How to Extract Chapters from PDF Books as Individual Documents?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 4 Min Read
Many students, lawyers, engineers, and forensic investigators want to extract chapters from PDF Books. Don’t be concerned if you have the same question. This article will provide you with a professional and one-of-a-kind answer to your problem.

Read Actual Inquiry

I am an engineering student, and my instructor has given me some math’s PDF books to study for my approaching examinations. Some PDF books include more than 40 chapters and are therefore rather hefty, weighing in at 50 MB. That’s why I’m having trouble with huge PDF books. I’m unable to transmit huge PDF books to a buddy over Gmail. Because of its attachments size limitation. Therefore, I would like to extract chapters from PDF Books separately.

– Tucker, Nashville

I recently bought some interesting PDF books from a premium subscription-based online source. These PDF Books contain both important and unneeded chapters. I’m putting together a personal online library; thus, I’d like to separate chapters from PDF books and save them as individual PDFs. Is there a professional approach for me to solve my problem?

– Preston, Baltimore

Why Do Users Extract Chapter from PDF?

  • Clients may wish to store select useful chapters of PDF publications rather than the entire PDF book.
  • Users can readily share individual PDF chapters using email services, but sharing a whole huge PDF book is challenging.
  • Users may wish to save only important chapters from a PDF book rather than unneeded chapters.
  • For marketing purposes, sometimes users want to share specific chapters with their audience as a climax but don’t want to give a complete PDF book free of cost.

How to Extract a Chapter from a PDF Book?

An expert solution is available to extract chapters from PDF books as separate PDF documents. You need to download BitRecover PDF Bookmarks Extractor Wizard. This software will take care of all of your issues with exporting chapters separately. Simply follow the instructions to complete the work.

Download for Windows

  1. Run the suggested software on your computer and select one of the options from Select Files or Select Folders.
    Select Files or Select Folders
  2. The selected source PDF Books destination path is shown here.
    source PDF Books destination
  3. Choose the required PDF Books from the software interface and press the Next button.
    required PDF Books
  4. The software selects the desktop as the preferred destination path by default, however, this can be altered. Set the destination folder by clicking the Browse icon in the software interface.
    Set destination path
  5. To begin exporting chapters from PDF books, click the Extract option.
    Extract Chapters from PDF Books
  6. The PDF chapters were successfully exported, as seen by the completion message.
    PDF chapters exported successfully
  7. Following that, it will open destination folders while retaining the original folder hierarchical structure.
    how to extract a chapter from a PDF book
  8. Finally, access any PDF Books folder to obtain all available chapters as individual PDF documents.
    Extract Chapter from PDF Books

What Software Can Do?

  • Users can create true chapter name PDFs by extracting all chapters from PDF Book documents.
  • The software creates a separate folder for each PDF book including chapters.
  • It allows you to export chapters from many PDF books at the same time while keeping the original folder hierarchy.
  • After completing a task, the software saves all embedded elements, components, and real formatting.
  • It allows the user to store exported chapters at any specific destination route based on their mood.

Questions and Answers

Que 1 – Can I extract a chapter from PDF book without Adobe Acrobat?

Ans – Yes, this is a standalone toolkit that works without Adobe Acrobat installation.

Que 2 – Is your software compatible with Windows 11?

Answer – Yes, you may proudly use it on the most recent versions of Windows 11 and Windows Server 2019, as well as older iterations.

Que 3 – I have a forensic investigation-related PDF book that has 100+ investigation episodes. Will your software extract all episodes as separate PDFs?

Ans – Don’t be concerned about the size of PDF files. The software successfully handles big PDF files.

Que 4 – Can I install this app on Android mobile?

Ans – No, the software is specifically built for Windows users.

The Closure

All Windows computer users can now effortlessly make individual PDF files for each chapter. This method is legal for extracting chapters from PDF books. Following that, users can easily print each chapter individually or share them as Gmail attachments. In comparison to large Adobe PDF books, small PDF files are quite useful and easy to handle.