How to Convert PDF to EMF (Enhanced Metafile)?

Rollins Duke   
Published: June 3rd, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Several working professionals search for a manual and automated solution to convert PDF to EMF format in bulk. Unfortunately, there is no manual method available to save PDF as EMF. However, you can use online and offline tools to perform PDF to EMF conversion process.

PDF is also known as Portable Document Format, it is widely used for creating digital documents with text, images, graphics, and other multimedia items. PDF is a standard format maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) which is highly recommended for legal and print use.

EMF, also called Enhanced Windows Metafile, is an improved version of the Windows Metafile Format (WMF). It stores 32-bit RGB image data and is a vector format that also supports bitmap data. The EMF format is highly recommended for editing graphics and printing high-quality images.

Why Do Convert PDF to EMF?

High-Quality Printing: Users prefer to save PDF as EMF format for high-quality graphics printing requirements. As EMF is highly recommended to fulfill high-quality print requirements.

Easy Editing: Sometimes users may have PDF files restricted from editing hence, users wish to change .pdf to .emf extension. After that, they can edit EMF files using various graphics designing applications.

Microsoft Compatibility: MS Office suite and other Microsoft applications support EMF files such as Word, PowerPoint, Paint, etc. Even EMF files perform well within the Windows operating system.

Enhanced Graphics: EMF files support vector as well as bitmap data for better previewing of complex and detailed graphics. EMF stores 32-bit RGB image data and supports a wide range of colors for vivid graphics so it creates enhanced graphics.

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How to Save PDF as EMF Format?

There is no manual available to convert PDF files to EMF files, so this is mandatory to use online or offline PDF to EMF converter tools. You can directly use online tools through any web browser without downloading and installing, while you need to download and install offline tools on your computer. Both tools have their own advantages and disadvantages.

#1 Method: Convert PDF to EMF File Using Online Software

  1. Launch online PDF to EMF Converter in a browser.
  2. Choose the Browse button and add a PDF file to the software.
  3. Then, the software will start scanning PDF document.
  4. Click the Convert button to start PDF to EMF conversion.
  5. Your file has been converted successfully, click Download.
  6. Browse the destination path and tap Save to store resultant EMF file.

Drawbacks of Online Software

  • Online tools are best for converting small PDF files into EMF format.
  • Compared to offline PDF to EMF converter tools, online tools work slowly.
  • Some online tools upload PDF files to the server to convert them so there is a chance for data breach.
  • Online applications require a high-speed internet connection when performing the conversion.
  • Most online tools allow changing PDF to EMF one by one which is a limitation.

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#2 Method: Convert PDF to EMF Format Using Offline Tool

All-in-One PDF Converter Tool is an expert-recommended software to save PDF as EMF format in bulk. This software comes with a free demo version that converts 5 PDF documents to EMF graphics. The trial version is helpful to check the software’s working and functionality before upgrading to a licensed edition.

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How to Save PDF as EMF Format in Batch?

  1. Launch the PDF to EMF converter on your computer.
    Start PDF to EMF Converter
  2. Add PDF files and folders in the software panel.
    Add PDF files
  3. Next, select the required PDF documents in GUI.
    Select PDF files
  4. Then, choose EMF as a saving option.
    Saving options
  5. After that, browse a destination path to store output.
    Destination location
  6. Click Convert to start PDF to EMF conversion.
    Convert PDF to EMF

Online Vs Offline PDF to EMF Converter

Features Online Tools BitRecover Offline Tool
Saving options Single saving option i.e. EMF 19 saving options including EMF, HTML, PNG, JPG, TIFF, DOCX, EML, MSG, etc.
Accessibility Accessible on any device using a browser. All Windows Operating Systems (32-bit & 64-bit)
Internet Connectivity Yes mandatory No internet required
Conversion Speed Depends on internet speed and file size Generally faster as it runs locally
Batch Conversion No Yes
Customer Support Limited 24 hours support
File Size Suitable for small PDF files Suitable for small and large PDFs

Frequently Inquired Questions

Q 1: Can I convert a PDF to EMF free?

Yes, you can use a free version of the PDF to EMF converter which permits you to change 5 PDF documents to EMF vector graphics.

Q 2: What apps open EMF files?

Use image editing tools, Windows Photo Viewer, Microsoft Office applications, and inbuilt paint software for opening EMF files.

Q 3: Can I download and install PDF to EMF converter on Windows 11 OS?

Yes, the tool supports all the latest as well as previous Windows operating systems.

Final Thoughts

Above article, we have introduced the 2 most effective solutions to convert PDF to EMF format. If you are a home user and want to change only a few PDFs to EMFs, then use an online tool free. If you want to save confidential PDF documents to EMF graphics in batch, then use the offline tool. Offline PDF to EMF converter is highly recommended software for business professionals because of its advanced features and multiple saving options.