Save Outlook Email as Files on Computer: How to Guide for Windows/ Mac Users

Mark Regan ~ October 21st, 2021 ~ How To


Email messaging is a proficient medium of communication to friends, family members, maintaining a business. Additionally, keeping them is significant for utilization in the future. Hence, it is very important to save Outlook email as file on computer.

Though a user can track down what is required by opening Microsoft Outlook and typing the particular keyword in the search box. That is valid. Then, the question arises why it becomes essential to export Outlook email as file?

Suppose, you are on a flight but there is no internet connectivity and you want to urgently share a particular Outlook file with your co-worker. In such a situation, you keep your data in handy by saving all Outlook emails as files locally.

Besides this, one may need to save multiple Outlook emails as files due to the following reasons-

  • To use the email message for email forensics or to show them in court.
  • To migrate Outlook emails to some other email client, webmail.
  • For moving emails to a Mac machine from your PC.
  • For saving the data at the secondary computer.
  • To execute email backup of significant Outlook database.
  • In order to avoid email loss due to PST corruption issues.
  • For sharing Outlook files with colleagues.
  • To archive PST files for long-term email storage, backup.
  • In order to minimize the Exchange mailbox or PST folders size.

How to Save Outlook Email as Files on Computer ?

Microsoft Outlook provides various options to save an email message. There are several ways to save email messages from your inbox, send items, delete items, draft, etc. to your computer.  One may need to save emails as file for archiving the messages or to scan for malware, for printing, etc. Converting an Outlook email into a file in your local drive is an easy and simple process. Now explore the blog to see how to save Outlook email as file on computer without any loss.

Saving an email in a file can be done in various file types like PDF, EML, TXT etc. The file type can be varied according to your need. As per your requirement, methods may also vary. See the various sections in this article.

  • How to Save Outlook Message as MSG?
  • Reasons to Save Multiple Outlook Emails as MSG File
  • How to Save Multiple Outlook Emails as File?
  • Steps to Export Outlook Email Messages in MSG

Go through the steps to store your Outlook email in MSG file format. (for single email message)

How to Save Outlook Message as MSG ?

  • Select the Outlook email message that you need to save in MSG file format
  • Click on the ‘File’ tab and then click on ‘Save As

save option in outlook

  • Browse’ to the destination location where you wants to save the file and give a ‘file_name’ for the file


  • Now click on ‘Save as Type’ drop-down menu and choose ‘Outlook Message Format (*.msg)

save as msg option in Outlook

  • Click on the ‘Save’ button

The above process is so simple and easy to perform. The selected email message will be saved in MSG (.msg) format in your selected destination location.

Note: The above method help user store a single Outlook emails message as a file (MSG). But what if you need a bulk conversion!

Reasons to Save Multiple Outlook Emails as MSG file

There are several reasons for it. A Microsoft Outlook user may search for solutions to extract emails to MSG format due to various factors. See all the listed cases.

  • If you want to send or share more than one email message from your Outlook account, it is possible.  Because the whole emails are stored in a single PST file.
  • MSG files are used for forensic purposes. So, in case of forensic needs, one needs to export MSG files from Outlook data files.
  • The best and easy way to share or to access multiple emails together is to back up important Outlook data file emails in MSG format.
  • Outlook PST file is a single file that stores multiple Outlook emails along with attachments. And in case of corruption, it may lead loss of important email messages.

How to Save Multiple Outlook Emails as File?

There is one fast and safe solution to store Outlook emails as file in bulk. The BitRecover PST Converter tool, one of the best Outlook data file conversion software to migrate Outlook data items.

Saving Outlook email messages in MSG format becomes easy and robust. Saving multiple email messages in MSG format all together will help users to save time and effort. One can select all required email messages and then convert to MSG format. Know more about this application in detail.

Download the free trial version of the PST Converter tool. It allows users to load multiple PST files, preview entire data items from the loaded PST file(s). You can use the recovery mode option for scanning the corrupted Outlook data file. Then you can select MSG file format from the Saving option, where it lists more than 20+ options. The Demo edition allows you to save 25 email messages from each Mail folder in MSG format in your preferred location. The software also provides many more advanced features.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

Steps to Export Outlook Email Messages in MSG in Bulk

    1. Open the application, and it will display the working steps.
      Click Next to Continue.
    2. You can choose between, Conversion of configured Outlook mailbox data or Selected Outlook data file.
      Click on Next.
      load Outlook PST
    3.  Now it displays the mailbox folders and other items in the software preview panel.

    4.  In the Saving Option, select MSG format save Outlook email as file (.msg)
      saving format
    5.  Select a file_name from Naming option and choose destination location to save Outlook email as MSG format. Click Next.
    6. It shows the running process. And when it finishes, click on OK.

View the converted Outlook email messages in MSG file format in your destination location.

Know more about the Bulk Outlook Email Saver tool

The above-explained procedure saves Outlook emails as a file (MSG format) easily without any loss. This sophisticated application provides many more features and functions for the user. This guarantees the users a 100% safe and secure platform to export Outlook data file email messages in MSG file format. It also provides the option to save emails in various as per user requirements.

  • Maintain all email properties as it is during conversion.
  • Bulk conversion from multiple Outlook PST files
  • Conversion in MSG, EMLX, TXT, PST, HTML, MHT, XPS, RTF, DOC, ICS, vCard, IMAP, etc.
  • Option to create combine or separate PST file per user
  • Conversion option for configured Outlook mailbox data
  • Outlook data migration without installation of MS Outlook

In short, the recommended software can easily save Outlook emails as files on computer. Bulk conversion of MS Outlook email messages along with attachments is quite easy task now. One can save important email messages in a safe and secure way without any loss. Download and try the free demo edition of the software.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac