How to Convert OneNote to Word DOCX & DOC Formats?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Many users on the Internet search the query about “how to convert OneNote Notebook to Word” and “how to export OneNote to DOCX”. So, in this blog, we will explain the finest solution to easily convert all OneNote files to MS Word documents such as *.one or *.onepkg.

Microsoft OneNote is one of the best multi-user collective programs for storing information. It contains drawings, screen clipping, users’ notes, and so on. Pages are divided into parts inside notebooks, and information is saved in these sections as well. More than one person can work on the same page at the same time by using OneNote as a shared whiteboard environment.

Microsoft Word is available for all Windows users or as part of the Microsoft Office suite. Word is one of the most widely- used programs in the market. You can easily deliver text format documents via e-mail because almost every user with a computer can read a Word document by using the Word application.

Sometimes, users want to convert OneNote to a Word document to be able to do things easily. They need to export .onepkg to doc because of Word’s easy availability.

# Pro Tips to OneNote Export to Word with Attachments

Professional users can use the pro techniques to export from OneNote to Word. Bitrecover OneNote Converter Wizard offers you advanced features to make your work easier. *.onepkg to Word converter will smoothly convert OneNote Notebook to DOCX file.

Download for Windows

Points of the Software to Convert OneNote Notebook into Word Document

  1. Transfer All OneNote Files: This software is capable of converting OneNote’s pages & sections in the *.one extension and Notebook in the *.onepkg extension. It converts all multimedia content into a single .one file.
  2. Export selective Files or Folders: It allows you to convert selective files or folders including many subfolders. Before converting the files, they offer to preview all files or folders in the OneNote to DOCX converter panel.
  3. Build Multipage for DOC/DOCX: OneNote to Word Converter has a “multi-page” mode for DOC/DOCX output. If users choose multi-page, each page generates a separate DOC file. Unselecting multi-page generates a separate DOC/DOCX file for each part.
  4. Support OneNote Edition: It supports both .onepkg and .one files of the MS OneNote application. Also, supports OneNote 2003, OneNote 2007, OneNote 2010, and so on.

Steps to Export OneNote to a Word Document with Attachments

  1. Select Files or Select Folders option to load OneNote *.onepkg or *.one files.load OneNote .onepkg or .one files
  2. After loading the folders, check OneNote documents and click the Next tab to continue the processcheck OneNote notebook to word documents
  3. Next, click the Select saving option and choose DOC / DOCX from the drop-down menuselect DOC / DOCX file
  4. Enter the desired location, to save the converted OneNote Notebook file and hit the Convert button
  5. You can see the live conversion of OneNote to .doc. It will take less time to extract attachments
  6. After the completion of the conversion process, you can see the resulting messages on the software panel
  7. The folder containing the resultant output files will be opened automatically.

Manual Way to Convert OneNote Notebook to DOCX

  1. Open the OneNote file.
  2. Click on the file tab >> Export option
  3. Now, choose pages >> to select the .doc option
  4. After that, choose the location where you saved it
  5. In the end, your OneNote pages are converted to DOC files.

Note: You can only convert pages or sections to a .doc/.docx file. It does not allow the conversion of OneNote Notebook to Word format.

Restrictions of Manual Method

  1. It does not allow the conversion of selective OneNote Notebook to DOC format.
  2. It takes much time to convert OneNote to Word format because you cannot export multiple pages at once.
  3. Sometimes, the Export icon does not appear in the File tab.
  4. It does not allow to conversion of archived ONEPKG to DOCX and . ONE to DOC.

Pointer to keep in Mind: Many users are on the lookout for a free OneNote to Word Converter online. But they are not mindful of the fact that their data is in danger. The reason behind it is that they are unaware of who is viewing their data on the backend and where it is being saved. Thus, it is suggested to avoid using the online Microsoft Office OneNote to Word Converter.

Observational Verdict

In the above blog, we have explained proper solutions including manual and professional methods to convert OneNote to Word document easily. I recommend you continue with the professional solution as it is easy to use. If you go the manual way, then you may face some challenges in this article. For more information contact our technical support team!

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