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VDI Recovery Wizard

Recover data from .vdi file / .vbox file

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Supports file recovery from corrupt .vdi virtual disk images created with Oracle VirtualBox

  • Granular recovery from corrupt & damaged *.vdi, *.vbox files.
  • Recover deleted files & folders from VirtualBox VMs.
  • Restore data from formatted virtual drive partitions of VDI files.
  • Recover data from missing or lost, deleted, or raw VDI partitions.
  • Compatible with both fixed and dynamic VirtualBox virtual drive images (*.vdi).
  • Option to search, locate & save only required files from virtual disk images.
  • Repair VirtualBox VDI file and allows to save data from NTFS & FAT file systems.
  • Recover corrupted VDI VirtualBox file, which fails to start and displays black screen error messages.

Oracle VirtualBox VDI Recovery Software Features
Know some important features to repair VirtualBox VDI file data.

Granular VDI Recovery

Granular VDI File Recovery for Experts

VDI Recovery Tool is easy to use, powerful solution for data recovery from broken or crashed VirtualBox virtual machines saved as .vdi files. The software supports granular recovery from .vdi files. It's a must-have, highly helpful utility for VM experts, IT technicians, System administrators & forensics investigators to read & extract data from .vdi files.

Recover deleted file

Recover Deleted VDI File VirtualBox Data

VDI Recovery Wizard is equipped with deleted file recovery mode to help users to recover deleted files and folders. Browse and load your .vdi file and then choose the "Deleted Data Recovery" option to recover your deleted data from VDI virtual drives.

Note: Use "Data Recovery Wizard" if you have accidentally deleted the whole VDI file from your pc.

Formatted VDI

Restore Formatted VDI File Data Back

VirtualBox repair tool also provides you with the option to recover data from formatted virtual drives of VirtualBox VDI files. Browse your .vdi file and then select the "Formatted Data Recovery" option to quickly scan your VirtualBox VDI drive. Once software finishes scanning of formatted drive, it will present you with the list of recovered files from the same virtual VDI drive. You can then select and save the required files.

Partition Recovery

VirtualBox VDI Partition Recovery

Missing VirtualBox drive partitions and lost VDI drive partitions data can be easily recovered using the VDI disaster recovery utility. The software uses proprietary algorithms to locate missing VDI partitions and then restores files and folders from it. After selecting Oracle VirtualBox VDI / VBOX file from your pc, users can select “Partition Data Recovery” Mode for VDI partition recovery.

RAW Recovery Mode

RAW Recovery Mode to Repair VBOX & VDI Files

If you are getting some data missing during recover corrupted VDI VirtualBox files then go with RAW VDI Data Recovery mode. After selecting RAW Data Recovery mode, software will start deep scanning of VirtualBox VDI / VBOX files to recover maximum data.


Compatible with Prominent File Systems

VirtualBox VDI Repair Tool permits to recover data from .vdi files having FAT as well as NTFS file system. The tool supports FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS, HFS+, and EXTX file systems. That means the tool is fully authorized to recover files from VDI files having different file systems.

Black Screen

Restore If VirtualBox Displaying Black Screen

If your VirtualBox virtual machine is unable to start and displaying black screen due to some error or bad sectors in Virtual Disk Images (VDI). Then you can proudly use BitRecover VDI Recovery Wizard that is capable to recover all important data available in Oracle VirtualBox files.

Corrupted VDI

Recover Corrupted VDI VirtualBox Data

If your Oracle Virtual Machine got crashed and now unable to start because of VDI file corruption. Then you can also use this VirtualBox Recovery Software that comes with multiple advance scanning options. Using this utility anyone can easily recover corrupted VDI VirtualBox file data.

Restore VDI File

Restore VDI File Data from MBR & GPT

Technical users & system administrators know that if users create disk partitions in Windows then it is mandatory to choose a partition style i.e. MBR (Master Boot Record) or GPT (GUID Partition Table). Here the good news is that this VDI / VBOX Repair Software supports both partition styles.

Fixed and Dynamic VDI

Compatible with Fixed and Dynamic VDI

During setup a virtual machine using Oracle VirtualBox program, it asks to create VDI file type i.e. Dynamically allocated or Fixed size. This VDI VirtualBox repair tool allows to recover deleted VDI file data from both dynamically allocated or fixed size VDI files.

