How to Convert PDF to OXPS in Bulk? Complete Tutorial

Mark Regan
Published: May 28th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Whenever you search how to convert PDF to OXPS you get several results but most of the time you see online PDF to OXPS converter tools which are quite unsafe. Today in this tutorial we will show you the complete procedure to change your PDF files into OXPS format using a top notch method. Let’s begin.

A Brief of PDF and OXPS File formats

PDF files are Adobe’s introduced file format, known for its compatibility and work. It is the most useful format that is helping a large number of professionals, students, and normal users around the world. On the other hand, OXPS files are quite similar to PDF, however it is developed by Microsoft. OXPS are XML based file formats that represent document formats in a fixed layout, hence OXPS is a standardized version of XPS. In 2009, XPS was replaced by OXPS (OpenXPS).

Why Do We Need to Convert PDF to OXPS?

  • OXPS is native format for Microsoft Windows that seamlessly integrates with all the Windows applications and services for printing and sharing documents.
  • If an organization uses Microsoft Windows extensively then converting PDF to OXPS can be a reliable choice to support all the systems and devices.
  • OXPS file often provides better performance for certain types of documents, potentially leading to smaller in size and faster process.
  • We also convert PDF to OXPS as OXPS matches with the specific security features of Microsoft such as digital rights management and security features.

Best PDF to OXPS Converter to Change PDF to OXPS in Bulk

BitRecover PDF Converter software can help you to rapidly convert multiple PDF files into OXPS format. Whether you are a professional or a normal user, or have a large number of PDF files to change into OXPS, then try out this software. Keep reading the article to know more about this tool to convert PDF to OXPS. However we have also discussed the manual procedure below.

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How to Change PDF to OXPS Manually?

For the manual procedure, we will use Microsoft Word to convert PDF to OXPS format and after that we will use PDF to OXPS converter. Follow these steps:

  1. Find the PDF file location on your computer.
  2. Right click on the PDF file after finding it.
  3. Select Open With option from the dialogue box.
    Click Open With
  4. Look for Microsoft Word and select it.
    convert PDF to OXPS with MS Word
  5. MS Word will show you a pop-up message. Click Ok.
    pop up message
  6. Now you can see the content of your PDF file on the screen.
  7. Touch the File button on the top of the left hand corner. Tap on File button
  8. Select Save As > Computer > Browse path.
    browse path
  9. Open the Save as Type list and choose XPS Document (*.xps).
    convert PDF to OXPS
  10. At last, click on the Save button to convert PDF to OXPS and save it.

Note: Repeat the steps to change each PDF file to XPS one by one.

Direct Method to Convert PDF to OXPS in Bulk

If you don’t find the manual method suitable for you or it is time consuming, then you can use BitRecover PDF to OXPS Converter direct free tool. Apart from allowing you to change bulk of PDF files in OXPS, it also offers features like; selecting specific folders, converting unlimited PDF files, maintaining quality, structure and layout, saving converted file at desired path, and converting PDF to RTF and 19+ formats without taking help of any other tool.

Change PDF to OXPS Step-by-Step

  1. Download and start the BitRecover PDF to OXPS Converter software.
    BitRecover PDF to OXPS Converter
  2. Click on an option and select the folders having *.PDF from your computer. You can load as many PDF files as you want to convert PDF to OXPS.
    Add PDF files
  3. After loading all the PDF files, the software will show you the entire folder and subfolder. You can select to separate the ones you need.
    select folders
  4. Touch the Select Saving Option then find and select OXPS from the list.
    convert PDF to OXPS
  5. Click the browse button and specify where you want to save the file after conversion.
    select path on computer
  6. Hit Convert. The entire process will take approx 1 min.
    convert PDF to OXPS


So this was the complete tutorial to convert PDF to OXPS in which we used Microsoft Word and the intelligent PDF to OXPS converter tool. We provided separate solutions for converting single and multiple PDF files to OXPS at once. The software will be an excellent choice for the user who wants to save time and convert PDF to OXPS in bulk.