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Windows Live Mail Duplicate Remover

Best Software to Delete Duplicate Messages in Windows Live Mail

Remove Duplicate Emails in Windows Live Mail 2012,
2011, 2009, and Windows Mail Editions.

Get Rid of Windows Live Mail Duplicates
Using Within and Across the Folders Modes.

Windows Live Mail Duplicate Email Remover Software

Reasons to Delete Duplicate Emails from Windows Live Mail

before selecting new mail client

Before Selecting New Mail Client

Nowadays Windows Live Mail is a discontinued email client but still, some companies and users have WLM profile data. Now users want to use Windows Mail emails in their default email client which can be possible after converting Windows Live Mail emails accordingly. But before proceeding to import WLM messages, this is advisable to delete WLM duplicates as users don’t prefer to import any email twice.

reduce extra drive storage space

Reduce Extra Drive Storage Space

Several computer administrators archived Windows Live Mail profile data on external & internal hard drives, and cloud storage for future needs. Sometimes they think that several duplicates are available in stored WLM profile data and users want to free up some space to store new data. Hence, they want to remove duplicate emails in Windows Live Mail and Windows Mail profiles according to their choice.

before upgrading windows live mail

Before Upgrading Windows Live Mail

When old Windows Computer users plan for purchasing a new computer with Windows 11 OS. Then they will not get Windows Live Mail installed because the latest Windows OS editions provide a “Mail App” program by default. So, users want to erase WLM duplicates before migrating Windows Live Mail to Windows 10 Mail. BitRecover Windows Live Mail Duplicates Remover is also helpful for upgrading windows machines.

Need of Windows Mail Duplicate Remover Tool

Best Way to Remove Duplicate Emails from Windows Live Mail

manual method

Manual Method

There is no effective manual method is available to identify Windows Live Mail duplicate emails. However, users can manually check for duplicate messages and delete them one by one. It takes much effort and time so enterprise users avoid this. Even sometimes users accidentally delete crucial Windows Live Mail messages, which may affect your actual crucial data.

pro method

Pro Method

Windows Live Mail Duplicates Remover provides multiple choices to identify WLM duplicates by analyzing From, To, Cc, Bcc, and Body fields of emails. Users can check required email fields for identifying Windows Live Mail duplicates. Afterward, the tool exports only unique Windows Live Mail emails at the preferred destination path without affecting the original data.

Advantages to Remove Windows Live Mail Duplicates

Know Some Common Benefits to Erase WLM Duplicates

email program’s efficiency will increase

Email Program’s Efficiency Will Increase

Once if you have deleted duplicate messages in Windows Live Mail, then the efficiency of your WLM client will be increased. Even if you want to reuse your Windows Mail emails somewhere else then that program’s efficiency will also increase.

enhance security

Your Email Messages Security Will Enhance

Duplicate emails create confusion when users want to search specific emails, share a particular email, or delete choice emails. Because of duplicate emails, users may do the wrong operation, so get rid of Windows Live Mail duplicate messages.

The Tool Supports All Windows Live Mail Versions

Windows Live Mail Duplicate Email Remover Supports Below Mentioned Editions

wlm essentials 2012
WLM Essentials 2012

windows live mail 2011
Windows Live Mail 2011

windows live mail 2009
Windows Live Mail 2009

windows live desktop mail
Windows Live Desktop Mail

windows mail
Windows Mail

two modes to delete duplicate emails in windows live mail

Two Modes to Delete Duplicate Emails in Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail Duplicate Remover provides dual different options to remove duplicate emails from Windows Live Mail client. Each option comes with distinct scanning criteria to delete Windows Live Mail duplicates in bulk.

Remove Windows Mail Duplicates Within the Folders

If you think Windows Live Mail duplicates are available separately in folders. Then, choose the “Search Duplicates within the folder(s)” option that will scan all WLM folders and keep only unique original emails under each folder.

Delete Windows Mail Duplicates Across the Folders

If you think the same duplicate emails may be available in multiple folders. Then select the “Search Duplicates across the folder(s)” option which will analyze all folders at once for removing WLM duplicate messages.

provides useful advance filter options

Provides Useful Advance Filter Options

Windows Live Mail Duplicate Email Remover comes with various useful features as mentioned here.

  • Select Field: Use the near checkbox icon to choose one or multiple fields to search email duplicates such as From, To, CC, BCC, and Body.
  • Date Range: Select a preferred date range with start and end dates to remove Windows Mail duplicates between chosen dates.
  • Subject: Enter a subject of a WLM email, after the software will check only specific subject emails to remove duplicates.
  • From & To: Fill sender and receiver email addresses in a specific field. Thereafter, the software will scan only particular sender and receiver emails for eliminating Windows Live Mail duplicates.
  • Exclude Folders: Users can easily exclude unnecessary folders for removing Windows Live Mail duplicate emails.
select necessary folders to erase wlm duplicates

Select Necessary Folders to Erase WLM Duplicates

Before removing the duplicates, this software is capable to view Windows Live Mail email folders in the software panel in windows explorer view. Hence, our respective clients can easily use front checkbox options to select required folders for deleting duplicate Windows Mail messages.

