Know How to Extract Attachments from EML Files

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Summary: Here, we have discussed about EML file attachment extractor in brief for users. Read the complete blog and stay tuned with us for more information. So, let’s get started.

Hello users, are you looking for an EML attachment downloader or EML file attachment extractor? If you are thinking so, then do not worry now here we are going to discuss about this issue for both technical and non-technical users. There can be various reasons to extract attachment files from EML files such as keeping a copy of all attachments or PDF files. Whatever the reason is, by using this method users can export attachments of Multiple EML files into a single folder.

In this web tutorial, we just explain the method to extract attachments from EML files. EML file has been used by many email clients such as Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, etc. It is a file extension for email messages. Also, it includes a single email message file along with its header info, hyperlinks, and attachment files. EML file format is also being used for archiving purposes as well.

Some home users also want to extract EML attachments manually as they think that a manual solution is suitable for them. So, first, we will take a look at the manual solution.

What are the different ways of extract EML attachments?

There are two ways of extracting attachments from EML files:

  1. Manual Technique
  2. Non-manual Technique

Manual solution for extract attachments from EML Files

As such, there is no manual solution available for extracting attachments from EML files. Users can only extract attachments one by one manually. If users have to bulk extract the attachments, then the only best solution is a technical solution. Now, let’s have a look at some drawbacks of using a manual approach.

Drawbacks of using the Manual Approach are:

Risk of losing important data

After accomplishing the task of EML file attachment extractor by manual technique, there is a possibility of data loss scenario as well. Users may end up losing their important data and emails after using this approach.

Create multiple mailboxes

Users will not be able to attach multiple mailboxes at the same time of transferring messages at any cost while using this approach. Also, there are chances of system damage and data corruption as well.

Requires technical knowledge & Lengthy process

This manual way is lengthy in nature. Non-tech users will not be able to complete this process without having any kind of technical assistance. Users will require some kind of technical knowledge for using this solution.

Hence, using automated solutions is best for both professional and home users.

EML File Attachment Extractor – Technical Solution

As the manual solution mentioned above is only for extracting fewer attachments then, the user will not be able to extract bulk EML attachments. Thus, we will not be recommended users to use the manual way for performing this task.  Now, let’s have a look at trusted third-party software to execute the operation without facing any data loss scenario. EML Converter Toolkit is one such reliable software to extract attachments from EML files. Users can easily perform the task by using this amazing tool.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

It maintains the complete folder hierarchy of the EML file even after the completion of the conversion. Also, the tool provides the option of Add Folder option for batch extraction of EML file attachment. EML file attachment extractor is always compatible with all the latest Windows versions.

How to extract attachments from EML file?

Users have to follow some simple steps for completing the task in an effective manner:

  1. First, users have to install and run EML file attachment extractor Application on your system. Read all the given instructions carefully.

Note: This software also provides a free demo version for its users. With the help of this software, users can easily extract 25 EML attachments. By using this users will get to know about the tool.  After having satisfaction and for unlimited extraction of EML attachments user can purchase the licensed version of this utility as well.

  1. Thereafter, the tool will provide dual options for uploading EML files i.e., Select Files and Select Folders.
    uploading EML files
  2. After selecting EML files, click on the Next button.
    selecting EML files
  3. Then, select the required EML folders and click on the Next button.
    required EML folders
  4. Then, users can select TXT as a saving format from the given saving list.
    saving format
  5. After that, browse the destination path and press the convert button to continue the process of the EML attachment downloader.
    EML attachment downloader
  6. The live conversion process will start on the Windows OS.
    live conversion process
  7. Finally, after completion of the task, users can see a dialogue box on their screen. Click on OK. At last, it will automatically open the output folder, here you can see the Attachment folder that contains all extracted attachments in actual formats.
    Extracted attachments

EML Attachment Downloader Benefits

  • It is helpful to download EML attachments from unlimited file at once so that users can save their much time.
  • EML attachment downloader is capable to extract attachments from EML files of various email clients such as Thunderbird, Windows Mail, eM Client, etc.
  • The tool is specially designed to download attachments from EML files having all file extensions i.e., *.doc, *.pdf, *.jpg, *.png, *.gif, *.xps, and all.
  • BitRecover EML File Attachment Extractor provides the facility to choose a specific destination folder for storing the extracted attachments.

Let’s wrap up

Here, in the above blog post, we have briefly discussed about EML file attachment extractor. Extraction of attachments is not an easy task for users. After facing certain troubles user can finally accomplish the task. Both manuals, as well as professional solutions, are mentioned in this blog. Users can use it accordingly as per their requirements. With the help of the software mentioned above in this blog, users can easily complete this process.

Use demo version in case of any issues and then the user can go with the licensed version of the tool as well.