How to Delete All Roundcube Emails? Different Methods

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read
This article has outlined methods to delete all Roundcube emails. If you are a Roundcube webmail user for any reason, you want to remove it’s emails then read this article to find the solutions. Here we have provided different strategies to delete Roundcube webmail emails with simple steps.

Nowadays, a lot of business professionals and individuals want to delete Roundcube webmail messages. As we all know that Roundcube is default open-source program to read webmail emails. Users purchase server space to host their websites so they never want to store unnecessary emails on their paid server space.

Roundcube became the first choice of users to access webmail emails because of its user-friendly interface. But due to some reasons, users prefer to delete all Roundcube emails. Let’s know the reasons behind the deletion.

Reasons to Delete All Roundcube Emails

I am the owner of several websites and most of my revenue comes through Google AdSense as well as affiliate marketing. I use Roundcube email program to read my webmail emails. One day, I was checking Roundcube emails then I noticed that thousands of spam, junk, social, and promotional emails are stored in my email database. I want to delete unnecessary messages from Roundcube permanently. Is there any solution available to delete all Roundcube emails instantly?

Other Possible Reasons Behind Roundcube Email Removal

  • Users don’t want to store unnecessary junk and spam emails on their paid web server space.
  • A large number of emails in Roundcube account may be the cause of slow performance.
  • Users prefer to delete Roundcube webmail messages to avoid email quota full-related issues.
  • The process to remove Roundcube emails permanently become necessary when webmasters start receiving more spam emails compared to useful emails.

How to Delete Email from Roundcube Webmail?

Multiple methods are available to remove emails from Roundcube webmail account. Therefore, continue read this blog post to get knowledge about various techniques. Here, we are explaining multiple methods to delete all Roundcube emails. However, users can go through any solution according to their problem.

1) Erase Roundcube Webmail Emails One by One

  1. Login to your webmail account using email credential.
    delete all Roundcube emails
  2. Select Roundcube to read your webmail email messages.
    remove emails from Roundcube webmail
  3. Open an email in Roundcube and press the Delete button to delete all Roundcube emails.
    delete roundcube webmail emails
  4. Thereafter, deleted Roundcube email will be moved to the Trash folder.


  • It takes much time while deleting Roundcube webmail email, as it allows to delete messages one by once.
  • As deleted Roundcube emails are moved to the trash folder, the process does not permanently erase emails from Roundcube.
  • You need to wait for up to 30 days for permanent Roundcube email deletion from the Trash folder.

2) Delete All Roundcube Emails from Selected Folder

  1. Login to your Roundcube webmail account and choose a folder from which you want to delete mailboxes.
  2. After that, you can see Roundcube folder emails. Click on the Select button to continue.
    delete all Roundcube emails
  3. Now select all email from the specific Roundcube folder and press the Delete button.
    choose all roundcube emails
  4. All Roundcube emails were deleted successfully from the desired folder.
    webmail emails deleted


  • Users can delete all Roundcube emails from only one folder at a time. Therefore, it will take much time and effort.
  • All deleted Roundcube emails will be moved to the Trash folder instead of permanent deletion.
  • It will take much time because if you want to delete all Roundcube emails from 10 folders then you will need to repeat the same process 10 times.
  • There is no advance filter option available to delete specific Roundcube webmail email.

3) Delete Roundcube Webmail Account

  1. Sign in to your cPanel and select the Email Accounts option.
  2. Choose a specific account that you want to remove and press Delete.
    delete roundcube account
  3. Read the warning message regarding Roundcube webmail account deletion.
    warning message
  4. Click on the Delete Email Account option to delete Roundcube webmail account.


  • Users will lose all unnecessary and important Roundcube emails permanently.
  • Your Roundcube email address will be inactive after its deletion process.

4) Professional Solution Roundcube Email Eraser

BitRecover EmailRaser Wizard has a fully dedicated feature to delete all Roundcube emails. This is fully automatic software that asks only email account credentials for completion of the task i.e., Email Address and Password. The tool offers various email filter options to remove desired emails from Roundcube webmail. Let’s know how it works.

Steps to Remove Roundcube Emails

  1. Start Roundcube Email Eraser on your Windows and Mac Computer.
    roundcube email eraser
  2. Select Roundcube as email source, enter credentials, and press Login.
    delete all Roundcube emails
  3. Choose required email folders from the software GUI as per your choice.
    select folders to delete Roundcube emails
  4. Use advance filter options for erasing selective Roundcube emails.
    filter options to remove Roundcube emails
  5. After that, press the Delete button to continue to delete all Roundcube emails.
    delete all roundcube emails
  6. Roundcube email remover displays a warning message before deletion.
    remove emails from roundcube
  7. Thereafter, press Yes to start erasing Roundcube webmail data.
    erase emails from roundcube

Suggestion: Download BitRecover Webmail Backup Wizard which has a separate option to store Roundcube webmail emails on a local computer / hard drive. The tool comes with 30+ saving options and you can choose any saving option to store emails in a standard file extension.

Roundcube Email Remover Features & Benefits

  • Delete Roundcube webmail messages permanently from multiple accounts at once.
  • Facility to choose specific folders for removing Roundcube messages.
  • Separate option to erase Roundcube social notifications mails i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
  • Various email filter options to delete selected Roundcube emails.
  • It has an isolated option to delete all Roundcube Webmail email larger than a specific size.
  • This utility also provides the facility to remove Roundcube emails older than defined months.

Last Words

If your Roundcube email quota is near filled and you want to delete all Roundcube emails. Then you can use any of the above-mentioned techniques according to your choice. However, if you are a business professional then you should use a professional solution to avoid any risk. Advance email filter options are the most useful feature of this application that make it most useful compared to manual techniques to delete Roundcube webmail email.