How to Convert IMAP PST to POP3 PST – Useful Guidance

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Few days back I reinstalled and reconfigure my Microsoft Outlook account. After reconfiguration, my account automatically got configured as IMAP account. I used it for some time but there were some features that were unavailable for IMAP accounts. So, I planned to configure it again as POP3. Then, I decided to create a new account as POP3. But there was some crucial data which was there in IMAP PST format. Therefore, I planned to convert my IMAP PST to POP3 PST in a way to manage my crucial data at one place. But How? was actually the biggest issue for me. I shared the whole issue with my friend. Then, she explained me that IMAP PST is actually OST file that is created on Outlook when it is configured as an IMAP account. But when an Outlook is configured as POP3, it creates PST file.

Then, the basic concept was clear to me. Then, she even suggested me to use a direct solution, i.e. BitRecover PST Converter Wizard. She even told me that tool comes with free demo version so that I can give a try before investing over it.  This was the best thing that I got as I did not need to invest directly. In the following write-up I have come up with a complete solution to migrate IMAP PST to POP3 PST.

Steps to Transfer IMAP PST to POP3 PST

Follow the given steps to perform data migration from IMAP PST to POP3 PST as mentioned:

  • Download and install BitRecover IMAP PST to POP PST Converter on your Windows machine.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • If you are having Outlook configured on the similar system then, you can just check first option “convert configured Outlook mailbox.” After that, click on Next button to proceed on.

Outlook configured

  • After clicking on the Next button, the software will load all configured Outlook mailbox data on application’s panel.

Next button

  • If you are not having Outlook configured on the same system then, select second option “Select My Outlook mailbox data.”

Select My Outlook mailbox data

  • The software gives the dual option to load IMAP PST file on application’s panel, i.e.
  1. Select Files – To upload IMAP PST file one by one
  2. Select Folder – To upload multiple IMAP PST files at once by storing it in one folder.

load IMAP PST file

  • If your IMAP PST file is corrupted then, just check an option “Use Recovery Mode”.

Use Recovery Mode

  • From dual modes, if you select an option of Select Files then, browse IMAP PST files from the stored location. After that click on Open button.

Open button

  • Once you browse IMAP PST file, click on next button to export IMAP PST to POP3 PST.

export IMAP PST to POP3 PST

  • Check file, which you need to convert from IMAP PST to POP3 PST format >> click on Next button.

Check file

  • Choose PST format from the list of saving options.

Saving options

  • To create separate PST file check an option of “separate PST file” and if you want to split your PST file then, check an option for the same.

separate PST file

  • Select the desired location to save the resultant data files. You can also check an option if you need to save the migrated messages on the same folder.

Select the desired location

  • If you want accurate migration then, choose “Use Outlook Mode” for this option Outlook should be installed on the same machine >> click on Convert.

Use Outlook Mode

  • Once the conversion is done, the software will give a message of completion on screen.

In this way, I easily migrated from IMAP PST to POP3 PST file. Before moving to end let us have a look at the software part also.

IMAP PST to POP PST Converter – Available at Pocket-Friendly Price

IMAP PST to POP3 PST Converter application one can easily avail the ability to repair corrupt IMAP PST files and also convert IMAP PST to POP3 PST without any hassles surfaced. The multifaceted technology owning application offers these two prime capabilities in the most secure and appropriate manner which makes it easier for the users to finish up the recovery and restoration of their unobtainable database. You can also avail this application as a freeware version that lets users get an illustrated demonstration of the software working prior to purchase.

The need of carrying out the repair plus switchover of IMAP PST data as PST usually comes up whenever faults are experienced. The issues may even stretch up to the point that you get stuck. At such a situation, you can get the application, IMAP PST to POP3 PST Converter.

IMAP PST to POP3 PST Conversion Tool: Accurate Plus Easy To Use

The eminent qualities offered by the software are absolutely unmatched and are rarely obtainable by any other application offering the similar solution that too at such a pocket-friendly price.

You will be offered with some of the lineaments featured within the tool while operating the processing to convert IMAP PST to POP3 PST files:

  • Working with the application is absolutely easy and understandable as the operational interface has been designed with user-friendly algorithms. This way not only technically inclined users can operate the application but even the novice users can avail the ability of restoring their inaccessible IMAP PST data.
  • The application does not even compromise with the required technicalities for migrating the data as the right kind of technical integration has been done within the tool for carrying out the conversion process with successful results.
  • You can operate the tool on any Windows Operating system version as tool is supportive towards all the versions of Windows OS to offer users with sheer ease and smooth operability of the tool.
  • Does not affect the integrity of data after migration from IMAP PST to POP3 PST.

By concluding it, I must say that an accurate solution makes the migration simple, easy as well as precise to perform. Similarly, I also got the best software from BitRecover that only took few moments and convert IMAP PST to POP3 PST easily.

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