How to Convert PDF to XPS in Bulk? Top Two Ways

Mark Regan
Published: May 28th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

How to convert PDF to XPS document? Is it possible to do that? If yes then what are the methods? If these are your questions then you will get all your answers here. In this ultimate guide we will show the top two different tactics to change PDF to XPS step by step using Microsoft Word and PDF to XPS Converter.

PDF stands for Portable Document format which is widely used and important for almost everyone nowadays. These files are created by Adobe that supports text, images, links and various media. PDF files are a highly compatible file format, popularly used for office, academic and legal documents.

On the other hand, XPS stands for XML Paper Specification developed by Microsoft which is quite similar to Microsoft but its based on XML. XPS files contain text, images and support digital signatures which are easy to view and print using any in-built tools of Windows.

The reasons and benefits to convert PDF to XPS is clear as you can see XPS files seamlessly integrate with all Microsoft products and services. Now see how the manual method and an advanced PDF to XPS converter tool can help you through this process.

How to Convert PDF to XPS in Bulk?

So here we have simplified this process in two basic and effective ways. We will involve using the Mirosoft’s product, MS Word and an advanced PDF to XPS converter which is specially designed for this purpose.

If you are using the manual ways, keep in mind that it cannot convert PDF to XPS document in bulk. However, for each PDF file you need to repeat the same steps. These challenges can be eliminated by using the direct tool. Let’s get started with the manual method first.

Change PDF to XPS with Microsoft Word Document

  1. Go to the PDF file location on your computer then Right click.
  2. After giving a right click, you will see a box from where you have to select the Open With option. Convert PDF to XPS
  3. Now we need to open PDF file in MS Word, for that purpose select MS Word app. select MS Word
  4. You will see a warning message that Word shows before opening a PDF file. Click Ok. Warning message
  5. Click File option available in the left hand upper corner. click on File tab
  6. Click on Save As > Select Computer > then Browse path to Convert PDF to XPS document. go to save as
  7. In the Save As Type list, look for XPS Document (*.XPS) and select it. change PDF to XPS
  8. At the very end, click on the Save button to complete conversion of PDF to XPS.

Is It a Reliable Way to Convert PDF to XPS Document?

Well, the answer to convert PDF to XPS manually depends on the size of the PDF document you are having. In case your PDF files are way too large and you instantly need to change them into XPS, you should avoid using manual methods and go for a smart PDF to XPS converter tool.

But it can prove to be a reliable method if you want to save just a single PDF file as XPS file document.

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Advanced PDF to XPS Converter to Save PDF as XPS in Bulk

Time is precious for all of us, whether an officer or a normal person. BitRecover PDF Converter Software is always ready to convert multiple PDF files in XPS documents within no time. Suitable for every user, this software knows the value of time, quality and automation.

For everyone who is looking for a quick, reliable, effective and the best solution, can use PDF to XPS Converter. This powerful software offers you the seamless way to convert PDF to XPS, preserving original layout and quality. Enjoy its robust security, user friendly interface and exceptional customer support that makes it an idol choice for businesses and professionals.

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How to Convert PDF to XPS in Bulk?

  1. Simply download and start PDF to XPS Converter software on your computer. start PDF to XPS Converter
  2. Choose the option of Select File and Folder to add your PDF files and change it into XPS. select file or folder to Convert PDF to XPS
  3. The software helps to convert PDF to XPS document with your specific choice. You can check the folders you want to convert. check required folders
  4. Select XPS from the list of saving options offered by PDF to XPS converter. Convert PDF to XPS in bulk
  5. Choose a path for saving your XPS file conversion if complete. choose path
  6. At the end you have to tap the Convert button to begin the process which is only a few seconds. Convert PDF to XPS document

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To make it short, you can convert PDF to XPS with a manual way using Microsoft Word and an advanced tool named BitRecover PDF to XPS converter. While MS Word is suitable to change a single PDF file to XPS at once but not preferred for bulk conversion. For efficiency, reliability and especially for large conversion of PDF to XPS file software is the best choice. It ensures high quality and quick conversions while providing originality and user-friendly interface.