How to Convert EMLX to PDF Format? [Solved]

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Do you want to convert EMLX to PDF format for printing-related needs? Are you looking for a suitable way to do this? Well, this blog post describes the top 3 manual and paid methods to convert EMLX files to PDF documents. All are tried and tested techniques, hence you can opt for any method according to your requirements.

Well, before you convert EMLX to PDF, you need to know why users prefer to convert EMLX files. However, if you are completely familiar with the PDF and its associated benefits, you can jump straight to the solution below.

Why Convert EMLX Files to PDF Documents?

Universality: PDF documents can be opened and viewed on any device and operating system without showing any error message. Hence, users prefer to export EMLX to PDF for sharing and distributing documents across devices.

Cyber Forensic: Sometimes forensic experts found crucial evidence during the raids in EMLX format. But the court allows us to submit them for legal purposes in PDF format only so this is mandatory.

Security Reasons: PDFs support encryption and password protection that allow to restrict PDFs for printing, copying, and editing. Even sometimes users prefer to lock PDF files with passwords for opening them.

Printing: Various users wish to print EMLX files which can be possible directly with limitations. So, experts have a desire to change EMLX to PDF format to print with ease.

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Manual Methods to Convert EMLX to PDF Free

Both Mac and Windows users can perform the manual steps to change .emlx to .pdf extension with complete associated items. However, the manual approaches have some limitations that we will discuss in an upcoming section. Let’s know the manual way to convert EMLX file to PDF.

How to Export EMLX to PDF Format on Mac?

  1. Double-click on an EMLX file and open it.
  2. Then, choose File and select Export as PDF.
  3. Next, select a destination path to save PDF.
  4. Choose Paper Size, Orientation, and click Save.
  5. Lastly, search exported PDF using Finder.

How to Change EMLX to PDF File on Windows?

  1. Firstly, rename *.emlx file to the *.eml extension.
  2. Right-click on a file and open it with Thunderbird.
  3. Then, select File and choose the Print option.
  4. Choose Save to PDF as destination and press Save.
  5. Lastly, Set a specific destination path and hit the Save button.

Limitations of Manual Approaches

  • Allows to convert EMLX file to PDF document one by one.
  • An EMLX-supported application should be installed successfully.
  • Don’t permit to export EMLX to PDF in bulk for professionals.
  • Only suitable to change a few EMLX files to PDF for home users.

Pro Methods to Convert EMLX to PDF Documents

BitRecover EML to PDF Converter is a highly recommended solution to convert EMLX files to PDF documents. This software is separately available for Windows and Mac OS users. You can download it for Windows and Mac OS to resolve your problems.

This EMLX to PDF Converter comes with a free trial version that is authorized to export 25 EMLX files to PDF format with a watermark. Also demo edition is helpful to understand the software working process before upgrading.

How to Change EMLX Files to PDF on Windows?

  1. Run EMLX to PDF Converter and add EMLX files in software.
    Add EMLX files
  2. Then, select EMLX files from the software window and click Next.
    Select EMLX files
  3. Choose advance settings if required and set the destination path.
    Set destination path
  4. Use file naming options to rename resultant documents.
    File naming option
  5. After that, click Convert to convert EMLX to PDF format.
    Convert EMLX to PDF

How to Export EMLX Files to PDF on Mac?

  1. Firstly, start EMLX to PDF Export Tool and add EMLX files in GUI.
    EMLX to PDF Converter
  2. Select EMLX files in the software Window and tap Next.
    Select EMLX files
  3. Then, choose PDF as a preferred saving option.
    Select PDF format
  4. Select renaming formatting for converted PDF files.
    Renaming options
  5. Lastly, press Convert to start EMLX to PDF conversion.
    Export EMLX to PDF format

Software Features and Benefits

  • Convert in Bulk: This application can convert EMLX to PDF in Bulk. There is no limit to the number of files that can be selected for conversion at the same time. You can convert as many files as you want in a single operation.
  • Convert Complete Data: The EMLX to PDF converter not only converts the email but also helps you convert the attachments. Yes, you don’t have to leave any important data behind.
  • File Naming Option: The EMLX to PDF Export Tool also gives you the option to rename EMLX files according to your convenience. This feature helps you easily identify the file after conversion as you can give it a name based on dates, year, or subject.
  • Advance Settings: You can enable the Exclude Meta header option and check required options like From, To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, and Date. Also, select Black and White Mode which permits to creation of non-searchable PDFs as output.
  • Browse Location: This app also allows you to choose the preferred location to save the output. You can browse the location and choose a very safe location for your resulting files to avoid confusion with other data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Which is the best way to convert EMLX file to PDF document?

Both manual and professional methods are suitable for converting EMLX to PDF documents. The best one is software because it its amazing features.

Q 2: Does EMLX to PDF Converter support Windows and Mac OS?

Yes, separate download buttons are available for Windows and Mac OS, you can download accordingly.

Q 3: Can I change EMLX to PDF with attachments?

Yes, all techniques assent to export EMLX files to PDF with attachments.


Above we have discussed 2 manual and 1 automated method to convert EMLX to PDF format. All are tried and tested techniques that work successfully to change EMLX to PDF documents. However, the manual methods come with some limitations and restrictions.

EMLX to PDF Converter seems to be the best tool for you to export EMLX file to PDF. It is easy to use and offers you many advantages. It is very efficient and capable of completing your task in a matter of moments.