How to Convert MHT to Excel? – Get a Quick Answer

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Are you looking for a perfect solution to convert MHT to Excel? If yes, then you have come to the right blog. In this informative article, we will provide you with the best and most reliable method to convert .mht to an Excel spreadsheet.

MHT is an alternative name and suffix for MHTML documents (MIME HTML), which is an archive file format for web pages saved with Internet Explorer by default. The format includes multiple resources like flash, Java, images, audio, etc., and external links all together with HTML code. The file is encoded using the MIME type multipart. It saves the file differently as it is not standardized as many applications display.

Excel is a part of the Microsoft Office suite and has the capability to create and edit spreadsheets that are saved with the .xls and .xlsx file extensions. General use of Excel includes pivot tables, cell-based calculations, and various graphing tools. It can be understood as a collection of columns and rows that form a table.

Reasons to Convert MHT to Excel

At this point, most of the browsers gave up on supporting the file, and at this point, only Internet Explorer and Firefox can still open and save it, with or without additional add-ons installed. Due to this situation, many users with MHT files are searching for a solution that could help them in the conversion.

  1. Improved readability and stability
  2. Manage unlimited data on one sheet.
  3. Fast setup procedure
  4. Filter option

How to Import MHT File to Excel?

Use the BitRecover MHT Converter Wizard to Export MHTML Files to Excel XLS. This application easily migrates MHT documents to Excel format accurately without reducing the quality of the text and with appropriate content.

Download for Windows

It also provides many benefits at a small price. So, this application is specially created to overcome all problems related to the migration of .mht documents to Mozilla Thunderbird

No technical training or any kind of support is required to access the application and its advanced features to convert MHT to Excel. Novice users can also implement the required task using the MHT to Excel utility.

Now, there is no need to waste a lot of time searching for the precise method to import MHT files to Excel. Moreover, MHTML to Excel converter software is compatible with all the latest and previous versions of Windows, including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.

Just follow these steps to convert MHT to Excel

  1. Download the software on your machine.
  2. Upload the required files or folders.
  3. Choose a .mht file and XLS as a saving option.
  4. Select the desired location.
  5. Lastly, the process will be completed.

To convert MHTML to Excel, an online MHT to Excel software free download version is available. It has been provided just for free evaluation and analysis so that users can easily understand the functionality and how it works. But it has limited features as it allows only 25 MHT files for conversion. You cannot perform unlimited conversions with the help of the free download edition of the application. And to enjoy extra benefits, a license edition is required.

Do You Know the Steps to Convert MHTML to Excel?

  1. Firstly, run the tool after installation and choose the Select single or multiple files or Select Folder option to convert the MHT folder completely at a single time.choose dual option to convert MHT to Excel
  2. Secondly, select the *.mht file from the computer and click on the Open tab.choose MHT file
  3. Then, click on the EML option from the Select saving options offered by the software.
  4. Choose the desired file naming option to save the converted data.file naming option to export MHT to Excel
  5. Click on Convert to start the process of MHT to EML.
  6. Select the destination path to save the resultant data, or click on the “Make New Folder” option and press OK to continue.choose location to save Excel file
  7. Finally, the software displays a message indicating that the conversion is complete.

After that, you need to convert the EML file into Excel format. Follow these simple steps to complete this task.

Convert Resultant Data into Excel

  • After downloading the EML Converter software, it gives you the dual option of choosing an EML file.
  • Choose the resultant file from the location.
  • Then, select the CSV file format from the Excel CSV file option
  • Choose the desired location to save the Excel file.
  • Wait a moment, the software shows you a pop-up message that the conversion was successful.

Highlighted Note: If you buy both the software together, then we will give a huge discount to our users. In this scenario, you can contact our support team, which is available round the clock.

Entices Features of the Tool

  • Comprehensible and reliable graphical user interface
  • The tool provides two different modes to convert MHT files to Excel, i.e. select File and Select Folders.
  • Allows you to save MHT in Excel format to a specified location.
  • It offers various file naming options so that users can save MHTML to XLS accordingly as per requirements.
  • It also capable to convert MHT to Thunderbird easily.
  • There are no restrictions regarding the size of the MHT file. You can easily export MHT to an Excel file of any size.
  • We provide a free download version to convert MHT files to Excel.

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