How to Export Attachments from OneNote Files ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 3 Min Read

Now you can easily export or extract all OneNote file attachments from a *.one or *.onepkg files in a separate folder by selecting the desired destination path. In this blog post, we will provide you with the complete information for solving these types of queries.

  1. How to extract files from OneNote files?
  2. How to export attachments from OneNote?
  3. How to extract PDF & DOC attachments from OneNote files?

OneNote *.one or *.onepkg files allow to store multiple attachments but some both professional and home users want to extract attachments in OneNote files. Let’s start the process to export OneNote attachments in the easiest way.

Steps to Extract Attachments from OneNote Files

If your OneNote pages are in archive format then first re-save them as OneNote 2010 or 2013 documents and after that continue the process. You can read this blog post to get the complete information about how to re-save OneNote pages/sections –

Extract OneNote Attachments Manually

Follow the given steps to extract files from OneNote.

  1. Open OneNote file and choose attachment file i.e. PDF, DOC, PPT, XPS, etc.
  2. Right click on the selected file and choose Save As… option as shown in the respective screenshot.
  3. Select the destination path for storing OneNote attachment files.

extract attachments in onenote

Limitations – The manual method allows to extract files from OneNote one by one so it will take too much time for completing the task. Suppose, if your OneNote pages as 1000 attachments, then you need to follow the mentioned steps 1000 times. Actually it is suitable for home users who cannot afford pro services.

Export OneNote Attachments Professionally

Business professionals can use the pro technique to extract files from OneNote *.one or *.onepkg pages which offer various advanced features for making the task easier.


  • Run the tool and load OneNote *.one or *.onepkg files in the software panel using Select Files or Select Folders option.

load OneNote .one or .onepkg files

  • Check OneNote documents from the software interface and press Next button.

Check OneNote documents

  • It gives an option for storing OneNote files in multiple formats, it is an extra feature which can be used according to the requirements.

storing OneNote files

  • Now select the destination path for storing OneNote extracted attachments and press Convert button.

select the destination path

  • Extracting attachments will take very less time.

Extracting attachments

  • When Process is completed successfully, it will grenerate a message regarding the completion.

extract files from onenote

  • Check destination path, here converted OneNote pages (in user desired format) and the attachments will be stored in separate folders.

onenote extract attachments

  • Open attachments folder to get extracted OneNote attachments.

get OneNote extracted attachments

Benefits of Pro Method to Export OneNote Attachments

  1. It permits to export multiple attachments at one time from OneNote files.
  2. It allows extracting attachments from several OneNote pages.
  3. It is helpful in saving time and efforts during the procedure.
  4. It is capable to export attachments from OneNote .one or .onepkg files.


We have described both manual and automatic techniques to export OneNote attachments. Users can use any method according to their choice and requirement. After extracting files from OneNote pages, users can use them for completing the work easily.

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