Convert ePUB to EML Emails for Windows Live Mail or eM Client

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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


ePUB to EML Converter is an excellent software to migrate electronic publication files into email (EML) format. After converting eBook files into EML format, users can easily import them in Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Windows 10 Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, eM Client, SeaMonkey, etc. email clients. One of the most important feature of this product is that it allows to add “From” (Sender Email) email address in resultant EML files according to the choice of users.

How to convert ePUB to EML files  ?

Ans – Follow given steps to change ePUB files into EML emails

  1. Start BitRecover ePUB to EML Converter and upload eBook files in the software panel using Select Files of Select Folders button.
  2. Choose desired ePUB documents from toolbar and after that select EML as saving format.
  3. Confirm default destination path or browse different location for storing resultant emails and press Convert button.
  4. E-book to EML conversion process is running, after completion of the task, it will automatically open destination path.

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I am a developer in a medium sized Information Technology Company and I know it is a complicated task to convert eBook to EML but I am still asking you about the procedure. A have thousands of eBook ePUB files in my computer but I want to import them in Windows Live Mail email client which is compatible with EML files.

– Harry, United Kingdom

Hi BitRecover, my important study material has been stored in .epub format but it is not relevant for me. At present time, I am using eM Client as my default email client and I want to import ePUB to eM Client. If you have a toolkit to convert ePUB to EML emails then I can easily solve out my problem.

– Quinn, Ireland

How to Convert eBook to EML ?

First of all, download all-in-one BitRecover ePUB Converter Wizard and install the product setup on Windows OS based computer. This suggested software offers 15+ saving options inclusive of EML format, users can feel free to choose any saving format according to their need. This eBook to EML Converter creates generic resultant EML files which are compatible with several email clients.

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Step 1 – Launch ePUB to EML Software and choose Select Files or Select Folders option from toolbar for loading electronic book files in software window.

ePUB to EML Software

Step 2 – Choose eBook files from software panel and hit on Next button.

Choose eBook

Step 3 – Select EML extension from saving formats.

Select EML extension

Step 4 – Now confirm and browse the destination path and press Convert button.

browse the destination path

Step 5 – ePUB files to EML migration process is running.

ePUB files to EML migration

Step 6 – Task has been completed successfully, you can see the message of completion and press Ok button to confirm.

message of completion

Step 7 – After finishing of the conversion, it will automatically open the destination folder so that users can easily get their resultant data.

resultant data

ePUB to EML Converter Features & Benefits

  1. eBook to EML Converter has double options for uploading ePUB files and folders in the software panel i.e. Select Files or Select Folders.
  2. This product gives permission to convert eBook to EML emails in bulk error free so that users can save their valuable time and efforts.
  3. Before conversion, users can view ePUB files in the software panel and choose specific files as per requirement for conversion.
  4. ePUB to EML Converter generates standard EML files which are compatible with several Windows Live Mail, Windows 10 Mail, Windows 8 Mail, Windows 7 Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, eM Client, SeaMonkey, etc.
  5. Users can add “From” Sender email address in resultant EML files according to their choice because from email address is consider as an important part of any email.
  6. This application shows live conversion progress status during the conversion process so that users can check the actual progression.
  7. The tool keeps ePUB document attachments, components, attributes, hypertext, images, graphics, headings, text formatting, and all during the migration.

Commonly Asked Questions

Que 1 – How to import eBook to Windows Live Mail ?

Ans – Follow these steps to import ePUB to Windows Live Mail email client.

  1. First of download and install BitRecover eBook to EML Wizard.
  2. Convert your ePUB files into EML emails.
  3. Run Windows Live Mail and import converted EML files.

Que 2 – Can I convert ePUB to EML emails in batch using your software ?

Ans – Yes, of course, it is a superlative software to change ePUB files into EML in bulk.

Que 3 – Can I import ePUB to eM Client using your software ?

Ans – Yes,  it is an excellent software for transferring ePUB files into eM Client.

Benefits of EML Files

  • EML is a universally valid file format for storing the single email files separately.
  • EML file is compatible with various email clients such as Windows Live Mail, eM Client, Thunderbird, etc.
  • EML files can be easily shared with other users using multiple messenger programs.
  • EML files are capable to store multiple important components such as Attachment, Subject, Signature, Text, HTML Links, Header, etc.


BitRecover ePUB to EML Converter is a perfect software to change eBook documents in EML format which comes with free demo edition. Users can check software working process before purchasing by converting 5 .epub files in EML. After getting complete satisfaction, grab its license keys to migrate unlimited eBook to EML emails. It is compatible with all Windows OS based computers such as Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 10, Win Server 2003, Win Server 2008, Win Server 2012, Win Server 2016, Win Server 2019, etc.

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