How to Convert DGN to JPG Images in Batch?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read
Users want to convert DGN to JPG images to gain the benefits of JPEG files. As technical users know that DGN is MicroStation Design File that is most popular to create and store construction designs. Many working professionals and civil engineers prefer to use the Bentley MicroStation program for creating 2D & 3D design files.

But still, sometimes it becomes necessary to convert .dgn to .jpg. Therefore, users want to get a reliable solution for resolving this query. Let’s know some possible reasons behind this problem.

Why Do Convert MicroStation DGN Files to JPG Images?

  • All computer, tablet, and smartphone users can easily read and open JPG files. While DGN file requires specific CAD applications for reading and opening.
  • The editing of a JPEG image is much easier compared to Bentley MicroStation DGN files. Even some Windows default programs like Paint allow to make changes in JPG images.
  • Users can double-click on a JPG file for reading its text information. Whereas, reading available text information from DGN files is a little bit complicated task.
  • JPEG images can be easily compressed if developers want to use them on web pages. But DGN is not a standard format for use on web pages, even compression is difficult.

Know User’s Concern

I want to convert MicroStation DGN files to jpg images but when I searched for this query on search engines. Then, I got some online DGN to JPG Converters but because of security reasons and data leak-related scenarios, I can’t upload my crucial DGN designs online for conversion. My friend suggested me to contact with BitRecover support team for concerns as they develop secure offline tools. Thereafter, BitRecover suggested me a 100% safe and offline software to convert DGN files into JPEG images.

Adam Smith, Florida

Recommended Tool to Convert DGN to JPG

BitRecover DWG Converter Wizard is offline all-in-one software which works without internet connectivity. The tool has an isolated option to change DGN files to JPG images. Therefore, it is also considered as MicroStation DGN to JPG Converter.

You can just download this secured application on your windows computer i.e., Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, etc. Its freeware edition is authorized to convert one DGN file into JPG image with a company name watermark. Therefore, users can easily evaluate it and know if it is beneficial or not for them.

Download for Windows

How to Convert DGN Files to JPG Images?

  1. Run DGN to JPG Converter on your windows machine and read conversion instructions.
    dgn to jpg converter
  2. The tool has twin options for adding DGN files in UI i.e., Select Files or Select Folders. Choose any option and browse files from your pc for uploading.
    twin options to upload DGN
  3. After that, you can see uploaded DGN files in the software window in the file explorer view. Check only required MicroStation design files from UI and hit on the Next button.
    select required files
  4. Choose JPEG as a saving option from the listed options as the tool has several output options.
    saving option
  5. Browse a specific destination location to store resultant data. Although, if you don’t prefer to choose a destination then don’t software will automatically select desktop as the default destination.
    choose jpg as saving option
  6. Thereafter, press the Convert button to start DGN to JPG conversion process. Please wait for a while.
    convert dgn to jpg
  7. The query i.e., “how to convert DGN files to JPG images” has been resolved successfully. See the completion message and press Ok.
    change .dgn to .jpg
  8. Lastly, your destination path will automatically open. Get resultant JPEG images now.
    resultant jpg images

DGN to JPG Converter Usable Features

  • Batch convert DGN files to JPEG images and save your valuable time.
  • The tool created a separate JPG image for each MicroStation DGN file.
  • MicroStation installation is not necessary while using this application.
  • It supports the conversion of 2D or 3D DGN files without losing any effect.
  • There is no size limitation for DGN to JPG conversion process.
  • DGN to JPG Batch Converter gives freedom to store resultant JPGs.
  • It maintains all DGN file components after completing the task.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 – How do I convert DGN files to JPG manually?

A – Follow the below-explained steps

  1. Start Bentley MicroStation and select File >> Open.
  2. Choose DGN file to open it into MicroStation 3D CAD.
  3. Press Print Screen and paste it into photoshop / paint app.
  4. Crop required visual information as your choice.
  5. Lastly, save it into JPEG image format.

Limitation – MicroStation should be installed on your computer which is a more costly application. Even, mentioned steps allow for converting DGN to JPEG one by one, so this is a time-consuming method.

Q 2 – Can I convert large DGN files to JPG images?

A – Yes, the tool successfully works with large DGN files into JPG.

Q 3 – Can I convert 5000+ DGN files to JPEG at one time?

A – Yes, the tool has the capability to convert unlimited DGN files to JPEG images at once.

The Verdict

Now you have dual methods to convert DGN to JPG, so if you have MicroStation programs installed on your computer then you can use the manual method with limitations. If you want to convert .dgn to .jpg without MicroStation then you should use the above-mentioned utility for resolving this query. Still, if you have any doubt then feel free to connect with our technical support team about this query.