How to Convert OneNote Notebook to PDF Format?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Do you have no idea how to convert OneNote Notebook to PDF file format? If yes then here is the best and finest solution to export all OneNote to PDF adobe documents. Here we will show you the complete guide. By using this solution, you may easily convert all OneNote files like *.one file or *.onepkg file.

As we know, MS OneNote is a great note-taking software. The OneNote service is available for free on iPad, smartphones, and desktops. How to export OneNote to PDF with bookmarks? But with the right instruments, it is possible. Now let us look at how to convert OneNote Notebook to PDF adobe documents.

I noticed that many users have queries about how to save OneNote as PDF without cutting off. So below, we have mentioned some queries, let’s take look…

Here you will get the answer of these queries, so be with us till the end.

  1. How to Convert OneNote to PDF?
  2. How to Export Multiple Pages from OneNote to PDF?
  3. Convert Microsoft OneNote to PDF
  4. How to Export Entire OneNote to PDF?
  5. How to Export OneNote to PDF adobe documents?
  6. Can you Export OneNote to PDF?
  7. How to Export OneNote to PDF without Cutting Off?

User’s Query to Print OneNote to PDF

“When converting or exporting MS OneNote notebooks to PDF, how can I do it in bulk? OneDrive is corrupting many notebooks that include more than 1000 pages, and this is especially true when the notebooks are communicating with OneDrive.”

“The page color immediately changes to white if I choose black for sheets in MS OneNote 2019 and attempt to save it utilizing the MS print to PDF option. How can I export black pages?”

“Can you tell me how to save a full portion of OneNote on Windows 10 as a file so that I will not have to print every single page to PDF adobe documents?”

As you can see, many people are experiencing a variety of issues, and we offer one of the most effective solutions to address these issues. Which will be discussed more below.

Automatic Solution to Export Entire OneNote to PDF

BitRecover OneNote converter is one of the best and most powerful software to convert OneNote Notebook to PDF file formats. This OneNote to PDF converter is capable to export and save OneNote from every edition such as 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 & all versions without any hassle. And also, OneNote to PDF converter free download for trial version.


Let’s see the features of the OneNote to PDF converter…

Features of OneNote to PDF Converter

  • This OneNote to PDF converter can convert .onepkg files, that contain several  .one file (equivalent to separate notebooks), file.
  • It can save numerous OneNote files into PDF, HTML, or image File types at once, saving users effort and time.
  • Users can export selective files and folders including subfolders.
  • After the conversion procedure is completed, the data integrity of the OneNote database is preserved.

How Does OneNote to PDF Converter Works?

  1. Download and install the OneNote to PDF converter on your device.
  2. Now select the option between “Select Files” and “Select Folders” to load the OneNote file.

    select the option between “select files” and “select folders”

  3. Verify the files and folders from the tools panel and click on the Next icon to continue.

    Verify the files and folders from the tools panel

  4. Now press on “Select Saving Option” and choose “PDF” file format or you can choose any other file format as per your choice.

    press on “select saving option” and choose “PDF” file format

  5. Now browse the location, where you want to save converted OneNote files.

    browse the location

  6. And click on the “Convert” icon to start the conversion.

    click on “convert” icon

  7. When the conversion will complete, a confirmation message will appear on the screen.

    a confirmation message will appear on the screen

  8. At last, the saved file destination will be open automatically.

    destination will be open automatically

Important Note: I have observed that many people are looking for a OneNote to PDF converter online for free. However, they are unaware that their data is in danger. Because you have no way of knowing who will use your data and where they will use it for unlawful activities without your consent. As a result, avoid using an online OneNote to PDF converter.

Manual Method to Save OneNote to PDF

  1. Open OneNote for windows.
  2. And click on File tab >> Export >> Page.
  3. And choose “PDF” file format from the drop-down.
  4. At last press on Export >> Save.

Now successfully your OneNote file is converted to PDF adobe documents.

Manual Limitations

  • Users may not save multiple OneNote at one time.
  • The manual method does not allow users to convert selective OneNote Notebook to PDF files.
  • Also, there is no choice of multiple file formats.
  • Sometimes “Export” icon does not show in the file tab.


We have covered both manual and automated methods of converting OneNote Notebook to PDF files in this article. Users are free to use any technique that meets their needs and preferences. Users may simply complete their activity after saving OneNote Notebook to PDF adobe documents.

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