View Available Data

View Available Data before Restore VDI File

First upload Oracle VirtualBox VDI / VBOX files in the interface of VDI disaster recovery tool. After choosing a recovery mode, it will start scanning of VDI file to recover data from .vdi file. Now you can preview all recovered file and folders in the software panel before saving.

Search Option

Advance Search Option to Restore Specific Data

Sometimes users want to restore only some specific data from whole large VirtualBox VDI & VBOX files. So our developers have added a separate option to search required information within VDI file. Using this functionality, our clients can save their valuable time.

BitRecover VBOX / VDI Recovery Tool Free Download
Know Minimum System Specifications to Download & Use the App with Ease
BitRecover Software Box
Software Download
Size 1.21 MB
Version 3.2
Take a Trial - VDI Recovery Tool Free edition allows to scan VDI file and preview restored data in the software interface but it doesn’t permits to save data.
1579 Ratings

Free Demo Version

Trial Edition doesn't allow you to save recovered data from virtual disk image .vdi files. You have to purchase a software license to save your recovered data. Saving of recovered files & folders is disabled in Trial Edition.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
30 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Pentium II 400 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Minimum 30 MB Space

Supported Editions

Win 10 & All Below Windows Versions

Comparison of Trial & Full Version

Feature Comparison of VDI / VBOX Repair Software - DEMO and Licensed Version

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Upload VDI or VBOX files
Four advance recovery mode options
Preview recovered VDI file data
Windows 10 & All Other Previous Windows Version Supported
Advance search option with filters
VDI partition recovery option
Save recovered VDI file data Preview only
24*7 Tech Support & Secure 100%
Cost FREE $99
Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked user's questions and answers

How to restore VDI VirtualBox file data ?

You can just go with these simple steps to recover deleted VDI file VirtualBox data.

  • Step 1 : Run VDI Recovery Software and upload VirtualBox VDI file by selecting Folder icon.
  • Step 2 : Now choose Deleted VDI Data Recovery mode and multiple scanning options.
  • Step 3 : After that, you can preview VDI / VBOX file disk information in software GUI.
  • Step 4 : Check only specific or all folders from software window and hit on Save button.
  • Step 5 : Browse a destination folder to store recovered data and press Ok to start restoring VDI file.

Yes, our software will help you to extract files from your broken VM file also. Download VDI Recovery Wizard trial edition and then scan your VDI file. If you are able to see your data, then order the license version to save your data from a broken VM.

Yes, Our Software is designed to recover VDI files with any kind of error messages including yours. Please download VDI Recovery Wizard and scan your .vdi file. The VDI Repair Tool will list all of your files on successful scanning. Save your required files from your recovered list of files and folders by activating the full version of the tool.

It seems your .vbox file got corrupted and this error is due to the corrupt VDI file format specification. Now you can use this Virtualbox VBOX File Format Data Recovery Tool to read corrupt VBOX files. This utility will help you to restore data from its corresponding .vdi file, with actual data inside it. VDI file relies on standard VDI file format specification and fails to boot if .vbox files have some missing tags inside it.

VDI stands for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure which utilizes server hardware to run desktop operating systems and application software inside virtual machines. By using existing PCs, users can easily access these virtual desktops. This not only minimizes the need of several workstation hardware upgrades but also enables the user to switch between operating environments such as Win XP and Win 7 at the same time on one single machine.

Some uses of VDI

  • Every desktop user can utilize the same image.
  • Processing moves from an individual workstation to a VDI server.
  • Hardware cost can be easily managed since almost everything will reside in the data center.
  • When you encounter a problem, you’ll generally have just one system to troubleshoot.

A VirtualBox is a hypervisor platform, a software virtualization package which installs on an operating system as an application. VirtualBox allows additional operating system to be installed on it, as a Guest OS, and run in a virtual environment. VirtualBox was the most popular virtualization software application. VirtualBox could be installed on various host operating system like OS X, Windows, LINUX, and many more. All the settings of virtual machines in VirtualBox are described within a virtual machine settings file in XML format. Moreover, many virtual machines have multiple virtual hard disks which are represented by disk images i.e. VDI format.

VBOX is a VirtualBox Machine Definition file. This file format is VirtualBox specific and it stores Virtual machine settings with .vbox file name extension. VBOX file is a XML file and it contains all settings within the XML tags. VirtualBox also creates vbox-prev file. This file is a VBox backup file. A VBOX-PREV file is also known as VirtualBox settings backup file, developed by Oracle.

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