How to Convert DXF File to Word (DOC/DOCX)?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Some users want to save data locally for future use. So, we’ll write this article to show you the best way to convert DXF to Word document.

The DXF format is used for the exchange of graphics data between SAPR applications. It was first developed in 1982 for AutoCAD. It includes vector graphics information encoded in binary or ASCII. It serves as an alternative to the proprietary DWG format.

Microsoft Word (DOC/DOCX) facilitates the creation of basic word processing documents such as letters and reports with the addition of color and clip art. One of the benefits of using Microsoft Word is that it is almost everywhere.

It is beneficial to be familiar with the process of converting a DXF file to a format that is more generally used, such as Word. Importing DXF to a DOC file is the best idea for users.

Reasons to Batch Convert DXF to Word Files

“Hello, Microsoft used to have a translator that would allow you to insert a DXF file into a Word document via inserting a picture file. Unfortunately, the translator Word uses only handles up to version 12 of AutoCAD. Any ideas on how to import DXF files into Word that were created from an earlier version of DXF? Thanks in advance.

Manual Method to Import AutoCAD DXF Files to DOC

To be honest, there is no manual method available to convert DXF files to Word. But there are many online DXF to DOCX converters available on the internet. But are online tools safe? Can batch convert DXF files to Word DOC format in one go? Does the DXF to Word Importer Online Tool support each version of the DXF file? Many more questions come to the mind of the users.

But the fact is that the online tool is not reliable. Professional users use third-party tools to save their precious time and effort. But it is my duty to inform you whether online tools are the safest or not.

For security reasons, I personally suggest that you do not use online tools. Now criminals and hackers are smart enough to hack your details with online tools. Cyber fraud and hacking crimes are increasing day by day. Because we don’t know who operates the online tool from the backend. The DXF to Word Online Converter may save your data in its own database. Because the software asks you to upload your file to the online platform.

So, use a trustworthy solution to convert batch DXF AutoCAD file to Word without providing any details.

Direct Solution to Convert DXF to DOCX Word Document

BitRecover DWG Converter is one of the best and safest solutions for batch importing DXF files into MS Word. With this tool, users can perform bulk and selective file conversions in which components and elements will remain. This tool does not require a CAD program to convert the DXF file. It is a standalone software built with advanced technology. A few more features are mentioned below, which will help you understand the software closely.

Download for Windows

Entices Features of the Tool

  1. The AutoCAD DXF to Word Converter gives you the dual option of uploading single or multiple DXF files at once by using the Select Files or Select Folders option.
  2. By selecting the “browse” option, you can also save your converted DXF file in the desired location. By default, this tool saves your converted data into the desktop.
  3. During the conversion process, this tool preserves all the image components and elements such as, HTML links, 2D effects, 3D efforts, image resolutions, Layout, text, etc.
  4. There is no file size restriction for importing DXF to Word. Therefore, this tool supports bulk conversion at a time.
  5. This tool gives you a free demo version to understand the working process. It convert one .dxf file to .doc format. If you want unlimited conversion, then buy the license version of the DXF to DOCX converter.

Steps to Convert DXF to DOC File

  1. Firstly, download and install the software on your Windows machine.convert DXF to Word
  2. Secondly, upload single or multiple DXF files by clicking the Select Files or Select Folders option.upload AutoCAD DXF files
  3. After that, the software automatically fetches your data and shows it on the software screen. So select the files that you want to convert into Word format.choose DXF file import into DOC format
  4. Now, choose the DOC / DOCX option from the multiple options.choose DOC/DOCX option
  5. Then, choose a location to save the resultant data.
  6. Lastly, hit the convert button to continue the process.


In this article, we explored how to batch convert DXF to PDF using professional methods. Also, we explain the benefits of Word documents. So, we suggested an expert solution such as the DXF to PDF converter, which is quite affordable and also offers a variety of sophisticated capabilities for exporting DXF to PDF in bulk.