Method to Convert MBOX to MHT / MHTML Quickly [Solved]

Rollins Duke   
Published: December 15th, 2023 • 6 Min Read

Often you might know several file formats including MBOX or .mbox file format shot for Mailbox. It is the most popular and recognized file format for storing multiple emails in plain text. Further, this file format is supported by major desktop-based email clients namely Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Apple Mail, Spicebird, and more. On the other hand, there are multiple instances where users want to access the email without the interface of the email client. 

Hence, if you’re in the same queue then, you need to convert MBOX to MHT. For the same, you might be seeking the methods, in this article, we will unfold the best go-to practices to save the data of MBOX file format to MHT without any error or risk. Before delving into the approaches, let’s first uncover an interesting user query for the lucid understanding related to the topic. 

User Query:- Hey! Recently, I wanted to access my 200 important emails in the .mht extension. Since I am seeking the best practices to store my data locally without accessing them directly on any email client services. Therefore, please provide the ultimate solution that can ease my issue at once. And, thank you in advance for looking into my query.

The above-mentioned query is yet another issue related to convert MBOX to MHT. Here, in this article, we will first find out the reason behind moving from one file format to another. With this, we will head to discover the optimal solution for the same. 

What are the Reasons to Save MBOX to MHT? Here’s the Complete Guide 

In the earlier section, we talked about the most common information related to MBOX file format. Now, speaking about MHT or .mht file extension, it is a web-based archive file. Further, it retains crucial information resources such as images, HTML files, audio, flash, video files, and more. Further, this file format comes in two file extensions including .mhtml and .mht. Most importantly, it consists of a similar HTML encoding used for HTML emails to insert images, text, etc. 

Now, let’s dive in to understand the need why users convert MBOX to MHT:

  • Email Storage Solution:- MHTML or MHT combines HTML resources in single-file format including images, text, video, etc, into one folder or file. It enables users to store the exact copy of the email template for further correction, offline accessibility, and hassle-free transfer. 
  • Quick Sharing:- Since users can access the email text of MBOX files with a limited email client, therefore, it can add a hindrance to easy portability. For the same, save MBOX to MHT; one of the utmost practices is to quickly share, access, and read email text. Further, it enables ease for the users to move emails from one email client to another regardless of its file format. 
  • Email Archiving:- Often users seek a one-stop storage solution and hassle-free data transmission. Using the MHT file extension, users can archive emails and their resources at once for a longer period despite any error and risk components. 
  • Lesser Complexities:- As managing the mailbox data is always a tussle for users. In addition, users need to handle multiple .mbox emails which is yet another tiresome task. However, convert MBOX to MHT helps to segregate the email data into different folders such as images, video, audio, etc. With this, users can easily read emails and make changes using any email client or even browser. 
  • Wide Range of Accessibility:- In many cases, some industries or professionals retain legal and other requirements. For the same, the MHT file is considered the ultimate choice to preserve email data and resources without any hassle of data loss. 

Overall, save MBOX to MHT as it allows users to attain an advantage while sharing the .mbox file. Further, users can take an original backup copy of email text to read, edit, and move data regardless of any error factor. Now, we will move ahead to understand the method for the same. 

Convert MBOX to MHT Using Expert Solution [Both Windows and Mac]

In this subsection, we will unfold the expert practices to convert the .mbox file format without the environment of any email client. For the same, use BitRecover MBOX Converter Tool; one of the intuitive and resilient software to export MBOX or .mbox file format into multiple different file formats for both Mac and Windows operating systems. Further, the unparalleled uniqueness of this tool includes preserving the emails with attachments including email text, images, and more

Most importantly, it is compatible with different email clients such as Gmail, Apple Mac Mail, Thunderbird, and more. Moreover, users can save MBOX to MHT along with other standard file formats. Besides this, this tool enables users to filter the email data using subject lines containing phrases or specific keywords, and data intervals. Now, let’s prevail to learn the steps of this robust software:-

  1. Launch the aforementioned tool in your Windows or Mac operating system.
  2. Now, click on “Select Files” and then, Next.
    Select the file
  3. In the next pop-up window, choose the option for conversion while selecting the checkboxes > Next.
    select the require checkboxes
  4. Choose the MHT file format from the “Select Saving Option” and find out the location of the resultant file using the “Destination Path” option.
    choose the MHT file format
  5. With this, to convert MBOX to MHT, select “Convert”. 

Therefore, in a few steps, users can promptly convert the MBOX file. Also, this tool enables users to check the real-time update of the conversion of the data. And, once the process is completed, users can access the data in no time. Most importantly, there is no manual solution, therefore, using a professional tool is considered the optimal approach.

The Bottom Line

Overall, in this article, we have shed light on the reasons to convert MBOX to MHT / MHTML file extension. Since the accessibility of data using the MBOX file format is limited. Therefore, using the .mht file format allows users to access and transmit emails including images, text, video, and more. As there is no free solution to convert the .mbox file, hence, using the above-mentioned tool is among the one-stop solutions and the professional preferred choice.  It can prevent errors and quickly convert email data in different file formats.