How to Convert IGS File to PDF Documents?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Some enterprises and working professionals want to convert IGES to PDF documents. Because of ingenuity and protection, they prefer to store IGES (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification) drawings in Adobe PDF format.

Several working professionals and organizations use IGES files to exchange 2D or 3D effect blueprints i.e., wireframes, circuit diagrams, solid models, and other drawings information between CAD programs.

But several users want to convert IGS drawings to PDF documents because of several reasons. Hence, let’s know some possible reasons behind IGES to PDF conversion process.

Presumable Reasons to Convert IGES to PDF Drawing

  • In 1980, United States Air Force developed IGES file extension to create improved efficient aerospace 2D and 3D drawings. Since 1996 IGES file format has not been standardized. While PDF is up to date according to the needs of 2022.
  • IGES file format was designed to handle surface geometry. While other most CAD programs have better compatibility with solid models. Hence, some CAD programs may manipulate some information in IGES files. PDF documents are best for all types of designs and drawings.
  • IGES files use ASCII text formatting so these files are very small in size and easy to share. But there is no security option available with IGES drawings. While PDF documents can be easily protected with passwords and restrictions.
  • A CAD program should be installed on your computer if you want to access IGES files. While PDF documents can be easily accessed using default programs of all devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.

Download IGES to PDF Converter Secured Software

All-in-One BitRecover DWG Converter Wizard is an excellent software to convert IGES to PDF documents. The tool is compatible with all CAD program’s file extensions. This is one of the best offline IGS to PDF Converter which is well suitable to convert .igs drawings into .pdf documents.

Just download the free IGES to PDF Converter which permits you to convert one IGS drawing to PDF document by adding a company name watermark. Hence, the freeware edition is much beneficial for checking the working steps. After getting, complete satisfaction, upgrade it to the license version.

Download for Windows

How to Convert IGS to PDF Format – Complete Steps

  1. Start IGES to PDF Converter and upload IGES / IGS files in the software UI. The software has dual options i.e., Select Files or Select Folders for inserting drawings.
    iges to pdf converter
  2. Use checkboxes for choosing specific IGES drawings and hit on the Next button to continue.
    select required files
  3. Pick PDF as a saving option from listed file extensions as shown in the screenshot.
    saving option
  4. The software automatically chooses desktop as destination path. However, you can change it accordingly.
    convert ign to pdf
  5. Thereafter, click on Convert button to convert IGES to PDF format.
    convert iges to pdf
  6. IGS to PDF conversion completed successfully, see the message flashing about this.
  7. Lastly, the tool automatically opens the destination path. So that, users can easily get converted PDF documents.
    resultant data

Attention About Online Tools

Several online IGS to PDF Converter Tools are available to convert IGES to PDF drawings. However, BitRecover never recommends online solutions because these tools upload your crucial IGES files on their own server. Thereafter, they process online IGES to PDF conversion.

Thus, online IGES to 3D PDF Converters store your crucial information. That is not safe because we frequently listen to various data leak-related scenarios. Hence, we recommend a secured IGES to PDF Converter by BitRecover that works without internet connectivity.

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IGS to 3D PDF Converter Features

  • Batch convert IGES to PDF documents together with all 2D or 3D effects.
  • IGES to 3D Converter has dual options for adding IGES drawing files.
  • 100% safe software that doesn’t store any crucial information on the server.
  • Users can check or uncheck required files from software GUI for conversion.
  • You can feel free to choose a choice destination folder to store PDFs.
  • Shows live IGES to PDF conversion process with actual details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 – I have some ICAM (Integrated Computer-Aided Manufacturing) IGES files but I have no CAD programs installed on my pc. Does your software allow to convert old IGES drawings to PDF documents without any CAD programs?

A – Yes, BitRecover IGES to PDF Converter is pure standalone software. That works without installing any other application. Hence, you can use it to convert old or new IGES files to PDF documents.

Q 2 – I am working with an automotive company. I have recently created some drawing about parts, sports bikes, different new car models and stored them in the IGS file extension. But now, I want to convert 3D IGES to PDF format because I will share these files with my management and management doesn’t use any CAD application.  Is your tool perfect according to my problem?

A – Yes, this IGS to PDF Converter is well-suitable software to convert all types of IGES drawing into PDF documents i.e., circuit diagrams, 2D & 3D drawings, solid models, wireframes, and all.

Q 3 – Can I convert 500+ IGES 3D drawings to Adobe PDF documents at once?

A – Yes, if you are using a licensed version of IGES to 3D PDF Converter. Then you can convert unlimited IGES to PDFs.

Final Decision

Above we have explained the complete step-by-step process to convert IGES to PDF format. We have successfully resolved your query “How to Convert IGES to PDF Drawing”. This is a 100% secured, verified, and workable process to convert IGS to PDF documents in batches. Even it takes very less time while completing the procedure. You can just download its free demo version for evaluation and check its working steps.