EDB to PST Converter for Exporting EDB to PST Format

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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 9 Min Read

With the help of this informative article, I will be explaining a trusted and verified solution to convert EDB to PST format. For the conversion process, you need a trusted and expert verified EDB to PST converter software.

EDB (Exchange Server Database) file is the main repository of the Microsoft Exchange Server database. You can’t access the EDB files outside the Exchange environment. In this post, I will explain the steps to save data from EDB files in Mail file format for Outlook. Without wasting time, let’s understand the features.

You might be thinking that, Is it possible to convert EDB to PST format? Primarily we need to understand that is it possible to export data from EDB to PST format. So, the answer is yes, but for this you must have verified software. Lets get started!

EDB to PST Converter Software – Features

All the listed features are verified and tested the wizard on my own EDB file. Also, the BitRecover Exchange EDB Converter software Solution is verified by Microsoft MVPs. You can also check the software capability by using the free demo version.

  • Convert Dismounted and Offline EDB Files to PST Format
  • No File Size Limitation for Conversion of EDB to PST Format
  • Export Data from Public Folder and Private Folder
  • Convert Encrypted, Inaccessible, Corrupted EDB to PST
  • After Conversion Access Output File in All Outlook Versions
  • Convert EDB to PST and 5 Other Format Also (EML, MBOX, MSG, PDF, HTML)
  • Different Filter to Export Only Required Data from Exchange Mailbox

The free download link and full version buy links are given below. Check yourself and then activate the full version.

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Advantage of Using BitRecover Converter for EDB to PST

Bitrecover developed an outstanding software that allows users to export entire data from Exchange EDB to PST format. All features are explained in below section. Read and understand why experts call it best EDB to PST converter for Window OS users.

Either Add File or Search EDB File

The software provides different options to add an EDB file to the software panel. If the user knows where the EDB file is saved, they can go with the “Select File” option. Otherwise, they can choose “Search File.” After this, the software will prompt you to select a specific drive or search from all drives. This option helps users in finding the .edb file in the system. After this, export the same EDB file into PST format.

Option to Decrypt Encrypted EDB Files

This feature makes this EDB to PST converter is best among others. If you add an encrypted EDB file to the software panel, it will remove the encryption first and then export the EDB file into PST format. The output generated by this software will be decrypted and accessible.

Quick and Advanced Scan Mode

The scanning mode becomes more useful in the case of a corrupted EDB file. If the .edb file is healthy or has minor corruption, choose Quick Scan Mode. It will not take much time to load .edb file data into the software preview panel. On the other hand, the Advanced Scan mode is capable of extracting data from highly corrupted and inaccessible EDB files to PST format. It will take more time compared to quick scan.

Inbuilt Previewer in EDB to PST Converter

The EDB to PST converter has built-in preview functionality. It provides a preview of EDB file data before starting the conversion process. Users can check details of each email message like: From, Subject, To, Sent Date, Received Date, and Size of email messages. In addition, the software provides 8 different preview modes. These modes help in analyzing EDB file data. Here, users can select any mode and view the respective data.

Categories Filter to Export Selected Data from EDB to PST

After scanning the EDB file, the software for EDB to PST conversion will list all folders of the EDB file in the left panel of the software. Below the folder tree, some categories are listed. Users can choose any of them, and the software will provide a preview of the selected category’s data. The listed categories are Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Journals, and Folder List. Users can select any of these to view and convert the respective data from EDB to PST format.

Convert EDB to PST File Format

As the user clicks the Export button, the Export Options pop-up window will appear. Here, click the radio button beside the PST option. In addition to PST export option, the software also provides PDF, MBOX, EML, MSG, and HTML export options. It is a versatile utility that allows users to convert EDB to PST format and other listed formats.

Advanced Settings While Exporting EDB to PST

In Advanced settings, users can apply these options to filter the data that needs to be converted.

