How to Save Emails from Yahoo Mail to Hard Drive ?

Mark Regan ~ June 16th, 2021 ~ Data Backup

Are you worried about losing your crucial data stored in Yahoo mail? In that, case backup Yahoo Mail to hard drive is the best solution. Here, you will find a solution regarding this issue. By using BitRecover Software, users can overcome this situation. With this application users can save their Yahoo mails into the hard disk. So, read this blog and get the best solution to copy yahoo Mail to hard drive.

Yahoo is one of the web-based email clients that is widely used all over the world. Nowadays, millions of users access services of Yahoo such as Yahoo search engine, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Mail, etc. Yahoo Mail has undergone drastic changes over the years. Over the years, Yahoo has faced a lot of security hacks and data intrusions. Therefore, sometimes it is better to download Yahoo emails to hard drive to see them in offline mode.

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Why user’s backup Yahoo Mail to hard drive – reason?

Though Yahoo has a very good user data management system. But sometimes Yahoo fails and issues grasp Yahoo mail in a way that the users can’t even access their mails easily. Due to this the user data gets affected by Yahoo mail issues. Thus, it is always suggested to save the data so that no issue affects the user’s crucial data. Some issues are:

  1. Yahoo mail Flooding / Overflow of emails
  2. Yahoo mail hacked
  3. Not able to access any of the Yahoo emails

For the above-mentioned reasons, it seems to be a necessity for Yahoo users to keep saving their mail data. So, let’s get to the solution on How to download Yahoo Mail to Hard drive.

Methods of copy Yahoo mail folders to hard drive

There are some methods through which users can save Yahoo Mail to Hard drive. Those methods are:

  1. Manual method
  2. Non- manual method

How to export Yahoo Mail to Hard drive – Manually

The user has to follow these steps to complete the process manually:

  • Firstly, copy your emails individually and paste them into Word and then save the email messages.
  • After that, save a single email message at a time in a PDF file from Yahoo mail to the local drive.
  • Then, set up Yahoo mail to any desktop email client like Outlook or Thunderbird with the help of POP/IMAP settings.
  • Thereafter, forward emails from Yahoo mail account to different email addresses.
  • Users can also download Yahoo emails on the local disk.

What are the Limitations of using the Manual method?

There are numerous demerits of using the manual method, which the user has to face at the time of using this method:

  • If the user has top backup multiple emails then it will take a lot of time to complete the save process through this method. A lot of time will be wasted in backing up Yahoo email to hard drive.
  • To save emails, users need to have another mailing account. Therefore, the user has to deal with both the accounts at the same time in order to forward those emails from one email address to another.
  • If user downloads the Yahoo emails to a local hard disk in word format then user will not be able to save the attachments along with the emails. Then, user will lose the attachments and cannot back up the entire data.

How to download Yahoo emails to Hard drive – by using a professional solution

The above mentioned method is not a good option to export Yahoo Mail to hard drive. Therefore, using non-manual method is the best solution to complete the process. Yahoo Backup Software can save Yahoo mailbox along with its attachments. It enables to perform of selective Yahoo folder archival from the Yahoo mailbox. This tool retains attributes in exact form after completion of backing up Yahoo email to hard drive process. The tool is completely safe and secure to create the copy Yahoo Mail folders to hard drive. Let’s see the working process of application.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

How to save emails from Yahoo mail to hard drive – complete working process

Follow some simple steps to complete the saving procedure of Yahoo mail to hard drive:

  1. First, install and download the suggested application and start it on your windows machine. After this fill all the Yahoo account credentials on the software panel.
  2. After putting credentials, hit on Login button.
    Login button
  3. Users can use batch mode to store up multiple Yahoo mailbox data.
    batch mode
  4. Users can select the desired accounts to take backup and then click on Next button.
    desired accounts
  5. Now, the user can select the desired file saving option in which user wants to create a copy of data.
    file saving option
  6. Users can also apply this feature by enabling the “Use Advance Settings for Selective Backup” check box. The saving process becomes easy with such filters like Date Range, From, To, Subject, and many more features.
    Advance Settings
  7. Now, click on the Backup button to start the process. After completion, a pop–up box will appear. Click on OK.
    pop–up box
  8. The tool will automatically open the resultant files.

Essentials benefits of  application

  • Through this application, users can save multiple Yahoo accounts at once.
  • Application retains attributes in exact form after backup as well.
  • By using this tool users can easily get selective Yahoo mails.
  • It has advance filter options such as Date Range, From, To and Subject, etc.
  • It Offers Various file naming option to save Yahoo emails to Hard Drive in the desired naming convention.

Final verdict

In this blog, we have discussed about how to backup Yahoo mail to Hard drive. In some simple steps, this process can be completed. Here we have explained both manual and non-manual methods. As said above, manual methods consume a lot of time in completing the process. So, it’s better to opt a professional solution for saving a lot of time. Users can also use the trails version of the application as well. In this users can create a saving of 25 emails for free of cost. For more features buy the licensed version of the application.