How to Put Emails on A Flash Drive, External Hard Drive, Thumb Drive ? – A Complete Guide for You!

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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 7 Min Read


Can you recommend me a reliable solution that enables to save all Gmail emails to a thumb drive? I want to put emails on flash drive so as to free up storage space in my Gmail account.

Regardless of what sort of industry you work in, keeping in touch with your emails is the need of the hour. They’re one of the most significant medium of communication in the business world. Depending on the sort of work you do, you could wind up managing hundreds or thousands of messages on a week after week premise. In reality, one can’t have enough hours to go daily through all those messages.

What does a business professional do? Sure, one can archive emails or Dropbox them, but that poses the danger of “out of sight, out of mind”. You need to have the option to store your messages securely, but in a way that you don’t neglect to organize them. An extraordinary method to accomplish that is to put emails on a flash drive/ thumb drive/ external hard drive.

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What are the Benefits to Put Emails on a Flash Drive ?

A USB flash drive, or jump drive can be used as an excellent medium of storing emails. It permits the users to access all emails at a later date. After the users put emails on USB stick, they can create a quick backup copy of all email messages including images, contacts, attachments.

The users can easily put emails on a flash drive and avail the following benefits:

  1. It gives you a simple and reliable means to save all crucial emails, attachments, other data items.
  2. Putting bulk of emails on flash drive can let loose genuinely necessary room in your inbox for your latest messages. If you are a Microsoft Outlook user (a staple for most organizations), keeping your inbox clean permits the program to work more effectively.
  3. You can get to read all your email messages in an offline medium without the requirement for an Internet connectivity.
  4. Putting emails from your inbox to a flash drive can let you to organize all messages that you have sent, regardless of where you are. It additionally makes it so you KNOW that these are messages you have to address. For messages that are saved and disregarded, your flash drive is an update that you have messages which are very important to move to a drive. With it you can efficiently manage all your messages.

How to Put Emails on A USB Flash Drive on any Windows OS ?

Although there are many approaches by which you can put emails on a flash drive. But, the recommended software can easily manage all your emails by converting them into useful and popular file formats that you can paste onto your flash drive.

These steps will guide you to put emails on a flash drive / external drive / thumb drive:

Firstly, download and launch the software on any Windows machine.

Download for Windows

Then, choose any email source according to your need. Enter the credentials of the chosen email account and press login tab to proceed further.

Note:- Use the advance mode option to put multiple email account data to an external drive or a flash drive.

Then, select all the required folders from which you want to put emails on USB stick.

Go to the saving options list and pick any saving option as per choice.

Choose a file naming option for managing all emails effectively.

Also, enable the advance mode option for selective backup to filter all emails as per date, subject and many other options.

Now with your USB flash drive plugged in,  just enter a destination path. Thereafter, hit on the backup button to start to put emails on a USB flash drive. You can analyse the live conversion progressive report.

An Effective and One-Stop Solution for Putting Emails on External Drive

With this application, the users get more than 25 file formats to put emails on external drive. There are no file limitations to put email messages on a thumb drive / USB stick. Also, the tool never saves the credentials of your email account while putting emails on external hard drive.

Some more noteworthy features of tool:-

  1. It provides many file naming options for managing the email messages with different file names.
  2. The tool gives 100% precise results to put emails on thumb drive.
  3. You can save the output at a desired location or can directly move all emails to your flash drive / thumb drive or external hard drive.
  4. No external installation of any software is required to put emails on a flash drive.
  5. You can download the tool on any Windows platform – Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, etc.

Put Emails in Multiple Hard Drive Formats

This software provides many hard drive formats so that the user can put emails on external drive easily and effectively. You can save cloud-emails in formats such as PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, PDF, MBOX, HTML MHT, XPS, RTF, DOC, TGZ, NSF, CSV, etc. There are no limitations of this application. You can put emails on thumb drive in batch mode if you have large amount of emails and wish to save your time and efforts

Advance Batch Mode Option

For the users who have so many webmail accounts can use the feature of Use Advance Mode to put email data of multiple webmail accounts on a flash drive. The user just needs to enter the credentials of all email accounts in a CSV file and upload it into the software panel during the conversion. Rest of the procedure is same to put emails on a flash drive.

Selectively Save Data to Flash Drive

Sometimes there are situations wherein the users need to filter out some of the email messages which are old or have some particular subject. Then, what you need to do to the conversion swiftly ? Just, tap on Advance mode option for selective backup. It will immediately give you option to enter the details to sort out your messages as per date, subject, email address and you can request more features too.

Regularly Asked User Queries

I have two Gmail accounts both for different purposes. But, now I want to put all emails on a flash drive so that I can access them even offline. My requirement is to backup all email messages in PDF format as it is universally compatible format. Please suggest me a reliable technique to how to put emails on a USB stick.

-Delsie, USA

Right now I am using Yahoo mail cloud-based email application and operating it on my smartphone too. But, now there is an urgent need to put emails on thumb drive. I need a quick and accurate solution for direct conversion of all my data into DOC format. Need some guidance about how to put emails on thumb drive with corresponding attachments too.

-Briar, California

Your Turn

On this note, we will like to conclude that it is very easy to put emails on a flash drive / external hard drive / thumb drive. This blog describes a correct and simple procedure to put multiple emails on a flash drive. With this solution, the users can archive emails to external hard drive from many cloud-based email applications.

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