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Download MHT file viewer freeware application to open, view and read MHT or MHTML file formats. The tool is a nift utility that parses and access MHT file format to quickly open MHT file in batch, which helps user to minimize much of their effort to open MHT file individually. Tool supports to open & view MHT file in any Windows OS editions (All versions of Windows are supported). Users can easily upgrade it to save MHT files to multiple file formats.

What Makes Free File Viewer Unique from Others

  • Free MHT viewer can open and view unlimited MHT file without error.
  • MHT file Viewer can open, and preview MHT files.
  • Free of cost MHT reader to deal with MHT file created by IE, Chrome.
  • Displays easy procedure to search, load and view MHT file.
  • Unique option to open MHT file in batch.
  • Browse folder full of MHT file and load all in one go.
  • No file size or file content limitation to open MHTML/MHT file format.
  • Data integrity will be retained while attempting to view MHT file.
  • Platform independent MHT file format reader that is portable also.
  • MHT file format reader is supportive to any edition of Windows OS.
  • Virus free, error free MHT file reader download guaranteed.
  • Method to search, organize and view MHTML files from Win OS.
  • View unlimited MHT files to save time and effort in exploring MHT file content.

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Generic FAQs

MHT or MHTML is short for Mime HTML. It is a web page archive format, which combines resources like text, audio, images, etc. that are conveyed via external links into single file. The content is encoded as if HTML emails message by using MIME type “multipart/related.” Applications like MS Internet Explorer, Opera, and Word give these files the extension of .mht and thus these files are often referred as MHT files.

It is alternative name and suffix for MHTML documents that are in archive format for the web pages that are stored with Internet Explorer by default. This file format can enclose various resources such as java, images, audio, flash, etc. as well as external links all together with HTML code.

There are various reasons due to which there is a requirement to create MHT files as saving a webpage is useful as it allows accessing a particular webpage offline. Many times, users need to capture the content on webpage for its future usage. Therefore, they store the webpage by creating MHT file on their system.

There are some steps involved in creating MHT files as mentioned below. You can follow the systematic steps to avoid the obstacles while utilizing at offline mode.
Step 1: Open the webpage in Internet Explorer or Opera on your system, which is required to be stored for the offline access.
Step 2: Now click the Gear button and choose the File option >> select Save As. If you don’t get the Gear button then, simply press Alt key from your keyboard to view the menu bar and then go to File option and choose Save as option to store the webpage.
Step 3: Now give the name to store the page otherwise by default the file will be named as the same the title of the page.
Step 4: Choose the desired location to store the page on your system so that it will be easy to find the page from store location. After saving, you will get the HTML files within it along with the media file as well from the webpage if you have selected to store the complete page.
Now MHT file as it is Microsoft file format, which saves the webpage data completely in single archive file and can only be viewed in Internet Explorer.
Note: If you are offline and webpage, which is saved, has streaming video then, the video will not load until there is proper internet connectivity.

Yes, MHT document viewer is a handy app for reading MHT (MHTML, MIME HTML) documents, which will recognize your archive file of all Web pages created in IE.

Troubleshooting FAQs

No, there is no file size limitation included in Freeware MHT Viewer. The software is designed in such a way that it helps to open unlimited number of MHT files at a time without limitation.

No, the MHT File Viewer is totally freeware for utilization. You do not have to pay anything for its usage.

No, it will only allow to open, view, and read MHT files by utilizing Freeware MHT Viewer. To save those MHT files, users need to upgrade to Pro edition.

Yes, the software supports all Windows based Operating system and compatible with all Windows editions, i.e. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc.

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