How to Convert Hotmail to MBOX File Format with Attachments ? – Quick User Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Summary: This user guide is all about how to convert Hotmail to MBOX file with attachments. At the end of the blog, you will learn a quick and easy way to export emails from Hotmail to MBOX file format.

So, let’s get started.

Hotmail is a common email application to manage the database. Now, it is updated as web-based email client known as But, many are still not convinced with the Server-based applications and are looking for a solution to change from Hotmail account to MBOX file format.

They have chosen the MBOX file format for downloading emails from Hotmail because it is a generic file type compatible with numerous email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Entourage, Apple Mail, SeaMonkey, etc.

Exporting emails from Hotmail to MBOX file is a pretty much easy method with Email Backup Wizard. This software is a powerful solution to batch convert bulk Hotmail emails to MBOX format along with attachments. It is 100% safe and easy-to-use.

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In 5 simple steps, all your Hotmail emails are converted to MBOX files directly . Let’s take a look at the process step by step.

How to Convert Hotmail Emails to MBOX Format ?

Follow the given steps to export Hotmail to MBOX files:-

  1. Start Hotmail to MBOX conversion utility.
  2. Select Hotmail from email source offered by the software.
  3. Enter Hotmail account credentials and hit login tab.
  4. Choose required Hotmail folders for conversion and MBOX as saving file format.
  5. Start to export Hotmail emails to PST format by hitting Backup button.

Free Convert Hotmail to MBOX File Type with Attachments – Detailed Step-by-Step Process

There is good news for all those who want to export Hotmail to MBOX files.

Note: You can migrate 25 Hotmail emails from each folder to MBOX files without any payment. Use the demo version of the Hotmail to MBOX converter software to transfer limited Hotmail emails to MBOX file with attachments. It works flawlessly without any supportive application. Once satisfied switched to Pro edition to download all mailboxes from Hotmail to MBOX file type.
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To change Hotmail emails to MBOX files with attachments, user need to check the below-mentioned steps –

1. Next, select Hotmail as your source from the given email application list.


2. Now, add Hotmail account credentials to login – User Id and Password and after click the Login tab.

3. It lists all the folders from your current Hotmail email account. Here, select the required Hotmail folder to continue the conversion process.


4. Now, pick MBOX as the file saving type as shown in the screenshot.


5. Also, provide a location to save resultant data in the destination path.


6. Enable “Use Advance Mode for selective backup” option if required.


7. Finalize, Hotmail to MBOX export process by clicking on the Backup button. Please wait as the conversion process is running.


Thus, the process to convert emails from Hotmail to MBOX is completed. Open the final location to get the results.


Read about the Specifics of the Software 

1. Standalone utility – Using the software, one doesn’t require any external installation on the system. It is independent to convert Hotmail to MBOX with email attachments.

2. Migrate selective emails from Hotmail to MBOX files – The software provides users an advanced setting for selective backup mode after you select MBOX as file saving type. It offers multiple filters such as date, from, to, subject to migrate selective Hotmail email to MBOX format.

3. List all folders from Hotmail account – After entering Hotmail login credentials to export emails from Hotmail to MBOX, you will find all the folders from your Hotmail account in the software panel. Users can choose the folder as per their need for the conversion process.

Hotmail to MBOX Conversion Tool Highlighted Features 

  • It is a simplified solution to easily export emails from Hotmail to MBOX files in batch with all email attachments. There is no chance of any loss of information.
  • The software comes with a very simple and intuitive interface that all can access for Hotmail to MBOX file migration process.
  • The application maintains all the email components such as – bb, cc, to, from, signature, attachments, link, and many more during the Hotmail email to MBOX export process.
  • It allows you to transfer selective emails from Hotmail account to MBOX file type. Please use the Advance setting option provided by the software.’
  • To easily, save Hotmail email into MBOX file type, the perform needs to add the credentials to open Hotmail account. None of your information is stored by the software and follows the privacy policy.
  • The utility effortlessly performs the entire Hotmail account to MBOX conversion process on any Windows OS platform. It supports all the available versions of Windows OS.

The Bottom Line

In the end, we hope you have understood the quick process to convert Hotmail to MBOX files with email attachments. It is quite simple and easy to follow. Users can download the recommended software on any of the Windows machines. The solution is 100% safe and provides exact results. If you have a question, please contact our 24 * 7 technical support team.