • If you want to import multiple OLM files then, choose Select Folder option. Otherwise, you can choose Select File to perform desired OLM file migration.

Select Folder

  • After browsing the data files from the stored location, the tool will show you the path. Click on Next to proceed on.

show you the path

  • If you want to recover files from corrupt OLM files then, check the option and click on Next.

corrupt OLM files

  • The tool will show all the files, check the desired folders that you want to import OLM to Exchange Server 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, etc. >> click on Next.

check the desired folders

  • Choose Exchange Server from the list of file saving options.

Choose Exchange Server

  • You can change the language of your Exchange Server by using the provided option.

change the language

  • If you are an Admin then, check an option “I am Admin” on your machine.

I am Admin

  • Open the Exchange Control panel on your system. Then, enter the credentials.

Exchange Control panel

  • Click on options of permissions >> choose Hygiene Management after that click on the “+” icon to add Application Impersonation role.

options of permissions

  • Click on ApplicationImpersonation and click on the Add button >> click OK.

Click on ApplicationImpersonation

  • Click on “+” icon to add the admin account users/members list.

admin account

  • Choose member and click on Add button >> click Ok.

Choose member

  • Click on the Save button after the update completion, you will get the completion message.

update completion

  • Add mailbox delegation access for the administrator after that click on Recipients.

mailbox delegation access

  • Click on Mailbox Delegation >> click on “+” icon for the addition of Full Access to an Admin. After addition, click on the Save button.

Click on Mailbox Delegation

Now, go on the software panel again.

  • Enter credentials of your Live Exchange Server on tool’s panel >> enter the server name. Click on Next button.

Enter credentials

  • Once the migration is completed, you will get a pop-up of completion on the screen.

With this procedure, I import batch OLM files to Exchange Server directly. It took some moments to execute the procedure as I had to active the permissions.  The best thing I got is that no file size limitation is put to perform data migration from Outlook for Mac to Live Exchange Server.

By moving to end of discussion, I would just only say that the situations may vary but this one-time investment software works on all conditions. Choosing a correct solution makes the entire migration simple and trouble-free.

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