How to Convert PDF to RTF in Bulk? Free & Easy Methods

Mark Regan
Published: May 28th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

This is a step-by-step guide to convert PDF to RTF with best possible ways of all sizes in a great quality. Here we will explain to you the manual method and also the best PDF to RTF converter tool which can instantly batch change PDF to RTF while maintaining data structure. Let’s dive in!

RTF stands for Rich Text Format which is a type of document developed by Microsoft. RTFs are small size documents that contain text styles and images within a single file. These files can be easily opened and read by using any word processor. RTF files are the best choice for cross platform sharing of documents and interchanging its characteristics.

On the other hand, PDF files are also a popular and widely used format but it is quite hard to edit or modify. So if you want to make changes in your PDF files from anywhere or whenever you want, you can simply convert PDF to RTF format.

In this article we have provided easy steps to quickly change PDF to RTF in bulk with the help of MS Word and advanced tools in Windows without a mess.

How to Convert PDF to RTF Format? Top Solutions

Well this conversion task can be achieved via two different methods. However, in the following methods we have explained the steps for both of them. Revise the methods carefully and then decide which one is suitable for you to save PDF as RTF.

Change PDF to RTF Using Microsoft Word

Before getting started with this method, keep in mind that this method is not applicable to batch convert PDF to RTF. To save bulk of PDF files or folders as rich text format (RTF) then, PDF to RTF converter tool is the only solution.

However if you have just a simple PDF file to convert into RTF, then get started with the steps explained below:

  1. Simply navigate to the PDF file location on your computer.
  2. Right click on the PDF file and choose Open With option.convert PDF to RTF
  3. Select Word app from the interface then tap on an option from Always or Just Once. select Word
  4. Now Microsoft Word will show you a warning message from where you have to tap on Ok.warning message
  5. Finally you will see your PDF file data on MS Word interface. Click on File button.add PDF file
  6. Choose Save As option to convert PDF to RTF save as
  7. Lastly, open the file extension list and select Rich Text Format (*RTF).convert PDF files to rich text format (RTF)


So that’s how you can change PDF to RTF manually, but it has a few limitation that can be challenging for you:

  • First of all it’s a repetitive process as you will have to repeat the same steps to save each PDF file as RTF.
  • Secondly, the major limitation is that users may lose original formatting of PDF files.

If you need a simple, smooth running and automated solution to convert PDF to RTF in bulk, they switch to the next method.

Best PDF to RTF Converter to Save PDF as RTF Instantly

BitRecover PDF File Converter is the top solution for every user who are having a bulk of PDF files to convert them into RTF with ease. If you do not want to waste time by trying manual ways then this solution is definitely for you. This easy to use PDF to RTF converter software has all the features a user needs to change PDF to RTF. See how the tool works.

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How to Convert PDF to RTF in Bulk with Ease?

  1. Download the suggested PDF to RTF converter tool and start on your Windows PC.Best PDF to RTF converter
  2. PDF to RTF converter tool provides two options to add PDF documents, these options are Select File or Select Folder as shown in the picture. These options will help you to convert PDF to RTF in bulk.add PDF file or folder
  3. After adding PDF, software will show you all the subfolders. Here you can specify which PDF data you want to change into folders
  4. Next, open the Select Saving option list and choose RTF.convert PDF to RTF
  5. Tap on Browse button and select where you want to save the result after PDF to RTF path
  6. Now the final and most important step is to Hit on Convert button and start changing all the PDF files into RTF format.change PDF to RTF

Features of the Best PDF to RTF Converter Tool

  • No specific size limit to convert PDF to RTF in bulk.
  • Simple user interface to save PDF files as RTF format with ease.
  • Does not mess with the original format of the PDF file and maintain quality.
  • Selective conversion of PDF to RTF files as per user’s choice.
  • Convert PDF files to rich text format (RTF) securely with no data loss.
  • Apart from changing PDF files to RTF, the tool supports Converting PDF to HTML, EML and multiple generic
  • formats.


For the users who were having trouble to convert PDF to RTF can find the solution above. We can guarantee you that no suggestion will work like the solution we have provided. We provided your verified methods including the most trusted solution to change PDF to RTF. Even if you were confused about choosing the best PDF to RTF converter, then try the one we have suggested.