How to Delete All Emails on Charter Spectrum?

Rollins Duke   
Published: June 6th, 2023 • 7 Min Read

Welcome to another post about how to delete Charter emails at once. Today, we will let you know how you can delete all emails on spectrum webmail (Charter Mail) without any trouble. This guide will introduce automatic as well as manual solutions that will enable you to delete multiple Charter emails in one click. So, let’s begin.

After completely reading this blog post, you will know:

  • How to delete all spectrum emails at once?
  • how to mass delete charter emails permanently?

User’s Query About Deleting Spectrum Emails

Good Morning BitRecover Team,

I received a mail that my Spectrum Charter email account storage space will soon touch the maximum limit and am asked to free up space. For this, I decided to delete the old and unimportant emails from my Charter email account. However, I am finding it a very time-consuming task. Every time, I delete an email, I have to clear it from Trash also. Can you please help me with any of your software that instantly mass delete Charter email?

– Daniel

How to Mass Delete Charter Emails?

There are multiple ways to delete all emails from Charter Spectrum. Here, we are explaining the most popular methods for erasing Spectrum emails. Let’s start now!

1) Method to Delete Spectrum Account Emails

    1. Sign in to your Spectrum webmail account.
    2. Click on any folder to load Spectrum Charter emails.
    3. Select the emails that you want to erase.
    4. Click the Delete button to start erasing emails.
      delete charter emails

The deleted emails get stored in the Trash folder.

Tip – You can drag and drop the selected Charter Mail emails into the Trash folder.

Limitations: It will take much time while deleting charter email messages by selecting multiple emails one by one from the checkbox list. Even after that, your emails will not be deleted permanently as emails will move to the Trash folder. Normally, spectrum webmail emails get erased permanently from the Trash folder after 3 days. Therefore, you need to wait for 3 days, if you plan to go for manual solution.

2) Method to Mass Delete Spectrum Emails Permanently

  1. Login to Spectrum Charter Webmail account.
  2. Choose the Trash folder from listed folders.
  3. Select Purge All checkbox to continue.
    purge all spectrum emails
  4. Press the OK button when prompted.


  1. Sign in to Charter Spectrum email account.
  2. Click on the Trash folder for previewing the emails.
  3. Select all emails one by one accordingly.
  4. Press the Delete button to start removing charter emails permanently.

Limitations: Charter Mail or Spectrum webmail is the application that allows sending and receiving emails through an Internet connection. For any user, deleting Charter emails in bulk is not an easy task. To do that, users first need to select the mails they wish to delete in the Charter email account, and then delete them. The deleted Charter mails go to the Trash folder, from where users again have to delete them. This process has numerous limitations, such as:

  • Deleting a Charter email one at a time is a tedious process.
  • Again, deleting emails from Trash is time-consuming.
  • There is no option to delete charter emails received from the same address.
  • Users can’t erase spectrum emails between specific dates.
  • Charter Webmail doesn’t provide help to delete mass emails at once.
  • Emails are not permanently deleted from the Charter Mail

How to Delete Spectrum Account?

  1. Login to Spectrum Charter Mail account as primary user.
  2. Select Settings from the drop-down box next to your username.
  3. Choose the People option from sub tab.
  4. Find the user that you want to remove.
  5. Choose Three Dots in front of the username.
  6. Click on the Delete button to remove the spectrum account.


  • Spectrum / Charter webmail account doesn’t allow to delete a primary user account. Users can delete only secondary user accounts.
  • It takes up to 60 days for removing spectrum charter mail account. Therefore, this is not a quick solution.
  • Deleting Charter email account is not a solution as most users want to continue with same email id; they just want to empty the email quota space
  • This is not recommended for non-technical users as they can lose their crucial data by doing any wrong operation.

Expert Solution to Mass Delete Charter Emails

The only automatic and powerful solution to delete all Charter emails is BitRecover EmailRaser Wizard. It is a professional and straightforward solution that lets you remove multiple Charter emails with attachments at once. The software allows you to delete multiple emails from Charter webmail permanently in a few clicks. It is a complete, user-friendly application that doesn’t need any specific skills for the task.

One of the significant advantages of using Charter Email Remover to bulk delete Charter email is to test its demo edition. Go to the Download Now button and install the software’s free trial edition without any payment details. Using it, the user can delete the first 25 emails from each Charter email folder. After that, hit the Buy button and get the software’s license edition to clear out bulk emails from Charter account.

How to Delete All Emails on Charter Spectrum?

Now, understand the complete step-by-step working of the software to mass delete Charter Mail with attachments.

  1. Go to email source list and select the Charter Mail option. Enter the credentials of your Charter webmail account – email address and password. Then, click the Login button.
    charter email eraser
  2. Select the desired folders in the software panel to mass delete Charter emails.
    select charter mail folders
  3. Now, go to the Filter Option tab and check Use Advance Settings for Selective Erasing. You can select the date range, to, from, subject filters to delete old emails from Charter webmail or any other specific email.
    filter option
  4. Finally, click the Delete button.
    mass delete spectrum emails
  5. The Charter email eraser shows a warning message, prompting you to delete Spectrum Charter emails cautiously as once deleted, they cannot be retrieved back.
    delete spectrum email account
  6. Click the Ok button to start the live process to erase Charter email permanently.
    how to delete email address

Once the process of deleting Charter emails is over, you get a message pop-up. Tap on the Ok button, and you get a complete log.txt report. It shows the number of emails deleted from Charter webmail and from which folders. That’s all for the task.

Check It Once Before Erasing Spectrum Charter Emails

If you are a professional user and your Charter webmail has crucial email data, then it is advisable to use BitRecover Email Backup Wizard, which has a separate option to store Charter webmail emails on a local computer. Hence, users can get the required information from stored emails when needed in the future. This software comes with 30+ saving options including emails, documents, desktop clients, email services, and email servers.

Charter Spectrum Email Eraser Promising Benefits

  1. Charter Email Remover is the best solution for erasing multiple Charter emails at once with attachments.
  2. Its interface is user-friendly that any user can access to mass delete spectrum emails.
  3. The Filter Option allows users to remove selective emails old, unimportant, and more using the date range, from, subject, and more fields.
  4. Spectrum Email Remover software’s paid edition allows users to erase multiple emails from the Charter account without any limitation on email count.
  5. The software can delete emails from any Charter Mail mailbox including Inbox, Sent, Draft, Trash, and more.
  6. It is a straightforward, reliable, and powerful application for deleting Charter emails permanently with 100% accuracy.

The Conclusion

The above article provides the best way to mass delete Charter emails at once permanently. It is an entirely automatic and speedy task with this automated software. The software is designed for home users, professionals, organizations, projects, and more. It is a safe and powerful solution for deleting Spectrum Charter webmail emails.