How to Delete Duplicate Emails from eM Client? Complete Solution

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Are you using the eM client email application? And there have been duplicate emails in your em client account, due to which the size of your mailbox has increased a lot. Now you are getting worried that how to delete duplicate emails from eM Client because you have bulk emails in your account due to which you cannot delete duplicate items one by one. Do not worry, now you have come to the right article, here you will get such a solution, with the help of which you can remove duplicate emails from the entire eM Client mailbox at once.

Best Methods to Remove eM Client Duplicate Emails

One of the most amazing and innovative tools to delete duplicate emails from eM Client is BitRecover EML Duplicate Remover Software. This software can very easily remove duplicate data from your eM Client account without losing any accurate data. This eM Client duplicate remover software maintains the data formatting, and folder hierarchy of your mailbox, due to which when you upload your data back to eM Client, that data is shown to you in the same folder hierarchy as it was before. Using this software is a very easy task, a non-technical user can use this utility as easily as a technical user.

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Note: To do this process, you have to go through 3 phases, whose complete step-by-step guidance we have mentioned below:

#1: How to Make EML Files Using eM Client?

If you want to use this software then you must first export data from eM client in eml format after that you can use this software. Exporting Data from eM Client is not such a difficult task, we have given its steps below, and by following them you will be able to complete this task very easily, that too in a few seconds.

  1. Firstly, open the eM Client email application and then click the Menu button in the menu bar
  2. After that, choose the File button in the drop-down menu and then select the Export option
  3. Thereafter, select the Export emails to .eml file option and then click the Next button
  4. Then choose the Account which you want to export and then click the Next button
  5. Finally, choose the destination path for the exported data and then click the Finish button
    Remove eM client Duplicate Emails

Now your data is saved in your system now you can delete duplicate emails from eM Client using this software. We have explained below the process of how to use this software.

#2: How to Use eM Client Duplicate Remover Software?

  1. Firstly, download this eM Client duplicate remover tool and then install or open it.
    download em client duplicate remover
  2. After the opening, click the Select Folder option and then browse the eM Client exported data
    upload em client data
  3. Thereafter, you can see all the eM Client folders and then check or uncheck the folder as per your requirements
    select folder
  4. Choose the destination path and then select the duplicate removal method as per your need and then click the Extract button
    select destination

#3: How to Upload Duplicate Removal Data in eM Client?

Note: Now the duplicate emails have remove from eM client, but now you are wondering how to upload this data back to the eM client. So don’t worry, we have created a separate article for that too, in which we have explained the process in brief. And we have mentioned the link to that article below.

Click this Link: How to Import EML files into eM Client Application?

delete duplicate emails from eM Client

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I delete duplicate emails, contacts, events, or tasks from my eM Client account?
You can remove duplicate contacts, tasks, events, emails, etc. items from your eM Client account using em client duplicate remover software.

Is there any manual way to delete duplicate emails from eM Client?
Yes, there is a manual way to remove duplicate items from eM Client but it is not fully effective. Your complete data can be deleted with the help of that manual way. This happened with a user who asked for his query on the official website of em client whose screenshot we have mentioned below and also the link.
delete duplicate emails from eM Client


In this article, you have learned how to delete duplicate emails from eM Client very easily. In this article, we have provided complete details to do this process, with the help of which you can remove duplicate items from your eM Client account without any problem. If you still face any problems in any process, then you can take help from our support team, which is available 24*7 for you.

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