How to Import EML to Exchange Server Online, One-Premise, Live Exchange

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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Microsoft Exchange rose as one of the best wellsprings of organization based communication purposes. Subsequently, I wanted to perform EML to Live Exchange Server migration to share my significant with my other colleagues without any problem. In any case, the principle challenge was the way to migrate multiple EML files to on-premises Exchange Server. I began investigating on web the best approach to import EML to Hosted Exchange Server.

After a great deal of search, I got this video tutorial to import EML to Microsoft Exchange Server online. I utilized this entire solution named as EML to Exchange Server conversion tool and effectively migrated EML mails to Live Exchange Server.

The following write-up discusses about the bit by bit technique to move .eml data file to MS Exchange Server.

How to Import EML Files to Exchange Server ?

Stepwise instructions for EML to Exchange mailbox migration:

  1. Run software and choose EML files.
  2. Preview entire mailboxes for conversion.
  3. Select Exchange Server option from tool
  4. Enter Exchange login details and Server name.
  5. Begin the process to import EML files to Exchange Server.

Migrate EML files to Online Exchange Server – Complete Explanation

Follow the given steps to import EML to Live Exchange Server in a way to save EML messages in hosted Exchange Server.

Download and install BitRecover EML Converter Wizard on your machine.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

Choose the desired option to upload EML files on tool’s panel as software gives dual mode: 

  1. Select Files: To upload selective EML files one by one
  2. Select Folder: To upload multiple EML files at once by saving it in one folder

Select files

After selecting EML files, click on the Next button.

Next button

Select EML folders from software panel and press the Next button.

Select EML folders

Now Select Exchange Server as saving format.

Select Exchange Server

Users can change the language of resultant Exchange Server data in Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, etc.

change the language

Fill Microsoft Exchange Server login details and press the Next button to start the process to import EML files to Exchange Server.

Exchange Server login details

Important Note:- The tool also offers “I am Admin” option which is helpful to import EML files into specific Exchange Server user account.

EML to Exchange Server migration process is running so please wait.

EML to Exchange Server migration

The email migration process has been completed successfully with a message.

email migration process

After completing the conversion process, login to your Exchange Server account to access imported emails.

completing the conversion


In this way, I had perform EML to Online Exchange Server migration. Before coming to end, it is important to know about the software in details. Read on to know about EML to Exchange Server Converter.

EML to Exchange Server Converter – Useful Application for Unlimited Conversion

BitRecover EML to Live Exchange Server Migrator software, which allows an infallible process of converting EML to hosted Exchange Server. The software application allows the users to convert the whole data to on-premises Exchange Server mailbox in order to fulfill the needs of demanding users in the most suitable as well as highly suitable manner. With upgraded technicalities instilled in the software at the time of creation, one can undoubtedly implement the migration with sheer ease as well as flawlessness.

Application does not need any other software to perform data migration as it a standalone application. It is a time saving utility as it gives an option to migrate multiple EML files at once. Tool is operable on all Windows platforms. Application is programmed in such a way that it supports all EML based email client applications.

With the above suggested solution, you will able to solve such client’s inquiries:

How to transfer EML to online Exchange Server ?
How to migrate .eml files to Live Exchange Server directly ?
What is process to export EML files to Exchange Server 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003 ?
How to move EML files to on-premises Exchange Server ?
How to save EML messages in hosted Exchange Server ?

Benefits with Multiple Other Facilities Provisioned

  • EML to Live Exchange Server converter is capable of converting EML messages to on-premises Exchange Server directly.
  • The software is designed with the capability of migrating unlimited number EML files within no time. Whereas the database integrity is kept safe and accurate throughout the processing
  • EML to Hosted Exchange Server conversion is executable with sheer ease and understand ability because the software has been designed with an easy to understand frontend user interface that has a user-friendly graphical installation
  • EML to working Exchange Server runs effortlessly on all the versions of Windows Operating system smoothly because it is designed to support all Windows OS editions for versatility.
  • Tool supports all editions of Microsoft Exchange Server to save .eml files in MS Exchange Server, i.e. MS Exchange Server 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, etc.
  • Application migrates multiple EML files to on-premises Exchange Server within few moments.
  • Supports all EML based email clients like Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, etc.

Even purchasing the software, I read various reviews of software. Just Read on I have also shared software’s review with you.

What User’s Say?

Not only was EML to Exchange Server Converter software capable but even the support team was very helpful in assisting me through the procedure. During the migration, I was unable to decide on a point and team helped me with it.

-Dana, Toronto

When in doubt simply go for BitRecover, I am sure you will get an answer. They are the best software providers I have ever come across. Thank you, developers, for the precision with which you programmed your EML to Live Exchange Server software to simplify the technology of migrating data.

– Roxanne, England

Final Words

The most challenging task is to perform data migration from desktop to server. The similar condition, I also faced after searching a lot I got a solution to easily import EML to Live Exchange Server. In the above discussion, I have discussed the similar solution to perform EML to on-premises Exchange Server after using by my own. If you still face any issue then, feel free to contact us.

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