Know How to Edit OneNote Pages / Section in Archive Format

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 3 Min Read

Are you facing problems in converting your OneNote files, which are in archive format. And when you try to open same OneNote (*.one) files, you are getting a message as shown below :

This section cannot be edited because it in an archive format.

This section can’t be edited because it’s in an archive format

You have landed at the correct blog page, here we will help you resolve same.

In this blog post, we will discuss on following topics:

  • How to edit OneNote section in archive format?
  • How to edit OneNote quick Notes in archive format?
  • Can I edit Word documents in OneNote?

A lot of users worldwide faces problems in editing OneNote archived files. If you are one of them, then don’t worry. Because here BitRecover Software team is going to explain the complete step by step process for solving the above mentioned issues. Before starting the process, first read a few user’s queries from various forum sites.

Users Queries

I have a very important OneNote file which has several attachments in PDF and DOC formats. When I am trying to edit this file, it is showing a message “This section can’t be edited because it’s in an archive format.” How can I edit Word documents in OneNote, please suggest me some solution?

California, Connor

Hi Experts, I am having OneNote pages in archive format and it is saying OneNote can’t edit archive format. But here, I am looking for a solution to edit my archived OneNote Notebook files. Please give a reasonable answer for solving my issue as my important information is in read-only format.

Georgia, Brayden

How to Export OneNote Page, Section, Notebook?

Just follow these simple steps with actual screenshots to export OneNote pages, sections, notebooks. This will help you to edit your OneNote archive files easily.

  • Open OneNote archive format and click on File option. In this file, you can check the pop-up message “This section can’t be edited because it’s in an archive format.”

Open OneNote archive format

  • Choose the Export option from the file menu as shown in the screenshot.

Export option

  • Users can export current page, section, notebook, and select format as “OneNote 2010-2013 Section (*.one)” after that press Export button to continue.

OneNote 2010-2013 Section (.one)

  • Select the destination path for storing resultant OneNote file.

destination path

  • Save OneNote file at selected destination path.

onenote notebook in archive format

  • Here you will get a OneNote file which is not in archive format.

without archive format

  • Now open the resultant OneNote file, and you will see that no pop-up message shows up after that.

why is my onenote in archive format

Note That – BitRecover OneNote Converter Wizard does not allow to convert archived OneNote files because of it illegal due to security reasons. If users want to use this software then they can make archived OneNote files into a editable format by following above steps. Once re-saved as OneNote 2010 document, users can easily convert same OneNote documents  using BitRecover Software.


After reading above mentioned steps, OneNote pages in archive format can be easily edited, so that users can easily convert re-saved documents in multiple formats.