In real-life use, this is the most efficient feature because most of the time, users want to uncheck unnecessary WLM folders. After that, the software will not remove duplicate Windows Live Mail emails from unchecked folders. It gives more confidence and freedom while erasing duplicate WLM messages.

This feature is also beneficial as the software automatically counts and shows the total number of available emails under the WLM folder. Thereafter, if users see empty folders then they can easily uncheck empty folders to avoid scanning for them.

Windows Live Mail Duplicate Remover Tool Features

Remove Duplicate Emails in Windows Live Mail 2012, 2011, 2009, etc.

two ways

Two Ways to Add Windows Live Mail Folders

Windows Live Mail Duplicate Email Remover can automatically add WLM-configured accounts data in the software panel from the default storage location. If your WLM data is available at a different location then choose Select Files or Select Folders button to add Windows Live Mail emails in the software window.

destination path

Browse Destination Path to Store Emails

This utility automatically chooses Desktop as the default destination path to store processed email messages. But if you want to set a different destination location then click on the Browse button and set a choice destination path. You can also connect a USB drive to store the resultant processed emails.

delete wlm duplicates

Delete WLM Duplicates Without Data Loss

Windows Live Mail Duplicates Remover starts granular scanning while removing duplicate emails from Windows Live Mail. It does not erase any Windows Live Mail email properties such as To, CC, BCC, From, Date, Time, Year, Subject, Signature Body Text, HTML Links, Inline Images, Graphics Designs, Color, and Headings.

create completely new processed data

Create Completely New Processed Data

After deleting Windows Live Mail duplicate messages, this application generates completely new processed resultant data. It does not affect your original duplicate emails so there is no chance of accidental deletion of Windows Live Mail emails. So, our clients can do multiple operations with the same duplicate emails.

get log report file with details

Get Log Report File with Details

This is a robust software to remove duplicate emails in Windows Live Mail 2012, 2011, 2009, Windows Live Desktop Mail, and Windows Mail clients. Once you receive the flash message of completion, the software will automatically create a log report file that has information about erased WLM duplicate emails.

maintains folder structure

Maintains Folder Structure Hierarchy

Windows Mail Duplicate Remover Tool preserves the actual folder structure hierarchy for processed emails. The original folder structure seems helpful for users because they can easily understand the resultant data. This software previews live progress reports while removing Windows Live Mail duplicate emails.

How to Delete Duplicate Messages in Windows Live Mail?

Watch Live Video to Understand Software Working Process

Windows Live Mail Duplicate Remover – System Specification

Minimum System Requirements to Install and Use This Software

Software Download

File Size: 6.16 MB

Version: 6.0

Trial Limitations

Free WLM Email Duplicate Remover Tool processes the first 25 Windows Live Mail emails from each folder to delete duplicate messages.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
50 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 2 GB RAM

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)

Supported Editions

Microsoft Windows – Windows OS 11 (64 bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008, etc.

Electronic Delivery

BitRecover Windows Live Mail Duplicates Remover will be delivered automatically. After your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with a link to download the product and the activation key.

Trial and Full Version Comparison

Comparison of Windows Live Mail Duplicates Remover - DEMO and Licensed Version
  • Automatic and manual options to add files
  • Remove WLM duplicates from selective folders
  • Keep all email properties and components
  • Two modes to erase duplicates within and across folders
  • Set preferred destination path
  • Remove Windows Live Mail duplicates
  • Free
  • Analyze 25 emails/folder
  •  Download
  • Most Popular
  • Fix all duplicates
  •  Buy

Commonly Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

You can easily delete duplicates from multiple WLM files using the 5 easiest steps:

  • Step 1: Download and run the windows live mail duplicates remover.
  • Step 2: Add the 700+ files using the “Select Files” and “Select Folders” options.
  • Step 3: All the folders and subfolders will appear and select the required data.
  • Step 4: Select the needed mode to remove WLM duplicates.
  • Step 5: Choose the location and hit the “Extract” button to start the process.

Yes, you can remove Windows Live Mail duplicates from a particular email address using the advanced filter options. You will need to enter an email address in the From field in Filter Tab.

No, there is no file size restriction with the pro version of the Windows Live Mail Duplicate Remover.

No, there is no need to download or install any Windows Live Mail on your system.

Yes, users can only process 25 items from each folder to remove duplicates with the demo version.

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