How to Export Emails from Enterprise Vault?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

veritas export archive email

Through this guide, you will get to know a detailed procedure on how to export emails from Veritas Enterprise Vault. So if you are keen to know the process, then keep with us.

Veritas Enterprise Vault is an enterprise-level email archiving platform that is developed by Veritas Technology. This archiving solution is on the list of top email archiving service providers that provide a complete service for email archiving.

Why is Email Archiving Important?

According to a study, messaging and email systems hold three-fourths of an organization’s intellectual property. Hence, many organizations go for the

  • Storage – When the live server fills up, storing email data there can significantly impact performance. The only other options are to store them somewhere else or completely delete emails. Hence, neither of these is a good idea because crucial information may be lost forever. And here comes an email archiving option that sends our crucial data to a secure off-site server or cloud environment.
  • Restoration – Email archiving can expedite the process whenever your data needs to be restored, depending on the backup solutions you already have in place. This is due to how little space is required by the archived data. Additionally, since the data load on the mail server is reduced, restoring non-archived emails becomes quicker and simpler.
  • Security – Your old emails are still protected just as well as emails in your live inbox, even though they are “out of sight” and kept somewhere else. Your data is permanently preserved and protected with continuous data backup and top-notch disaster recovery capabilities if you have the right email archiving solution.
  • Productivity – It can be difficult and time-consuming to search for a specific email or subject when your live servers are overloaded with email data. Additionally, employees no longer need to waste time deleting emails or moving them thanks to the elimination of email box quotas and the implementation of automatic email archiving.
  • Compliance – Businesses must maintain business records in the majority of industries, and since emails frequently contain these records, deleting them is prohibited.

Why Users Need to Export Emails From Veritas Vault
As we have seen that email archiving play important role in protecting data. But besides this, it also plays a very important role during a data breach and data loss scenarios. By archiving data organizations can easily restore their crucial data.

The downloading of archive data also helps with the auditing work and restoring users’ data items.

If you have limited storage, then users export their old archive data to the local storage facility.

Detailed Steps to Export Emails from Enterprise Vault

In this section, we are going to explain to you the two methods to export archive email data from Veritas email archiving service. So without doing anything else let’s dig into the procedure.

Method 1: Using Export Wizard

This is the right approach for those who are looking for the option that export archive data in bulk.

1. First, go to the Administrator Consol.

2. In Administrator Consol go for the Archive option which is in the left-hand pane and Right-click on it.

Archive option

3. From the Export Archive, windows choose Export Archive to PST files and click on the Export button.

Export Archive to PST

Point to Note:

  • Items archived from public folders or SharePoint workspaces cannot be exported; only items archived from mailboxes can be exported.
  • The output can be filtered by date and retention category when exporting. For instance, information that is less than a year old could be exported and archived in the business category.
  • The wizard lets you manage the maximum size of the output files when exporting to PST files. The writing to CDs, the default maximum of 600 MB is ideal. If reaches the maximum size, the wizard automatically creates a numbered sequence of files, none of which exceeds the maximum size.
  • PST files have a limit of 16,383 items per folder. This PST file restriction applied Export Archive wizard automatically creates a new folder with the same name but a number suffix if a folder exceeds this limit. For instance, the Export Archive wizard automatically creates “Inbox 1” to hold additional items if the folder. The wizard creates a configuration file for each PST file that may be required if the PST file contents are to be imported back into Enterprise Vault.

Method 2: Using EV Search

1. It is one of the easiest ways to export emails from the Enterprise Vault

2. From Policies in the Admin Console choose Default Search Policy.

3. After this open the Features tab and choose the Export Operations

4. Here you will get three file format option

  • PST for Outlook
  • ZIP contains EML files.
  • NSF for Lotus Notes email clients

5. After selecting the file format click on the Apply option to complete the Export process.

Export process

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It is time to wrap up the blog post, we have discussed all the details here that will help you in order to export emails from Enterprise Vault. So, if you are in seek of a single page where all the details are mentioned then, read out the whole write-up.