Can I Export Hotmail Folders to Apple Mail – Know How?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

To switch Hotmail to Apple Mail is one of the most talked-about topics presently. Numerous people are baffled with the transfer as to why would one want to move from a web-based email client. As it can be used from anywhere to; a desktop-based application that is system specified and can only be used where it has been configured. Miss. Shira, a Senior Analyst from some organization puts the limelight and comes with a solution to export Hotmail folders to the Apple Mail account.

I found that various users were searching for the solution to migrate Hotmail emails to the Apple Mail account. Therefore, I started researching on the same to find the solution to migrate multiple Hotmail emails at once.

While searching for such kind of solution, I got a solution Email Backup Wizard by BitRecover. I found the application filled with various features. I read about the application completely and used its demo version. So, I found the software worthy to invest in it.

How to Export Hotmail Folders to Apple Mail?

Follow these steps to export Hotmail to Apple Mail:

  1. Launch Hotmail to Apple Mail conversion tool.
  2. Choose Hotmail email source to export into Apple Mail.
  3. Enter Hotmail account login details.
  4. Select MBOX file saving option and destination path.
  5. Start to export Hotmail folders to Apple Mail.

Why Migrate from Hotmail to Apple Mail?

Many users are opting to switch Hotmail to Apple Mail. When compared to Hotmail; Apple Mail is measured as a step beneficial over web-based email applications due to various facilities it provides.

1. Unlike Hotmail; Apple Mail data such as emails, calendars, contacts, and so on, can be used by its user even when the internet connection is not established. Once data has been received or downloaded from the server, it is present in your client profile. Moreover, ready to be utilized without having an Internet connection.

2. Other than this, one can easily compose a reply message to the received mail even at an offline mode and store it as a draft in its profile. Then, later it will send when there is an internet connection.  It is something that is not possible on

How to Execute Hotmail Emails to Apple Mail Migration?

I used the demo edition of the tool and found it a useful application to export Hotmail folders to the Apple Mail application. Then, I purchased the full version of software to convert Hotmail emails to Apple Mail.

Let’s check out the steps to implement the data migration from Hotmail folders to Mac Apple Mail.

Firstly, download and install Hotmail to Apple Mail Converter from the given link:

Choose Hotmail from the list of email sources.


Then, enter the credentials of the Hotmail mailbox on the software panel and click on the login button.


Now, the Software will start analyzing the folders to upload on the tool’s panel.


Thereafter, the tool will preview all the folders along with their message count. Check the desired folder to execute the process of migration. This ends the first phase to export Hotmail to the Apple Mail account.


So, From the list of file saving options, choose MBOX file format to save Hotmail emails to Apple Mail.


Afterward, Choose desired location to save your migrated data. Also, You can change the location according to your need.


By using Advance setting options, you can migrate a particular email to the Apple Mail mailbox and click on the Backup button.


Once the migration ends, you will have the message of completion on screen.

In this way, I successfully migrated all my data from Hotmail emails to Apple Mail. The software takes only a few moments and moved all my data without any issue.

What are the Gains to Spend on this Tool?

The utility gives a various astonishing feature that makes it delightful software to move Hotmail Emails to Apple Mail. The tool is safe and bug-free to use. The application is accessible on all Windows versions both 32 & 64-bit.  The application only requires credentials to implement the data transfer process. Software moves unlimited data from Hotmail to Apple Mail account. Software is completely Windows-based and supports all editions of Windows, i.e. Windows 10, 8.1, 8. 7, Vista, XP, etc.

The application is designed in such a way that it migrates unlimited data files from Hotmail folders to the Apple Mail mailbox. No external software is needed to migrate the data files from Hotmail emails to the Apple Mail mailbox.

Convert Hotmail to Apple Mail – Remarkable Features of Tool

  • Migrate unlimited data from Hotmail to Apple Mail account directly.
  • The software maintains data integrity while you move from Hotmail to Apple Mail.
  • Only credentials of are needed to implement the data conversion process.
  • Accessible on all Windows editions of Microsoft Windows.
  • 100% secure software to transfer data from Hotmail to Apple Mail account.
  • Completely standalone application to execute data conversion without losing data.
  • You can migrate to the Apple Mail mailbox directly without any limitations.


Finally, By ending the discussion, I would only say the selection of an accurate solution helps to implement bug-free migration. The Hotmail to Apple Mail Converter that I had utilized in executing migration was marvelous, secure, and error-free. Choose such kinds of applications to execute safe data migration process from Hotmail to Apple Mail directly and without having any kind of limitations in the execution of data migration.