  1. Split Option: This option allows the tool to split the large size EDB files into small fix sizes to avoid the load that comes on software during conversion, and it also saves a lot of time by splitting the data into chunks, and later users can access it easily.
  2. Date Filter Option: This helps to segregate and makes it easier for the user to select specific data by setting the From Date – To Date. Here the tool will only select and convert those files as mentioned in and filter option. It can be used selected date range email conversion from EDB to PST file format.
  3. Categories: Offers the categories that the user wants to include while converting the EDB files to PST. Users may include mails, contacts, tasks, notes, calendars, Journals, or can select which type they want to include. It allows users to export only selected categories data from EDB to PST file format.

Maintains Folder Structure

This is one of the best features that this tool offers are that after converting the EDB file, it maintains the folder structure at it was in source EDB file. For users, this can be a very useful and help user’s in managing exported file. Use free demo version of this EDB to PST converter tool and check software features.

Option to Choose Location to Save Exported File

Before starting the conversion process of EDB to PST format. Software allows user’s to choose desired path to save the exported PST file. If user will not provide the path, the software will automatically save the exported file to desktop.

Successfully Exported EDB file to PST Format

After completing the export process, the software will show the successful message in a pop up window. After getting this message user can visit the provided destination location and verify the output PST file. It is the best software to convert EDB to PST format and maintains data integrity.

Steps to Convert EDB to PST Format Using Bitrecover Software

Along with the amazing features, users can easily use this tool convert offline EDB to PST format. Follow the below listed instructions:

  • Step-1: Download EDB to PST converter wizard and install it on your system.
  • Step-2: Launch the tool and click on the “Add Files” option. Navigate to the location and select the EDB file.
  • Step-3: Browse the EDB files which you want to convert in PST file format. Preview complete data in software wizard. After that click on the Export button.
  • Step-4: Select the PST option and apply filters (if required). Set the destination path where all the EDB converted files will be saved. Select the Export button and convert EDB to PST format.

Reasons When EDB to PST Converter is Required

There are various reasons when a user needs to convert EDB to PST format. And few of them are mentioned below.

  • Decrease mailbox size and enhance the server performance.
  • View and access corrupted or inaccessible EDB files easily.
  • Get the backup of Exchange mailboxes.
  • To minimize the odds of EDB jet errors and file corruptions.
  • Required to share mailbox data with others conveniently.

Convert EDB File to PST via Professional Tool – Why?

MS Outlook uses PST format to save data like contacts, emails, notes, tasks, etc. And by using the Outlook application, user can easily view their EDB files. But users cannot drag and drop EDB files in Outlook to view the files, they need a converter that can convert EDB files to PST file format.

There are multiple manual approaches available on the internet, but every manual solution has some limitations of are riskier to use when you have a large amount of data to export in PST format and, it takes a lot of effort and time to convert offline EDB to PST.

So just to make sure, we have practically implemented these things and we have gathered the results and those results explain that users can use this to convert fewer size files and folders and for large files, it is not recommended for conversion.

It is advised to convert EDB files to PST format by using professional software.

Users FAQs

Q. Is any free conversion solution available for large size EBD files?
Ans. No, a free solution is available for EDB files less than 2GB. You can use ESEUTIL as a free solution. But for large files, use Bitrecover wizard for EDB to PST conversion.

Q. Which types of files can be converted using this converting tool?
This tool is capable enough to convert corrupted, inaccessible, encrypted, large, dismounted EDB files into PST format.

Q. Is the software imposes any limitation?
Ans. No limitation in converting EDB to PST format using this software. It is capable to export healthy, corrupted, large size, dismounted, and offline EDB to PST format.

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Authors Suggestion

With the help of this article, many users can convert EDB file to PST without wasting time and energy. To convert single files/folders, the user can use a manual approach to convert EDB files.

But if users are having a large volume of files/folders then as being an expert and experienced user I suggest that the only solution is to use EDB to PST converter wizard, which provides best-in-class features that help the user to export EDB files smoothly and swiftly.