How to Batch Convert DGN to PDF Documents?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 5 Min Read
Do you want to convert DGN to PDF documents for getting printing and security benefits? If your response is yes then you can continue read this blog post. Because in this blog post, team BitRecover is describing the complete steps to export DGN to PDF format including complete embedded items.

User Query

I am working as a professional Civil Engineer on a construction project. I recently received some DGN files from my clients. These 2D or 3D DGN design files have crucial data about current and upcoming projects i.e., highways, buildings, bridges, etc. Now one of my seniors is saying to batch convert DGN to PDF format because of its high-level security features.

When I searched for DGN to PDF Converter, I got several online tools. But I don’t want to any online software because online applications can misuse our confidential designs. Thus, I don’t want to face any data leak-related issues so I am looking for trustworthy offline software. Do you have any application available for me?

– Sebastian, Nashville

Why PDF Is First Choice of Professionals?

Users can easily share PDF documents using any messenger or social platforms. Even after receiving PDF files, users can access them instantly. Because PDF files are compatible with all types of digital devices i.e., Desktop, Laptop, MacBook, iMac, Tablet, Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, etc.

They prefer to convert a DGN to PDF file because PDF files are compatible with adding copy, print, and edit restrictions. Even users can lock PDF files with user-level passwords, thereafter, PDF files will ask for passwords during opening them.

Secured Tool to Export DGN to PDF Files

Download DWG Converter Software which is an offline utility for all Windows OS users. The tool has an isolated option to MicroStation batch convert DGN to PDF format. All latest Windows OS users can download it free of cost for evaluation. The Freeware edition of this application gives permission to convert only one *.dgn file to *.pdf extension with the company name watermark.

Just download and install this DGN to PDF Converter on your computer. After that, you can use it for checking its working process. The tool is well-suitable to configure it on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, etc.

Download for Windows

How to Convert DGN Files to PDF Format?

  1. Launch DGN to PDF Converter and read the guidelines about the conversion process.
    dgn to pdf converter
  2. Upload DGN files of MicroStation or CAD programs in software UI. Use any one option from Select Files or Select Folders.
    upload dgn files
  3. After that, choose required 2D or 3D DGN drawing files from software window and press Next.
    select required files
  4. Choose a saving option from the available drop-down list.
    saving option
  5. Pick a destination path by clicking on Browse icon. Although, the tool will automatically choose Desktop as the default destination.
    convert dgn to pdf
  6. Thereafter, hit on Convert button to start MicroStation DWG to PDF conversion process.
    export dgn to pdf
  7. MicroStation batch convert DGN to PDF task has been completed successfully.
  8. Lastly, the tool will automatically open the destination folder. Hence, users can easily get the converted data.
    resultant data

DGN to PDF Converter Features

  • 100% safe and secure software to convert DGN to PDF offline without uploading them on any server.
  • Batch convert DGN to PDF documents at once hence users can save valuable time.
  • It creates separate PDF file for each 2D or 3D DGN design file with complete details.
  • The tool is compatible with DGN files created with MicroStation as well as other CAD programs.
  • DGN to PDF Converter maintains the original quality of DGN drawing design files after conversion.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 – How to convert DGN file into PDF manually?

A – Instructions to save DGN to PDF using MicroStation.

  1. Run MicroStation application and choose File >> Open.
  2. Browse specific DGN file to open in MicroStation UI.
  3. Click on File >> Print for opening the print dialog box.
  4. Hit on Name drop-down near the top dialog box to continue.
  5. Choose Adobe PDF and press Ok for opening Save PDF dialog box.
  6. Lastly, save DGN file to PDF and close MicroStation.

Limitations: Manual method is able to convert a *.dgn file to a *.pdf document at once. Thus, you will need to repeat mentioned steps each time while converting a DGN to PDF format. MicroStation application should be installed for completing this task manually.

Q 2 – My boss sent me some DGN files for completing a construction-related task. But I don’t know which application can open them, please suggest me?

A – You can use MicroStation as well as some third-party applications i.e., Autodesk AutoCAD, IMSI TurboCAD, etc.

Q 3 – Does your tool allow to batch convert DGN to PDF documents?

A – Yes, this application is specially developed to batch conversion. Even there is no size limitation for this task.


After knowing both manual and professional techniques anyone can convert DGN to PDF format. Thus, if you have MicroStation CAD application installed on your pc then you can complete it manually with some limitations. But if you want to export DGN to PDF without MicroStation then you can proudly use above mentioned software.