How to Import EML Files to Amazon WorkMail?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

In the present world, everyone wants ease to access their emails from anywhere, any time. Due to this reason, people are constantly migrating to Cloud. Recently, we got a query on “How to import EML to Amazon WorkMail?”. Amazon WorkMail is a cloud-based email service that provides a managed email and calendar facility. Below, in this blog, we have mentioned a complete step-by-step method to migrate EML to Amazon WorkMail.

If you are also looking for a solution to directly migrate to Amazon WorkMail, BitRecover EML Converter Wizard can surely help.

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How to Import EML to Amazon WorkMail?

Step 1: Download the utility on your system working on any version of Windows OS.


 Step 2: The tool gives a Dual mode to select multiple Files or Folders.


 Step 3: Here, select the EML files/folders to migrate. Now, click on Next.


Step 4: Now, the utility will show complete details of the selected files. Choose the specific files to migrate to Amazon WorkMail. Click on Next to move further.


Step 5: The software will give a number of file saving options. Here, choose Amazon WorkMail as your file saving option.


Step 6: After that, log in using your Amazon WorkMail account credentials. Now, click on Next to start the EML to Amazon WorkMail migration.


Step 7: Now, as a result, you can see the whole conversion process. 


Step 8: Now, after the process to migrate EML to Amazon WorkMail is over, a box will show up saying conversion is completed.

Step 9: In the end, log in to your Amazon WorkMail account and access the converted files.


In this manner, you can easily import multiple EML files to Amazon WorkMail directly in just a few steps. Also, the utility has many specifications that make this process very easy.

Features of EML to Amazon WorkMail Migration tool

1. Bulk export EML files: The EML to Amazon WorkMail migration tool has a feature to bulk export EML files. You can transfer multiple files through this.

2. Dual mode to load EML files: The utility has a dual selection mode. Here, you can select the EML files or folders to migrate to Amazon WorkMail. Also, you can migrate selective files here.

3. Install set-up in multiple languages: During installation, the tool gives you an option to choose the language. Here, the product set-up will be installed in the selected language.

4. Supports EML files of many clients: The product supports EML files from a number of email clients like Thunderbird, Outlook Express, eM Client, etc.

5. Compatible with all versions of Windows: Moreover, the tool is compatible with almost all the versions of Windows OS like Windows 10, Windows 7, etc.

6. Offers different file naming options: Also, the tool gives many file naming options. You can select the option according to your convenience.

7. Exports along with attachments: Also, using this solution, you can easily import EML to Amazon WorkMail along with any attachments. No alterations will occur in the email properties.

8. Maintains folder structure: The EML message folder structure is properly maintained here. So, after the process gets over, you can see the emails in the same folders as they were earlier on the disk.


Some User Queries

Ques. 1: Can I migrate multiple email messages from EML to Amazon WorkMail account?

Ans: Yes, definitely you can convert all the EML files together. You just have to select all the files to migrate to Amazon WorkMail. This can be done using EML to Amazon WorkMail Converter tool. As a result, you will get all your converted files.

Ques. 2: How can I transfer my Calenders to Amazon WorkMail?

Ans: You can easily transfer all your calender data using the EML to Amazon WorkMail migration tool. For this, just follow the steps below:

1. Install and Run the tool.

2. Select files to convert.

3. Choose file saving option as Amazon WorkMail.

4. Click on Next to start the conversion.

Closing Words

The EML to Amazon WorkMail migrator is a recommended software. It has a unique and easy user interface. All the conversions are done here ensuring full security. Also, you can download the DEMO edition of the tool to experience it better. It can convert up to 25 files per folder. Also, you can purchase the licensed version of the software from the official site.

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