Horde to Office 365 – Export Emails from Horde WebMail to Office 365

cloud, March 1, 2019

Nowadays, for some personal and business requirements, users come across the need to migrate emails from one platform to another. As I am working in such field so I love to resolve such type of problems of users. Yesterday, one of my friends asked me for a solution to convert Horde Webmail to Office 365 account. I suggested him to download Email Backup Wizard as he wanted to export emails from Horde Webmail to Office 365 directly.

I have also seen on the internet that users are looking for a solution to exported Horde MBOX files into Office 365 account. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to provide both solutions such as: To convert exported MBOX files from Horde to Office and to directly convert Horde Webmail to Office 365. But before preceding further, let’s take a glance on Horde Webmail.

Horde Webmail

It is a free Webmail application by which users can send, receive and organize email messages. With this application, one can share calendars, tasks, notes, bookmarks, and files standards compliant components from the Horde Project. It has the inbuilt facility to export email messages in MBOX form.

Steps to Export Emails from Horde Webmail

  • Enter the credentials and login to your Horde Webmail.


  • Select the folder and right click on it and choose Export option.


  • Horde Webmail allows to directly save the emails as MBOX format with complete details.


  • Click on Ok button to save the exported MBOX files at the required location.

By following these simple steps, users can export multiple MBOX files from Horde Mail.

If you are having exported MBOX files from Horde and want to convert them into Office 365 account then use MBOX Migrator. The tool allows you to convert unlimited MBOX files from Horde to Office 365 along with all the attachments.

How to Backup Horde Email to Office 365 Directly?

Note: There is no manual process available to convert Horde emails to Office 365 account. For this, you have to take help from third-party solution.

Horde to Office 365 application in order to backup Horde emails without facing any issue. This tool is useful to import Horde emails to Office 365 along with attachments. Using this tool, one can directly export data from Horde email in just a few steps.

Steps to Convert Horde Webmail to Office 365

Download the software from the given button:


Note: The demo edition of the tool is only capable to import 25 data items from each folder. Use it to check the software working and functionality. For the limitless email migration, purchase the cost-effective licensed edition of the tool.

  • Run the application and select IMAP Server from the left panel.


  • Enter the login credentials such as Email Address, Password, IMAP Host and hit on Login button.


  • Check the required folder whose backup you want and select Office 365 as file saving option.


  • Enter Office 365 login credentials and click on Backup button.


  • The tool starts creating directly backup from Horde Webmail to Office 365 account.

Why Choose Horde to Office 365 Converter?

Are you using Horde Webmail from a long period and having lots of email messages in it? Also, want to export those email messages into Office 365 account directly? At that time, Horde to Office 365 software is a good option for you. It is the best solution to convert Horde emails to Office 365 account along with all the properties. It provides so many advanced features such as:

Change Language: During the migration, the tool allows you to change the default language. One can choose the language as per the requirements.

Bulk Migration: The software is helpful to convert multiple Horde emails to Office 365 account along with all the attachments.

Maintains Properties Always: While performing the direct migration from Horde Webmail, the tool preserves all the email formatting.

All Windows Supportive: Horde to Office 365 Converter is compatible with all the older and newer edition on Windows platform.

Export Email Attachments: This software is supportive to convert Horde emails to Office 365 along with all the attachments.

Advanced Filter Options: The tool provides Advanced Filter Option by which users can apply the filter to save their time and effort.

Final Words

In this blog, we have provided solutions to export emails from Horde Mail to Office 365 account. So, go with that method which is suitable for you.

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