Centurylink Attachment Downloader Software – 100% Secure & User-Friendly

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read


Welcome to the BitRecover Knowledge base section. Today, I Caroline Startvert, a senior technical engineer will show you how you can download Centurylink attachments irrespective of file size or attachment format limitation.

Firstly, why would you ever want to extract or download Centurylink attachments?

Well, maybe your Centurylink account reaches the maximum storage, and you decided to save all the important attachments locally on your PC. Or, your account may attachment data like legal, finance, bank statements, or more as attachments file, and you want to keep them secure from any unethical activity.

There can be hundred good reasons for someone looking for a solution to extract Centurylink attachments from mailboxes.

Below, we will explain all the information of the proficient software to download bulk Centurylink attachments with complete properties.

Also, I will discuss the complete step-by-step method to use the solution. So, let’s get started!

Centurylink Attachment Extractor for Beginners & IT Experts

Saving Centurylink attachments from emails to a computer is very easy. Download Email attachment extractor software on your Windows system. It can extract multiple Centurylink email attachments at once without any restriction on the attachment file extension. Moreover, using the solution user has the freedom to extract selective Centurylink attachments on their system peacefully. This software is designed with advanced algorithm and easy-to-use steps:

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  1. Firstly, Run the Centurylink Attachment extractor on Windows.
  2. Select Centurylink as an email source and enter its login credentials.
  3. Check the required Centurylink mailbox for email attachment download.
  4. Mark the checkbox of Use Selective Export settings for Extracting attachments.
  5. Specify the attachment extension for Download and hit the Backup tab.

After following the steps, you will find all the Centurylink attachments on your computer with all the properties retained. This process will help you extract email attachments from mailboxes like Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, personal folder, and more.

A Complete Guide to Save Centurylink Attachments Locally with Images

Firstly, we recommend taking a trial of the best Centurylink Email Attachment downloader on your Windows PC.

Use Centurylink Attachment Downloader Free Edition

To use the free demo edition of 100% secure Centurylink Mail Attachment extractor, tap on the Download Now button and install its free edition. This way, you can download 10 attachments from each Centurylink folder. It is a limitation of the software. So, better to purchase the license edition of the software to extract bulk Centurylink attachments without limits.

Follow the 7 Easy Steps to Download Centurylink Attachments

  1. Firstly, launch the professional software to extract the Centurylink attachment downloader on your Windows PC.
    Centurylink attachment downloader
  2. Thereafter, Run the software and choose Centurylink from the email source list. Fill in the credentials and hit the Login.
  3. Thirdly, the software analyses the mailboxes from your Centurylink profile and list them in software GUI. Check the required mailbox for Centurylink attachment extraction.
    Centurylink profile
  4. After that, browse a location in the destination path to save the resultant folder and go to the Filter Options.
    Filter Options
  5. Here, you will find multiple options for extracting attachments from Centurylink. Check the “Use Advance settings for selective backup” and choose from various filters such as date range, from, to, and subject to selectively download attachments from Centurylink emails.
  6. Now, mark the checkbox of Use Selective export settings for extracting attachments. This option helps to manually enter the attachment file extension for the extraction process such as .pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt, .jpg, .png, and more.
    extraction process
  7. After that, go back to the backup window and hit the Backup button to start the Centurylink extraction process.
    centurylink attachment extractor

Moreover, After some time, the process of downloading multiple Centurylink attachments completed. Check your resultant files at your defined destination location.

The Fabulous Features of Centurylink Attachment Extractor 

  • The software to extract bulk attachments from Centurylink has many valuable traits
  • It allows extracting attachments from any mailboxes from Century profile.
  • The application has a helpful filter option for selective attachment extraction.
  • The software interface is user-friendly and context-sensitive, so no loss of information.
  • It provides the batch mode to extract attachments from multiple Centurylink accounts.
  • It allows extraction of .pdf, .jpg, .png, .txt, .doc, .docx, .csv, .mp3, .rtf, and more.

In Conclusion

Many ask for a specific solution to extract attachments from Centurylink emails. The above guide talks about a one-stop professional software to download bulk attachments from Centurylink account without limitation of attachment number and size. If the user wants to try a free demo, download its free edition.