How to Convert GyazMail to Outlook PST Format ?


GyazMail is a boon for Mac users, but sometimes users intend to export GyazMail MBOX messages to Outlook email client. Well, every web user knows the powerful features of MS Outlook. So, if you are also looking to export GyazMail to PST format so as to convert GyazMail to Outlook. Then, this blog is for you.

Though GyazMail is recognized to be a stable and easy to use MAC based OS for many users. But, it lacks in few features and capabilities that Outlook possesses. That’s why users compel to export GyazMail to Outlook.

Analyzing this issue, our technical team decided to launch a product on the same. BitRecover GyazMail MBOX Converter utility is designed to migrate emails from GyazMail to PST file format. Later, you can import GyazMail to Outlook easily. Best thing is that you can install this application on any Windows and Mac OS.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

How to Convert GyazMail to PST ?

Follow these steps to export GyazMail to Outlook PST.

  • Run GyazMail to Outlook conversion tool.
  • Choose GyazMail MBOX files or folders.
  • Enable required GyazMail mailbox folders for conversion.
  • Select PST saving option and destination path.
  • Start GyazMail to PST migration process.

Export GyazMail to Outlook PST with Attachments – Stepwise Solution

First of all, download GyazMail to PST export tool on your Windows machine. Run it properly and read the instructions carefully.

Then, select GyazMail MBOZ files / folders for the GyazMail to Outlook conversion process. This can be done in two ways, either choose Select files or Select folder option.

Thereafter, enable only the required folders from the preview panel to start the GyazMail mailbox to PST conversion process.

Now, go to the saving options list and choose PST as saving option from the list of options.

Here, pick a file naming option for arranging the resultant converted folders.

Then, enter a destination path for saving the resultant GyazMail to Outlook exported emails. Also, enable all the required advanced filter options.

After this, hit on the convert tab to start the conversion of GyazMail emails to Outlook PST format.

Once the conversion is done, the tool will automatically open the resultant folder containing the resultant data.

Migrate GyazMail Emails to PST Format in Easiest Manner

This all-in-one GyazMail to Outlook conversion tool is specifically designed to export GyazMail MBOX files to Outlook application. The utility is well programmed to import GyazMail data into all versions of Microsoft Outlook. Also, it can efficiently convert GyazMail to PST along with associated attachments.

Some Top Features of Software

Dual options to create PST file:- The software provides two options to create PST files from GyazMail to PST conversion process. You can merge all the GyazMail MBOX data in a single .pst file. Also, you can create a different PST file for each GyazMail MBOX files. Hence, after the GyazMail to Outlook conversion, the user will have different PST files for each GyazMail data files.

Convert GyazMail emails to PST in batch:- With this wizard, the user can convert GyazMail files to PST in batch mode. In this way, you will be able to export multiple GyazMail data to Outlook in a single processing. Along with this, you can also transfer single GyazMail files/ folders to Outlook.

Preserves email attributes:- This prominent software assures to retain the integrity of your email data. It maintains the email components such as attachments, message header, sender information, receiver information, date, time, text formatting, HTML links, etc. Moreover, it guarantees to keep the originality of GyazMail emails throughout the process to export GyazMail to PST.

Multiple file naming options:- It offers many file naming options for managing the GyazMail data in a better way. Also, you can preview the number of emails selected for GyazMail to Outlook migration.

Search options with filters:- With this application, you can find any specific information from the selected GyazMail files. The tool is proficient enough to find by ‘Search only displayed headers’ , ‘Search entire RAW messages’ and ‘Search between dates’.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1: Can I export GyazMail to PST in batch with this software?

Ans: Yes, certainly this tool gives option to convert GyazMail to Outlook PST format in batch mode.

Ques2: Does the software supports to migrate GyazMail emails to Outlook on Windows 10 platform?

Ans: Yes, it is a Windows-compatible machine. Hence, you can easily do conversion on all Windows platform including Windows 10.

Ques3: Can I transfer selective emails from GyazMail to Outlook?

Ans: Yes, the tool offers option to do selective file migration from GyazMail to Outlook PST.

Let’s Conclude

In this blog post, we have explained how to convert emails from GyazMail to Outlook. The tool has a user-friendly interface. So, this conversion solution can be used by any technical or non-technical user. You can use the demo version of the software which allows to convert first 25 items from each GyazMail folder to the selected format. Please update to tool’s licensed version for migrating emails from GyazMail to PST.

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