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Published: May 15th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

If you are looking for a precious ePUB to PDF Converter (eBook to PDF Converter) then now you can end your search. After many years of research BitRecover developers launched all-in-one ePUB Converter which is fully loaded with several advance features. One of the best feature of this mentioned software is that it has more than 15 different saving formats so you can enjoy the conversion in a professional way.

“Hi sir, I am a forensic investigator and I need to submit few evidences in a law firm but they are saving accept evidences in PDF format while I have ePUB files. For solving my mentioned query, I want to convert ePUB to PDF bulk. Before contacting BitRecover Support, I have searched my query on Google but I got only online eBook to PDF Converter programs. Because of security reasons, I cannot upload my valuable eBook files online. If you have offline ePUB to PDF application then please suggest it to me.”

–  James Forensic Investigation Expert, Florida USA

How to Convert ePUB to PDF Documents – Easy Steps

First of all, download BitRecover eBook to PDF Converter and install the setup on your Windows Computer. After that follow step-by-step procedure to export ePUB to PDF Portable Document Format.

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Step 1 – Start ePUB to PDF file converter and choose one option from Select Files or Select Folders for uploading .epub files in the software window.

ePUB to PDF File Converter

Step 2 – Now you can view ePUB files in the software panel, from here, you can choose specific .epub files and press Next button to continue.

choose specific .epub files

Step 3 –Now choose “PDF” as saving format from the list of saving formats.

choose PDF

Step 4 – By default it chooses “Desktop” as destination path but you can also click on Browse icon for storing the converted data at different destination path. Click on Convert button to start eBook files to PDF conversion process.

destination path

Step 5 – .epub to .pdf conversion process is running, please wait it takes very less time. Conversion time will be depend on the size of data.

.epub to .pdf conversion

Step 6 – Conversion process has been completed successfully, you can see the popup message and click on Ok button.

save ebook to pdf

Step 7 – Best ePUB to PDF Converter will automatically open the destination path so that you can easily get converted data from desired location.

Best ePUB to PDF Converter

eBook to PDF Converter Features

  1. Convert ePUB to PDF Bulk – Users can easily choose a folder having unlimited .epub files / sub-folders with .epub files. This software allows to convert eBook files to PDF in batch mode so that users can save their important time and effort.
  2. Add eBook Files by Dual Technique – BitRecover ePUB to PDF File Converter has dual options for uploading electronic publication E-books. Use Select Files or Select Folders option for loading single as well as large .epub files in the software window.
  3. Alternative of ePUB to PDF Online Converter – It is a best alternative of eBook to PDF Online Converter. Many professional users don’t want to upload their important information on online freeware websites but it works offline so it is more secure utility comparing to online software.
  4. Retains Data Integrity with High Quality – It is capable to convert ePUB to PDF high quality without change or loss the important data. It maintains inserted items, text formatting, heading, style, title, visual cover, personal tag, author bio, table, copyright details, dedication, appendix, etc. during completion of the task.
  5. Choose Destination Path Intelligently – eBook to PDF Converter automatically selects desktop as destination path. If someone don’t want to store converted PDF documents on desktop then he can choose different destination location by clicking on the Browse icon.

Some General Questions About ePUB to PDF Software

Que 1 – How to change ePUB to PDF ?

Ans – Follow given steps to save eBook to PDF documents.

  • Run ePUB to PDF Application and add .epub files in the software window.
  • Select eBook files from software and press Next button.
  • Choose PDF as saving format and click on Convert button to continue.
  • After completion pop-up message, get converted PDF files from destination path.

Que 2 – Is it possible to convert ePUB to PDF documents without changing folders structure ?

Ans – Yes, this software maintains folders and sub-folders structure during completion of the procedure.

Que 3 – Can I convert 2000 ePUB files into PDF documents at once ?

Ans – Yes, this software is authorized to convert unlimited eBook files to PDF at once without any size limitation.

Que 4 – Do I convert Kindle eBook to PDF documents ?

Ans – Yes, if your Amazon Kindle files are stored in .epub format then you can convert Kindle eBook to PDF. However, it is not compatible with KPF files created with Kindle Create application.

Client Testimonials

Ich bin 100% zufrieden, nachdem ich diese erstaunliche Fortschritt-Software benutzt habe. Ich habe es verwendet, um 3000 ePUB-eBook-Dateien in PDF-Dokumente umzuwandeln, und es lieferte mir genaue Ergebnisse, ohne die Qualität zu beeinträchtigen.

– Paul, German

Pour des raisons de sécurité, j’essayais de rechercher un convertisseur de eBook en PDF hors ligne, car les sites Web de logiciels publicitaires en ligne ne sont pas fiables. Enfin, j’ai décidé d’acheter le logiciel BitRecover et, après avoir utilisé cet outil, je suis très heureux.

Louise, France

The Closure

At last, we want to say that if it is a well-suitable for completing your task then you can just download free ePUB to PDF Converter which is capable to convert 5 eBooks in PDF documents with company watermark. Freeware edition is most beneficial for evaluating the software functionality before purchasing the license keys. After getting complete satisfaction, users can upgrade it to pro edition to convert ePUB to PDF bulk.

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