How to Download Attachments from AOL Mail in Bulk? Learn

Mark Regan
Published: July 16th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

How to download attachments from AOL mail? Read this article if you are unable to do this task. AOL mail has a user-friendly interface, but in some scenarios it becomes tricky. This guide presents simple steps to easily extract attachments from AOL mail emails, whether photos, documents, or other files. Keep reading this article if your query is I cannot download attachments from AOL mail.

AOL Mail stands for American Online, is a popularly known company that provides internet services including email and online content. It gained high popularity in 1990 to help people easily connect to the internet. Today, AOL is offering several email and online news and entertainment options.

This informational guide has described the top simple and secure ways if you are unable to download attachments from AOL mail on your Mac and Windows computer. Get steps to backup AOL Mail email attachments easily with no effort.

Why I Cannot Download Attachments from AOL Mail?

If you are unable to extract attachments from AOL email, then there can be the following reasons:

Browser Issues: You might be using an outdated and incompatible web browser.

Device storage: Ensure the device you are using has space to save AOL attachments.

Security Settings: Some strict settings can interrupt downloading the AOL attachments.

Large Attachments: Large attachments exceed the email size limit causing issues in downloading.

Antivirus Software: You might be using an antivirus program that is not safe for your device.

Internet Connection: A slow and unstable internet connection can also hinder downloads.

Account Issues: AOL account might be facing certain problems or restrictions, such as wrong configuration, outdated version, etc.

Temporary Glitch: Temporary server problems, browser cache, or glitches can show issues in extracting AOL attachments. Try restarting the device and program.

How to Download Attachments from AOL?

Saving AOL attachments can be done in two different ways. One is by using the AOL Mail account itself and the second, is by using a direct solution specialized in saving multiple AOL attachments easily at once directly from the AOL account. In the following methods, we have explained both of the solutions. So let’s begin with the manual one.

Extract Attachments from AOL Mail Manually

  1. Open AOL and enter the credentials to log in to your account.
  2. Go to the Inbox section to save AOL Attachments.
  3. Select and open the AOL email from which you want to download the attachments.
  4. Click on the attachment and open it.
  5. Hit the download or save button and the attachments will be downloaded to the local storage.

Note: If you have multiple AOL attachments to save, then repeat the same steps for each. However, we understand that it can be time-consuming. That is why we have provided the solution to the users who cannot download attachments from AOL mail in bulk without facing any trouble.

Best Solution to Save Multiple AOL Attachments at Once

BitRecover Email Attachments Downloading Tool specializes in saving all attachments directly from your AOL account in just a few seconds. Rather than wasting time with lengthy manual methods, you should use the advanced modern approach that can download attachments from multiple AOL accounts in bulk while providing you peace of mind.

Additionally, this amazing easy-to-use software lets you select the destination path and save the attachments after downloading as per your choice. The best thing about this tool is, that it provides a variety of filter options such as select date range, from, to, subject, select export settings for email folders, etc to download AOL attachments on Mac and Windows.

It has a simple and easy-to-use interface that does not let users face any issues or errors in downloading the AOL attachments. Moreover, this advanced tool can also download attachments from Outlook Office 365 and 90+ webmail services.
how to download attachments from AOL mail

How to Fix Unable to Download Attachments from AOL Mail Error?

Following are some simple steps to extract attachments from AOL mail using the direct secure software:

  1. Launch the AOL attachments extractor tool to learn how to download attachments from AOL.
  2. Select AOL from the email source, enter login details, and click Login.

    Note: If you have to extract attachments from multiple AOL accounts then select the “Use Batch Mode” option.

  3. After this, the software will show you all your AOL folders. Check the folder from where you have to download the attachments.
  4. Try out the Filter options to make the process more easier and satisfying.
  5. Go to the destination path and click the browse button to save AOL attachment at your preferred location.
  6. At the end, click on the Backup button to download attachments from AOL mail in bulk in one go.

Why Use Automated Tool to Extract AOL Attachments?

  • It saves time and effort by extracting all AOL attachments at once as per the user’s choice.
  • Allows to save attachments from multiple AOL accounts using the “Batch Mode” option.
  • Helps to select which attachments the user wants to download.
  • Select the preferred date to download specific AOL attachments.
  • Additionally, filter options like date range, from, to, subject, etc.

Benefits of Downloading AOL Attachments:

  • Access crucial documents, images, and files directly from the device.
  • Extract attachments from AOL mail to quickly access them without the internet.
  • Prevent data loss by securely backing up important AOL files.
  • Make the necessary files readily available whenever you want.
  • Download attachments from multiple Webmail services.


So, once you understand the steps, the process for how to download attachments from AOL mail becomes easy. By following the above guide, you will be able to access your important AOL attachment files quickly and efficiently whenever you want, without having an internet connection. Just make sure you have the right solution at your fingertips to extract attachments from AOL Mail efficiently.