How to Convert Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

If you are one of those users who are looking for a solution to convert email from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail, read this blog.

This blog provides you with the best and straightforward solution to extract batch emails from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail without any hindrance.

As we all know, Mozilla Thunderbird is a major email client in today’s technological age. It is popular due to its usability and open-source cross-platform email client.

Windows Live Mail is a freeware email client, which was developed by Microsoft. It is available as the default email app from Windows 7 to Windows latest version. It saves all your emails in EML format

Before describing the solution process, check the user query.

Users Query related to Convert Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail

“I am using the Mozilla Thunderbird email client application for the last 2 years. But, Thunderbird is missing some features according to WLM. Windows Live Mail is a default application, i.e. Mail app and it takes up a small amount of storage capacity. Now, I want to convert Thunderbird email to Windows 8 mail. Do you have any solution for exporting email from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail? Please suggest me.”

Solution for Import Thunderbird emails to Windows Live Mail

BitRecover Thunderbird Converter Wizard is a perfect software which works on all Windows OS-based machines. Our technical expert design trustworthy software which provides you a direct solution to migrate emails from Mozilla Thunderbird email client to EML (Windows Live Mail) format.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

With this software, Thunderbird users can easily transfer their email client from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Windows 10 Mail, Windows 8 Mail, Windows 7 Mail, etc. without loss of data.

Just download and run Thunderbird to WLM Converter which is capable to load Thunderbird emails automatically from a default storage location, and after that users can choose the destination path for storing resultant EML files.

How the utility Works

  • Firstly, the software gives you multiple options, if you want to convert Emails, Contacts, and Calendars separately choose accordingly.
    And you can select the specific Folders / Files thunderbird emails
  • Secondly, the software load automatically Thunderbird data, selects the folders which you want to convert into folder convert into windows live mail
  • After that, select the Windows Live mail option from the multiple saving windows live mail option
  • Choose the File naming option to manage your resulting data professionally.choose file naming option
  • After the conversion process is finished click on the OK button.conversion complete to export thunderbird to windows live mail
  • After that, the software automatically opens the resulting file to the destination location.resulted data

Import Converted Mails in Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail provides the facility to import mailboxes by following simple steps, so users can easily migrate extracted (EML) emails in Windows Live Mail as shown in the screenshot.

  1. Open the Window Live mail program.
  2. Click the File option >> Import messages.
  3. Select the Windows Live Mail option from the Select Program.export thunderbird EML to WLM
  4. Now all email files are easily open and viewed from Thunderbird to Windows 8 mail (Windows Live Mail).

Most promising Features of the Tool

  1. Offers two modes of conversion- single and batch. Users can easily transfer multiple Thunderbird mailboxes to their WLM account.
  2. The software has a simple graphical user interface. Users do not need technical knowledge to run this tool.
  3. It is capable to Convert Thunderbird to Windows Mail in bulk at once.
  4. Automatically detects Thunderbird files from the computer.
  5. Provides a quick search option to search specific files.
  6. It maintains email attachments, contacts, and components during the conversion.
  7. Available with a free demo which makes it easy to understand the software before buying the licensed edition.

Step to convert Thunderbird Mail to Windows 10 Mail

Windows 10 Mail is different from all the Windows Mail versions. Because it gives to save your Thunderbird Data in the desktop-based Mail app.

Let’s understand the process of exporting EML to Windows 10 Mail with screenshots.

  • Select the Files / Folders option and then hit the Next button.
  • Then select the folders which you want to convert.
  • Select the option from the saving option
  • Then enter the credentials of your account.add
  • Once the procedure is finished, you will get a completion message on the screen.export thunderbird EML to WLM

With this process, you can easily import Thunderbird data to Windows 10 mail. Check the exported data in

open resulted data

Add Account to Windows 10 Mail

  1. Open Mail on Windows 11 system. You will get an option to add an account. Select the account
  2. Enter your MS credential mailbox.add account details
  3. After login the details, you can check all your data in Windows 10 Mail.check the thunderbird emails to windows 10 mail


Q 1 How users can Export Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail?

A: There is a software Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail converter, which makes it easy to move emails from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail EML in a blink of an eye. The tool maintains the folder structure after conversion. The tool is virus-free to access and gives accurate conversion. The software is workable on all Windows editions like Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, etc.

Q: Can I transfer emails from Thunderbird to Windows 8 Mail?

A: Yes, it is a well suitable program to convert Thunderbird to Windows 8 Mail. It allows transferring email messages from…
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You can easily convert batch Thunderbird Emails to Windows Live Mail directly without requiring any supportive application. It is always my responsibility to make the technology as simple as possible for my users by offering them a method to import Thunderbird emails to WLM. If you face any hindrance during the installation and processing, then you can contact [email protected] for any technical assistance.