How to download attachments from Cox Mail ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Wondering to download Cox Mail attachments in bulk locally on your PC? If yes, learn about the professional and automatic Cox Mail attachment downloader software. It has high-tech abilities to extract numerous attachments from Cox Mail mailboxes at once. Explore the guide to read more about the solution, step-by-step process, and frequently asked questions.

Firstly, let’s understand the need to extract Cox Mail attachments through some user queries.

Why extract attachments from Cox Mail? common needs

Emails are the most prevalent data shared from one person to another. In the business world, it is considered one of the most effective and professional forms of communication. One of the significant benefits of emails is that people can share large-sized computer files in the form of communication. Most of the time, the attachments sent and received by the user are of great importance.

It’s not easy for a user to bulk download attachments from Cox Mail with any manual method. It restricts users from extracting Cox Mail bulk attachments and also to download selective attachments from Cox Mail.

Below is a user query that states the same scenario faced by the user to download attachments from Cox Mail.


My Cox Mail inbox folder has more than thousands of attachments containing important data of multiple projects our organization accomplished. A few days back, I get an email of suspicious activity on my mail account. I have backup all my emails in PDF file but do not have any idea for Cox Mail attachment download. It’s my sincere request to professionals to help me with a safe solution to extract Cox Mail attachments.”

– Jeremy Gilbert.

With the above query, it is evident that a manual solution is no use to download Cox attachments. Well, you need not worry.

Instant Solution: Download Email Attachment Extractor on your Windows system. It is a first-class professional software to save Cox Mail attachments without any limitation on file size and format. Moreover, using the Cox Mail attachment downloader, users can extract selective attachments from Cox mailbox easily. Find out more about this stellar solution below section.

Here are the proper steps to download Cox Mail attachment with properties

It is considered to use an automatic solution to save Cox Mail attachments without any loss. Users can also take a free trial edition of the powerful Cox Mail attachment extractor.

Free Download Cox Mail Attachment Downloader

Firstly, tap on the free download button below and launch the software on your Windows OS. This Cox Mail Attachment Extractor supports all Windows editions. After download complete, run the utility to extract ten attachments from any Cox Mail folder. It is a quick and straightforward task. Once extraction finishes, the tool provides a completion message and a log report for user needs.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

After that, you can activate the license edition of the software to extract multiple attachments from Cox Mail folder without any limits.

The working of the software is smooth. Please check the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Open the Cox Mail attachment extractor software on your Windows system.
    Cox Mail attachment extractor
  2. Choose Cox Mail as the email source list from 90+ cloud email services and enter the login credentials of your Cox email account. After that, hit the Login button.
    Choose Cox Mail
  3. Next, the software analyses files and folders from your mail account with the high-tech algorithm. After that, users are required to mark the checkbox of the required mailbox to extract attachments.
    download attachments from cox mail
  4. Go to the Filter option and mark the checkbox of using selective export settings for extracting attachment.
    Filter option
  5. Now, you can enable selected extension option and type your required attachment file extension to download such as .pdf, .doc, .docx, .jpg, .png, .rtf. .mp3 and more.
  6. In case the user wants to save Inbox mailbox attachments in Inbox, sent to sent, draft to draft, and more, the user can choose the Save attachment in the respective folder option.
    save cox mail attachments
  7. Now, go back to the Backup window and browse a location on your computer to save the resultant Cox attachment. Hit the Backup button.
    extract cox mail attachments

The Cox Mail attachment download process begins. After some time, the user will get a complete conversion message followed by a log report. The software automatically opens the user-selected destination path to check the resultant files.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 – I have more than one Cox Mail account for the email attachment download purpose. How can I do this with the Cox Mail attachment extractor?

A –  It’s easy to download attachments from Cox Mail multiple profiles. Enable the Batch mode option of the software and upload a .csv file with login credentials to extract attachment safely.

Q 2 – How can I extract selective attachments from a time period?

A –  The professional software to download attachments from Cox mail has advanced abilities. Go to the Filter option and use the advance settings for the selective backup option. It provides multiple valuable filters such as a date range to download Cox Mail attachments from a specific time.

The Conclusion

Extracting multiple attachments from an email client without any limitation is a challenging task with any manual trick. Therefore, use look for a professional and automatic solution. The above guides provide a workable solution to extract bulk Cox Mail attachments without any restrictions. Users can also download its free trial to learn about the steps and features.