How to Export Emails from HTML to MHT Format Directly ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Free Download HTML to MHT Converter Tool which enables the users to batch export / migrate HTML files to MHT format. One can easily transfer or move email from HTML data items into MHT directly. There is no need for any other application to perform convert HTML to MHT file format as it is a very independent toolkit.


At the recent date, a large number of users are looking for a way to import emails from HTML to MHT format. They regularly ask about transferring batch HTML items into MHT mailbox upon various forums some of them are listed below:

“How can I access all my emails saved in the HTML file format? Is there any quick and safe method to batch convert HTML to MHT mailbox ? Please Suggest!!”

“Is there any other third-party solution to exporting HTML files into MHT format without losing my important data? In addition, I am interested in creating a backup copy of all my HTML files. Please suggest an instant solution for the same.”

As mentioned above, this type of queries has been noticed by many users in multiple user forums. We summarize the best-automated solution i.e., HTML to MHT converter available to the user.

How to Convert HTML to MHT Format?

This HTML Converter proves to be very beneficial among the users to perform the migration of HTML emails files to MHT folder. The working of this toolkit is very easy and simplified also one can easily understand it just by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Run HTML to MHT Converter software in your system.

Select Files
Step 2: Browse HTML files which you want to migrate, Select Files or Select Folders option to batch convert HTML to MHT file.

Choose .html files

Step 3: Choose the MHT format as a saving option to convert HTML email to MHT format.

html to mht converter
Step 4: Batch HTML to MHT converter provides File Naming Option, so you can select any of one from the multiple options.

convert html to mht format
Step 5: Now, choose the Destination Place to export HTML to MHT file format.

Destination path
Step 6: The tool to convert HTML email to MHT conversion is running now, it will complete in a few seconds.

batch export html files to mht
Step 7: Access the Resultant data directly from the destination folder as you select.

resultant data

As we can easily analyze from the above that this HTML to MHT Migration toolkit proves to be a perfect choice among the users. With this utility, one can easily move HTML emails to .mht mailbox directly. The best thing about this HTML to MHT migration toolkit is that it maintains the integrity of emails.

BitRecover HTML to MHT Converter Tool – Trouble Free Solution

One such software is from the “BitRecover” brand. It provides the following set of features as follows:

  • Batch convert HTML to MHT file format with attachments or in a quick way
  • Support all the latest versions of Windows Operating System platform
  • Independent application to export HTML emails files to MHT format
  • Migrate or Transfer selective emails and easily saved in MHT file format
  • Retains the complete data integrity during the HTML to MHT conversion process

HTML to MHT converter software can be used to access and convert HTML files to MHT folder. Transferring emails to MHT format is very easy. The application is completely efficient and effective. It is the best alternative for the user to consider when the manual approach cannot deliver an accurate result.

Difference Between HTML and MHT File

When a user decides to save the web page as HTML, a folder containing several files for different contents of the page is created, that is, different files are created for text, graphics, applets, or many more. On the other hand, saving the web page as MHT creates a single file for the entire web page. All the components of the page, including graphics, links and other files, are embedded in an individual file.

Naturally, it is easy to manage MHT files as a single file, which can be easily protected or shared via e-mail. However, HTML files are at risk of data loss, since the loss or deletion of even a single file can create the complete HTML folder useless to the user.


In this article, we will learn how a user can migrate the HTML files MHT file format. The software is capable to batch convert HTML to MHT mailbox. Download this best HTML to MHT converter tool for free, which allows you to export the first 25 emails from each folder under test. Buy the required license on our official website and activate the product for unlimited migration.