Md2 Email Settings

Rollins Duke   
Published: Nov 21, 2023 • Email Settings • 2 Minutes Reading

Md2 Email Settings

Are you looking for Md2 Email Settings? If yes then reading this post will detail everything about SMTP, IMAP & POP Server Settings required to set up a Md2 Email Account in any email application. According to our survey, we have seen many Md2 webmail users are looking for Email Settings so that they can setup Md2 accounts in Outlook, iPhone, Mac, iPad, etc

To configure your Md2 Email you will require Md2 Email Server Settings so that you can easily enable incoming and outgoing services in your desired application and use it for incoming emails without any issue.  

Md2 IMAP Settings For Account Configuration

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Email Settings Port Number
123 Reg POP3 Incoming mail server: (Copy)
110, requires SSL (Copy)
995, non-secure (Copy)
123 Reg SMTP Outgoing mail server: (Copy)
465 or 25, requires SSL (Copy)
587, non-secure (Copy)

Backup Your Md2 Mail Backup without Complex Settings to other Mail Account/File Format

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In this blog, we have provided detailed information for Md2 Email Settings so that one can easily set up an account in any email service. If you are facing difficulty in configuring your account in any email client such as Outlook, Mac, iPhone then you can use Mail  Backup software which is a reliable solution to transfer your Md2 account to another or to save locally on your desktop. You can use the free trial version of the application to evaluate the tool’s features and functionalities. 

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